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Friday Fly - flyladies need to treat themselves

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Wolfcub Fri 16-Oct-09 06:38:56

morning all

do as the title suggests and treat yourselves today

scattyspice Fri 16-Oct-09 07:53:06

Here here Wolf smile. Thanks for the thread. Sorry to hear about your DS yesterday, must be very difficult, hope the GP is helpful.

Grouchy - sorry you also had a bad day yesterday (yep - my dh just the same tsk).

Wendy - glad the teacher took notice, what a bright wee chap smile!

Ruby - go steady (lower standards could be the way to go).

I had a nice day yesterday, walked home from school with a friend from DDs class who invited us round to play, lovely lady smile. Didn't have time for Taichi in the end (but found a glass of wine with dh far more relaxing lol).

school/work/laundry etc lol

IWantAChickAndADuck Fri 16-Oct-09 08:08:28

Morning. Thank you all for welcoming me smile

Was just wondering where the name Fly comes from?

My list for today,

Up, Fed

To Do:
Make beds
Make bottles
DS1 to nursery
Wash up
Mop kitchen floor
Sort clothes in TD
Put clothes from wash in TD
Put more clothes in wash
Pick up parcel from Post Office
Go into town to buy myself a new jumper grin
Pick DS1 up
Repeat wash/TD cycle
Clean bathroom
Games with the boys
Make dinner
Eat dinner
Tidy bedrooms
Bath, reading, boys to bed.

I love Fridays grin

Hope everyone is ok

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Fri 16-Oct-09 08:32:46

Good morning all. Thanks for the thread Wolfcub. Hi scatty. smile

ChickAndADuck This is where the name comes from

Just going to have my coffee whilst playing a game of computer chess. Bbl.

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Fri 16-Oct-09 08:46:51

Ok. Chess game over!

~ recycling
~ some pet stuff
~ d/w loaded and on
~ w/m loaded and on
~ t/d loaded and on

To do:-
~ get swimming stuff together and go later on today. That can be my treat Wolfcub smile
~ get dressed
~ do hand washing up
~ hoover around
~ start on the ironing now that dd has gone to school and isn't hogging the room.

I've recently swapped to decaf coffee and I think it is better for me. See you later!

TeaMonster Fri 16-Oct-09 09:26:36

Morning my wonderful friends.

I have insomnia again last night, lets hope it is not the beginning of a run.

I have loads to say this morning, so stand by

Groucy He is being a typical man, he cant fix it, so doesnt want to listen as it makes him feel inferior. Shout at him, tell him how you feel and that listening will make you feel better ergo he is making it better in some way. I can not imagine what it is like sharing your life with another man (boris is not the kind of suitor a lady of your calibre should have) grin

Scatty you seem very grounded at the moment, have fun with your playdate

galen That teacher needs shooting - what a thing to say to a parent angry on your behalf

wendy glad that the teacher has taken notice of DS' talent reading is such a precious gift you have given him. I love books, I love the smell of books, the experiance of books, the tactile nature of it all

Simly you seem much more serene now you are not working, Decaf coffee is what I have to have too

Chick you are doing well with your lists

Makingchanges hope you had a good day yesterday

Wolf Some people can be so insensitive. I know that you sometimes struggle with DS's tempers as I do with DS2's. It can be so hard, as all we want is for our children to be happy. I hope you get some answers. reliving events can be as traumatic as experiancing them first time round. I hope it has not opened up old wounds about DS's birth and early months. Take care, we miss you when you are not around. I hope work will be a little less stressful today.

EHM if you are reading I hope all is going well

Greyskull Well done on getting through the operation and getting home so early. Hope a good nights sleep was had or at least you all managed a little sleep

Jas where are you, how is your bedroom. I am missing you too

Ruby I see the homework thing is back again. I can not imagine spreading myself on three lots of homework plus everything else you are doing. keep calm and carry on

Starbear I resorted to the choc that wendy sent last night - yummy. My grammer isnt great even when not tired.

Swan How is the glass blocks going????

Right my list

Off to friends for cuppa, chat and boys to play
Whats for lunch
Whats for dinner
DS2 to preschool
list more on e-bay
make card for SIL birthday
more washing
sort out orange, black and white paint for when boys get home

Starbear Fri 16-Oct-09 09:43:55

Hello, Chick Morning everyone
Feel like staying here all morning catching up with you all but I can't
Think I've still got wine flu from Thursday night with school Mums. Very nice idea but oh! my head!
Can't believe how dirty Ds is making his white school Polo shirts,the stains are not coming out!angry & I think we've lost one.hmm I want to blame my Mum but really can't.
Wolf How are you going to treat yourself today?
Everyone What is the treat for today?
I think I'm going to watch a little afternoon telly & maybe nap (with the alarm clock so I still pick up Ds on time. smile
Back in a mo with a list.

Starbear Fri 16-Oct-09 10:08:30

TM really feel for you re the insomnia I have suffered for years.
Glad I put on the timer last night & tidied the kitchen for 15 mins before bed.
Dropped Ds at school. Done
Recycling Done
D/W loaded & onDone
Sorted Childcare with lovely Sis done
beds made done
Still to do
Load W/M
Sort laundry into various piles!
Clean fridge
Take letter to Doc
Phone radio shop again!
Put Birthday money into Ds’s building soc
Order some Christmas presents
Write ds out ‘Thank you’ cards get Ds to sign
Take a snack to sch & go park with Ds after school
Or if raining make a Birthday card collage
See all you later smile

grouchyoscar Fri 16-Oct-09 11:30:14

Hello all

Thanks for the thread Wolf

And thank you everyone for your lovely posts and comments. They have kept my spirits up. I'm having a bit of a rough time knowing what is going on and how to approach things. The overall opinion of people is that I do too much and I should slow down and stop, but I'm terrified that if I stop I'll never start again.

Done the 'Think Pink' coffee morning at the school today. GOjr was very taken by the tombola and spent all the money I had on me in order to win something hmm I'm doing nithing else today apart from taking GOjr to rugby training this evening

Laters ladies

IWantAChickAndADuck Fri 16-Oct-09 12:42:16

Thank you for that Simply!
Here's how my list is doing...

Make beds
Dressed done
Make bottles done
DS1 to nursery done
Wash up
Mop kitchen floor
Sort clothes in TD done
Put clothes from wash in TD done
Put more clothes in wash
Pick up parcel from Post Office done (turned out to be replacement handwash from Simple after I complained about a faulty bottle! grin)
Go into town to buy myself a new jumper done (but not new jumper for me, new clothes for DC, that always happens!)
Pick DS1 up done
Lunch doing
Repeat wash/TD cycle
Clean bathroom
Games with the boys
Make dinner
Eat dinner
Tidy bedrooms
Bath, reading, boys to bed

This has already been so good for me, feel so much more motivated having to plan my day, and having to confess to any laziness to you lovely ladies! So thank you! grin

galen Fri 16-Oct-09 12:45:57

afternoon all

Busy,busy here today...

Morning kerfuffle,reboot laundry, S&S 1 out of 3, school drop off, harvest festival - home 10.30. Walk dog, make dd4 lunch, Nursery drop off 11.30, Home, DS2 lunch

Now catching my breath...

Harvest festival was lovely though .

And lovely walk in sort of sunshine with Dc and doggy....

Next to do:
Email lady re collecting cot I sold on ebay
quick tidy all round

not even sure what else LOL

Oh and my ToysRus order arrived and is all fab - very chuffed as lot was half price!

Oh dear DS2 appears not to be asleep...very dissapointing...I SO don't want him to give up his afternoon naps for at least another 3 years LOL

Ok must dash BB for individuals later grin

TeaMonster Fri 16-Oct-09 12:50:26

We have been doing loovley craft things that wendy sent. It is nice not have to engage the brain or do the pre first DS2 had lots of fun alone with mummy

scattyspice Fri 16-Oct-09 12:54:26

Grouchy - I can understand why you fear that if you stop you wouldn't be able to start again sad. Don't stop, just slow down, do fewer tasks and do them slowly (I should do this too). Good luck smile.

Tea - lovely post and lovely blog smile. Thanks for saying I'm grounded smile.

Star - have a nice cozy snooze smile.

Good luck with those lists Chick and simply.

school/work/laundry etc lol
And homework.

Starbear Fri 16-Oct-09 13:49:49

W/M unloaded in Dryer and another loaded Done
Clean fridge ha ha! I think I'll carry this over
Take letter to Doc Done Now have to make a further appointment re my eyes
Phone radio shop again! done Still not fixed angry
Shopping & various chores done
Put Birthday money into building soc done
Now for a little lunch & close my eyes for 20 mins works wonders when I'm not top form.
grouchy Pretend to be Mediterranean (it's in my DNA so I don't have to pretend) relax for a while in the afternoon. My Aunt works her socks off in the morning then sits puts on a little soap opera and does give a flying fig if she drops off.

Starbear Fri 16-Oct-09 13:51:50

TM Love your craft ideas they look so cool.

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Fri 16-Oct-09 16:07:27

Hello again all. Just a quick pit stop.

Revised done list:-
~ food shopping
~ swimming
~ washing up

Ooops. I just remembered that I hadn't washed my swimmming stuff so I've put a wash on.

Still to do:-
~ hoovering
~ ironing
However, the dog and I fancy mowing the grass so I think we'll do that.

Starbear Fri 16-Oct-09 16:25:07

Afternoon all*
I like your craft ideas and I really love Wendy's idea in your blog. Sorry I should have said that before.
DS is going to play a bit then we are going to cut & paste some of his Birthday cards into a collage. I saw a friend's lad had it on his wall, it looked so clever & lovely not to just throw them away.
Galen Glad that the Toysrus presents came through. Must look again on the site and seek what I can get.
simply I thought about swimming this morning but then looked at my hairy legs blush I'll shave them tonight!
Well, I've given my self a few treats today. 20mins sit down with Come dine with me (that sends me to sleep now.) Two magazines Red & Ideal Home Christmas Ideas. I won't do any of them but I like to read them with a cuppa.
Hope you all got a chance to enjoy a treat today.

wendyhappysmile Fri 16-Oct-09 16:57:45

Star magazines sound good. Apparently there is a £10 Morgan Brown voucher in Red this month? going to buy it and spend voucher on SIL for Xmas as she loves their stuff. Not sure if I'll get chance for a treat ... need to pop to Lidl after tea, then make brownies, apple cake and treacle tart for a party at my friend's house tomorrow night - am very very looking forward to it! My parents are babysitting and my Dad is giving us a lift too, so it'll be fab! Also thought I'd tidy out the study tonight and move the desk to a new location ... perhpas I'll get DH on the job there.
Had a lovely day - a friend came this morning with her 2yoDS and he and DD played really nicely together while we just chilled - it's the first morning I've had in, doing nothing, for over a month shock!
DS horrid as usual at school pick up sad - ok once sent to room to think about his attitude!
No time for more personals, off to make tea, tidy toys, set table, tidy kitchen bench etc!
BBL hopefully

wendyhappysmile Fri 16-Oct-09 16:58:51

Ooh!!! Just noticed new emoticons!
There's me with a witch's hat

galen Fri 16-Oct-09 18:00:11

hmm about to have a glass of wine...a tad early but hey! I have survived the week grin
Now need to remember where I carefully stowed the halloween costumes I retrieved form the loft hmmLOL

Better dash - lots of things going on...BBL grin

galen Fri 16-Oct-09 18:02:22

oh dear that was a hatless grin...hmm.....grin thats better!

wendyhappysmile Fri 16-Oct-09 18:07:49

Kids picked their way through veggie lasagne, veg and potatoes, but wolfing down their icecream, of course. Looking forward to escaping to Lidl, how sad is that!

TeaMonster Fri 16-Oct-09 18:17:18

I feel like a grin as I am losing it......

Ah well at least it is the weekend.

My sewing machine is ready to collect serviced from the church shop .
The kettle blew all the fuses in the house 3 times. I went and got the least expensive one I could find.

DH is home and will save me from any more crafts, we have done far too much today [he he he]

Wolfcub Fri 16-Oct-09 19:29:39

My treat to mysslf is dinner out with good friend. hope all have good nights

wendyhappysmile Fri 16-Oct-09 20:03:47

I am distressed! Just had a text from an unknown number telling me of a baby born 'asleep' - I have three friends pregnant and due in next few weeks so don't know who it is - could be the husband's phone. Oh, DH has just eliminated one by phoning a mutual friend. That leaves my best friend from university, and another friend - but I can't phone to find out at a time like this. have checked facebook but no news on there.
Off to do some baking - food for the soul

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