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Weekend Fly - have fun with your family

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wendyhappysmile Sat 17-Oct-09 10:16:16

Hello ladies

wendyhappysmile Sat 17-Oct-09 10:23:43

Morning all
Children fighting in lumps as usual over toys - I wish I could just see it as normal! Have confiscated DS's garage this morning after lots of warnings over last few days, he is just horrid to his sister. We'll see if it works hmm
have to go DD on the potty requiring assitance!
have a good day all

RubysReturn Sat 17-Oct-09 11:41:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Starbear Sat 17-Oct-09 11:45:04

Morning all Thanks Wendy for the thread. I'm often look wistfully at children with siblings as Ds will be an 'only' then, I read some of your threads and think hey! Ho!grin
No, really plans for this weekend. DH is going to football & DS and I might go up to the park. But it is grey skies here. Maybe up to the park for a bit then crumpets & a film.
Don't know what to make for Sunday dinner Don't know what to make for tonight's tea!
Need to do some communicating with family & friends this week. Need to arrange a few socails & nights out with friends, often this drops off my list then the events pass me by.
Have a good weekend

Starbear Sat 17-Oct-09 11:45:56

Spelling up the spout again. Social!!!

swanriver Sat 17-Oct-09 12:29:54

Hello, my computer stopped working (but I didn't grin

read all the threads - lots going on here, just a few quick mentions
Grouchy - thinking of you
TM - and you
glass cube was a porch plan which dh is in charge of and will probably take several more years to materialize, but kitchen has been rejigged by our builder (used two of neighbours' cupboards and a piece of granite worktop, and bits of something else grin
I love that sort of thing, unfortunately for dh. Wish I could show you pics of our madhouse but unfortunatley cannot understand how to load dig pics onto computer blush or the computer itself really.

Have been in a total muddle/rush for last three days, v. sad funeral of relative, appts, builder, work.
Hopefully next week I will catch up.

BB later when today is in order.

swanriver Sat 17-Oct-09 12:33:19

oh yes and this am
fridge has fused (builder has mended just now)
cooker still needs connecting (by someone else)
kitchen drawers need refilling
compost needs unloading
car needs filling for tip
laundry putting away
ds2 needs to go to altar serviing class
and dh needs lots of TLC he is getting very gloomy and neglected.

Starbear Sat 17-Oct-09 12:46:32

swan it took me some time to figure out. Load the manufactures disc that came with your camera. You then need the lead that came with your camera stick it into the driver. The a box should appear with load up pictures. press load then hunt around your Pc looking for said photos. When you've done that comae back on here and I think someone will explain the next stage (or even the first stage better! IT has taken me months of trial and error to get photos up. Still not very good! blush
But on the other hand you might have to wait until you have more time. smile
Sent e-mails to friends re Christmas do & night out Done

galen Sat 17-Oct-09 13:25:16

afternoon all...

busy,busy here again LOL

strangely though DD 3 and 4 playing uopsatirs with minimal screams...

DD1 and 2 about to walk to local shop (very exciting as they are only recently allowed to do this LOL)

DS2 napping

DS1 lolling listlessly on safo apparently drained of all energy by the challenges of secondary school and homework LOLhmm

I am working on top secret money making plan too ...(cant say cause have tried before and faile dmiserably so dont want to jinx it second time round LOL)

Other than that all calm and pecefull....oh ok shouldnt have said now shouting upstairs...sigh...better go and formulate a plan for this afternoon...


Oh and swan getting digi pics on PC really is super easy. I am totally rubbish at PC , and was afraid for years of trying to get pics on, but in reality it is really simple.
You may not even need to laod your camera software. Try plugging your camera into your PC and just see what happens! On mine there is already loading software on the pc and box comes up autaomatically to load it. All you have to do then is follow instructions.(although I load all mine using Photoshop so I can edit them...but I love photography...)

Ok enough waffling...must dash...BBL grin

swanriver Sat 17-Oct-09 14:11:03

What a blessing - dh and two noisy dcs have left house - leaving only one child singing Abba discordantly

Sooo- electrician coming this afternoon.
Lunch eaten (v. nice and spacious) fish, salad and rice pudding with bottled polish plums

need to clear out cupboard by power point
put washing up in sink as he may need to move dw
wash up? (a possiblility)
clear worktops
milkbottles out
then put laundry away if time

Galen and Starbear thanks for tips about photos
Wolf - it's horrible to think anyone is critizing or judging our children, when we love them so much.

grouchyoscar Sat 17-Oct-09 14:25:59

Afternoon Ladies

I'm in bed, Dh and GOjr can fend for themselves for a bit. I'm not being lazy, just being steady

My DONE list is

Clear stuff from front room
Shine sink
Load DW and run
Get washed and dressed
Go downton with family
Tesco trip with v grumpy DH
Home Clean at cellar
Unpack cat toys and presents for our furry residants
Make lunch
Divvy up rocky road crunch
Put away dry laundry
Hit rest time

GOjr is fussing for lappy time so TTFN me dears

wendyhappysmile Sat 17-Oct-09 16:08:31

hi ladies
done list today

pop to town - part of Mum's birthday gifts
general shopping bits and pieces
make a treacle tart
make all components for caramelised onion tart for tomorrow
make jam tarts
wash up
load dishwasher
separate screaming dc several times
get toys from loft (rotation)

To do
buy milk
perhaps buy gift for friend's daughter
pick up mum
get ready for party
what on earth is for dc tea?!

hmm lots of food involved on my list.
probably not back til tomorrow, time for individuals then

swanriver Sat 17-Oct-09 16:34:51

awkward dscussion with elec, but now resolved and he's coming back on Tues eve sad not the best time of day to get anything installed in this house, but he is highly recommended by friend and very nice.
So now need to put everything away again, harrumph. [lots of mess made but nothing achieved emoticon]

Now off to park with dd, who has made herself a packed lunch to eat at teatime for park.

swanriver Sat 17-Oct-09 16:38:33

Food preps on your list sounds excellent Wendy.
My cupboard was full of forlorn unused baking tins..
however don't think I can face any more mess today
fried potatoes for tea

scattyspice Sat 17-Oct-09 18:11:31

Hi all. Been out to wood/park/cafe/oxfam shop today. I have made a biggish dent in Christmas shopping (and visa blush)online. Was also roped into clearing loft with dh angry. I did at one point say 'can you not get on with something by yourself for a while' to dh! DC are charging round the garden smile but are supposed to be doing homework angry. Going to watch James and the Giant Peach (from Oxfam shop) later smile.

Hope your friend is ok Wendy, did you find out anything more?

Star - I went to the trouble of having 2 children and do they play together? Do they heck!

swanriver Sat 17-Oct-09 18:38:09

Starbear - we have just been to the park where the twins had a violent quarrel over ribena distribution
now everyone is fighting/in tears whilst playng board game with dh
dh is about to walk out of room in a rage
only kitten is completely imperturbable, curled up blissfully by the radiator

tip/rubbish in front garden
2 meals
washed up ditto
2 carousel cupboards cleared out and rearranged
contents of ex-kitchen drawers sorted and half put away in new places
bit of shopping am
floors swept

make dd's bed up
put up her curtains with stepladder
readymeal for grownups' supper with added veg

galen Sat 17-Oct-09 19:18:54

brief hello...
swan hope electrical situation soon resloved.

scatty and star I went to the trouble of having 6 DC....and STILL they dont play well together LOL LOL grin(well Ok sometimes a couple do LOL)

must dash...

having glass of wine and then watching strictly with DD1 and 2....

BB tomorrow grin

TeaMonster Sat 17-Oct-09 19:50:33

Evening all

We have had a nice day, but DS2 is being a terror.

we raided the last of the piggybank money and went to the local indi to see UP. Half the price of any chains and we loved it.


Starbear Sat 17-Oct-09 20:37:40

Evening all LOL at the comments re siblings. Borrowed another 'only' today so they can have the character building arguing. We went to Richmond Park today,I knew there was a reason why I live in a tiny house. It was fab,apart from the grey sky(blue sky might have topped it)the colours, watching the middle classes in their leisure pursuits & being so polite. (Streatham Common was a bit scary in my youth)Labradors & springer spaniel jumping about. The owners saying to the boys my 'dogs are gentle.' Ladies on horses, saying good afternoon. Couples with picnics with a girl looking longingly at the prams passing by. Every type of wheeled toys that a child could dream of. Children collecting leaves for 'projects' Cross country runners with marshalls direct my boys laughing at the cheats (must have been the conservative MP's that live in the area) All a bit tired now DH says it a bit late. Off to read a story & DH to catch up with football news.

swanriver Sat 17-Oct-09 21:41:33

That was very poetic Starbear - like something from beginning of Mrs Dalloway smilelovelyLondon!!
'm sure your ds didn't argue a bit smile

I have rehung two sets of curtains
made dd's bed with clean sheets and tidied her room
vaguely sorted ds2's clothes drawer
eaten supper
washed up
now I'm determined to watch Enchanted April, (also from an Oxfam shop Scatty) never quite get round to watching it - video's in our bedroom and it always seems too far to go to watch telly...hmm

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Sat 17-Oct-09 22:56:52

Hello to all. Just a quickie as it is bedtime and my energy levels are fading fast! I've read the thread but no time to do personal messages, sorry. I've done quite a bit today and have caught up on most of the ironing. I also have had my hair cut and I think it is okay. I'll know once I wash and try to blowdry it tomorrow. See you tomorrow!

TeaMonster Sun 18-Oct-09 09:22:58

Morning all

Have been up since 5 [grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr]

Anyway dones

Kitchen cleaned
Dinning room polished
Conservatory cleaned
Swept all downstairs
Boys breakfasted

To Dos

Get all dressed
MadDad to get up
Ironing and put awa
Decide what to do today
Whats for dinner - mince and dumps
get stuff out for tomorrow
plan week ahead

Starbear Sun 18-Oct-09 10:01:34

Morning all*
Thank you, hope I could transfer in words what we saw. I might re-work it, until the grammar and spelling are correct.blush
TM Was the kids or just insomnia? If insomnia have you tried the radio. Roberts pillow headphone. I was up at 5am, checked on Ds, went to the loo put my radio 4 on until Ds woke up at 8am.
Right must shake a leg as we are going to have sandwiches outdoors today when the boys get back from church. I was a bit cheesed off at DH yesterday as he didn't want ds to go to a Halloween party, Too american, not wholesome etc.. Which upset me as I thought it was just a bit of fun. But I agree trick or treating is not very wholesome. I had reviewed the problem with a friend and we are now going hill walking while the boys go to rugby. So all fixed. Then DH sweetly said if it was important to DS to see his friends, he could go. I liked the fact he thought it through and wasn't stubborn. I then kissed him and said it was okay. All lovely in the Starbear household this week.
Back in a mo with a list

grouchyoscar Sun 18-Oct-09 10:03:34

Awwh Tea Madam Insomnia called again did she? It's just nasty.

GOjr disturbed me so much yesterday I got no rest and if M.Insomnia visited last night she couldn't rouse me. Don't feel rested, just a bit more useful

DH and GOjr have made a very scrummy pancake breakfast (slurp) and I've sorted out some stuff to do, which is

Load TD and run
Reboot the WM
Hang the wet washing to dry
Make Beds
Put away dry washing
Iron shirts and uniform
Vac front room
Tidy front room
Get clothes ready for tomorrow
Do lunch packs

So Onwards and upwards

Starbear Sun 18-Oct-09 10:07:34

Swan Mrs Dalloway?? I've not read it, who is the author? Is it a good book? I might go out & get it.
Right must crack on
Shower,shave legs & Dress (swimming tomorrow)
make beds
D/W empty & reload
Tidy Kitchen
Fold clothes
Hang out whites
later...if it doesn't rain
Cut grass
Cheat Sunday dinner ready-made pie & veg.
(Feels odd but wouldn't be able to cut grass otherwise.
Have a lovely autumn Sunday. grin

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