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How do you get zinc and caster oil cream out of clothes?

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Warwickmum Thu 15-Oct-09 13:01:57

Firstly got on navy blue polo top. Tried washing as normal at 40. Still there when came out. Tried again at 60. Still there. Tried rubbing Vanish stick on and washing again at 40. Still there as large white stain! Also now on DH cream work chinos and tried all of above. Came out a bit but has left bluish tinge stain. Has anyone else had this hassle with this cream or is it just my washing liquid is rubbish??

Warwickmum Fri 16-Oct-09 20:56:30

Guessing no-one else has had this problem then?

skymoo Sat 17-Oct-09 23:23:38

my son rubbed sudocrem into a carpet many years ago - after many carpet shampoos the stain became lighter. Why not contact the company who made the product and see if they have any suggestions/

skymoo Sat 17-Oct-09 23:24:06

sorry / = ?

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