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Fly Lady Products - have you bought any?

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Romanarama Fri 16-Oct-09 08:19:48

Has anyone bought any of the 'miracle' products that the Flylady tries to flog us? I'd be interested to know whether they're any good.

stirlingstar Fri 16-Oct-09 15:46:19


Bought the calendar. Week starts on Sunday, so any time you have an all-weekend activity it has to wrap. Thus no good. Better to get the free-with-Sainsbury's-mag one each year!

Bought the timer - quite like it - very simple but actually couldn't easily find a countdown timer like that here. Go through phases of using it - does work if really feeling rubbish about a job! Tend to use phone countdown timer now though (didn't have that before)

Did not buy the rubber scrubber thingy, but have an equivalent UK one (off ebay or somewhere). Did not change my life but is useful.

That's all though.

Romanarama Fri 16-Oct-09 18:14:14

It's the rubber scrubber that I was quite interested in - I'll have a look for something similar.

dreamteamgirl Fri 16-Oct-09 20:41:43

I want the rubber scrubber too, cos i cant find it anywhere here

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