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Fledgling flyers, Part 2, October 2009

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Countingthegreyhairs Wed 14-Oct-09 22:40:06

Over here everyone!

dreamteamgirl Wed 14-Oct-09 22:53:46

Brilliant, well done CTGH*

So sorry about your interview sad

pushmepullyou I struggled for ages and ages with the swish & swipe, but am glad I have it running now

Ellie get well soon- thinking of you

Waffle towels look nice

*welcome back to Rhian

Hi to everyone else

Done my babystep of reading Kelly's essay, and realised I dont do calendar's well and its something I need to work on, so thatg can be this weeks job

Done the missions- well, I did the drugs cupboard 6 weeks ago so nothing left to sling- it all went to the chemist at start of September and is still remarkably tidy. So I just did a quick tidy up as I have new medicine cabinet going up in nest week or so

Socks were done at the weekend in DS' room, so I sent ex home with all the odd socks to see if he has their pairs at his place. Will do mine before I sleep, which should only take 10 mins

Gosh I cant believe we filled a thread in half a month!!

Countingthegreyhairs Wed 14-Oct-09 23:10:11

Yes, didn't we do well Dreamteam!!

And well done on your drug/socks sling!

I've suddenly realised that life would be easier if I bought a medicine cabinet ...

G'night all and see you in the morning ...

droitwichmum Thu 15-Oct-09 06:43:39

Found you/us!

How are we all this morning? I've noted the things I didn't do yesterday on my white board so they don't get forgotten by Saturday. DS likes wiping them off as I do them so that should help.

Today's list
get DH and DS up
make lunch
Make bed
clean bathroom sink
fingerprint DS' room
clean bathroom scale
polish in DS room
15 mins room rescue spare room (can nearly see the floor now!)
Hotspot - computer desk (thanks DH!)
shine sink

Back later!

Countingthegreyhairs Thu 15-Oct-09 06:55:58

Morning Dreamteam, morning Droitwich (your white board is starting to frighten me grin)

baby step for Thursday October 15th - personally I like to air ours first!

and apparently, to quote directly from Fat Fairy (which I shouldn't do) "Our habits are coming along nicely and we are seeing changes in our attitudes and our homes"

so you have been told grin

we are still in Zone 3

today's mission
but only if you have decluttered and only for 15 mins!

Go to it! Have a good day!

Countingthegreyhairs Thu 15-Oct-09 07:04:30

Meant to say,

Welcome to the new Fledgling Flyers thread Part 2 everyone!!

positiveattitudeonly Thu 15-Oct-09 07:25:50

Just marking my spot!

Will catch up later.

Commiserations to Tibni - Something better will be just around the corner.

walkthedinosaur Thu 15-Oct-09 07:41:50

Just marking my spot too, how great are we but also how sad are we to spend so much time talking (and in my case getting excited) about cleaning. I swear I never thought it would come to this when I was in my early 20's.

Have had an epiphany if I got rid of DC's, DH and incontinent dog, my house would be fab! Although DH is my hero now, bless him he went to Leicester Square last night after a hard day at work and stood around for ages just to get me a blurry photo of George Clooney in a tuxedo and then I complained because he hadn't got me an autograph. I think Mr Clooney has two more films premiering this week so have told DH he has two more chances of that autograph, have told DH I'll make it worth his while when he gets home this weekend grin

Have done my morning routine, dishwasher loaded, kitchen sink and sides shining as is dining room table and I've swished and swiped.

Off to do some work now.

Countingthegreyhairs Thu 15-Oct-09 07:42:42

Yo PA - Good morning to you!

Also meant to say (brain like a sieve this morning)

Individual messages to everyone back on previous thread ...(and particular thanks to MiniMarmite)

Right, time for more laundry action [CTGH dons hard hat, harness and abseils down to the basement armed with a pile of dirty towels and some caribiners ....]

See you later!

Countingthegreyhairs Thu 15-Oct-09 07:44:47

... oh sniff ... what a wonderful dh WalktheD - that is truly a romantic gesture ...!

OK, over the edge ....

elliepac Thu 15-Oct-09 09:36:56

Oh dear, I have just discovered that i can get mumsnet at work......

Now I am really only popping in to mark my spot in our new thread (how marvellous are we?) but special mention must go to WTD's DH this morning. Many husband points earned there. grin

Anyway, am off to educate the future of the nation, be very scared wink.

Be back thie evening.

hellsbelles Thu 15-Oct-09 09:45:41

morning all.

tibni - how frustrating

Babystep done - at home today so going to do some more decluttering.

DH said again this morning - the house is looking so great - it doesn't really need much work now does it? So and at the same time. I had to explain that the reason it was looking nice was because I AM working on it!

Rhian82 Thu 15-Oct-09 09:47:44

Sorry to hear that Tibni, it just means something better is round the corner! My DH was job-hunting last year and came second on a few, including his dream job. But then he got another which is fulfilling, better paid and with great hours, and he's found out since that the 'dream job' has had all sorts of problems and a funding freeze. So if this didn't work out then it wasn't meant to be and you'll find something much better!

Ummm… this morning I made the bed (yay! I did a baby step) and ironed a shirt for DH. Most of the time I hardly do any ironing as most of his shirts are pretty crease-free, as long as you hang them up straight away. The move has killed that a bit though, everything's a mess.

Tonight I shall clean the bathroom sink, do some more unpacking (need to find the power cable for the old monitor so we can Freecycle it) and maybe start going through clothes (which are almost all unpacked) with DH so I know what I can send to the charity shop.

optimisticmumma Thu 15-Oct-09 09:49:45

OO er Walkthed be careful what you promise!!!!!

Morning from hell here.
My DC missed early train due to traffic. Bit of a problem as DS2 had left a bit of hwk to do at school (I know, Iknow). Decided to give him a lift down the fast bit of road only to find it shut due to bad accident. Outcome? DS2 late with hwk not done - eek! I told him to go straight to teacher and just take the flak! (he's 12 atm). Got home to find A&E on phone - DS1 has broken foot after all (reviewed his Xray and found a slight fracture - great!) hmm So another trip to A&E this pm....

Anyway i just wanted to share....
Hope everyone else is having a better

Got to get going so:

Washing x2
Line drying as sunny and drier is leaking...
Ironing - I love my new 'steam geneator'shock
Hosp appt
Cleaning windows/door handles etc in DS2 room
Supper? jamie oliver's fish pie...?

optimisticmumma Thu 15-Oct-09 09:52:03

elliepac don't read the bit about the homework will you????? I am very scared....

tibni Thu 15-Oct-09 09:54:52

Morning all,

I had a really good night sleep smile and feel ok about it all today. I still have my casual hours at school which will be increasing as exam season is starting.

We took our puppy for his first walk outside this morning - it was great fun.

House a bit of a mess as I have neglected it the last few days so I intend to have a bit of a blitz. I already make my bed and ds before I come downstairs - dd (10) is expected to do her own.

Have a good day all and I will try and catch up on everyones news.

pushmepullyou Thu 15-Oct-09 11:06:20


No work for me today, so a whole day of playing with my scrummy baby cleaning awaits!

wtd I'm too am very impressed, if slightly alarmed by the amount of time we can all spend talking about cleaning.

Right, let's see if I can remember everybody's news from the previous thread grin

CTGH good luck with the laundry. I have a basket of dirty washing upstairs, a basket of clean but unsorted washing downstairs and one of those plastic laundry baskets that I sort the other two in to alternately and run up and down stairs with. It means that I have to put things away and deal with things in small chunks as the plastic basket is too small to fit much in. I don't iron though blush. Ever.

positiveattitude, dreamteam and I think it was fruitstick? Thanks for posting your swish and swipe routines. So far mine starts and finishes at rinse out the soap dish!

ellie glad you're feeling better today

droitwichmum am slightly scared and intimidated by the white boards grin.

So far today we have:
Done morning routine
Dishwasher and washing machine
Made humous
flung 27 things in DDs room. I was shock that there were 27 things to fling as she is very small and so is the room!
Done the 'edge' hoovering with the handheld in DDs room
Dusted DDs room.

She has just gone down for her nap (I hope) giving me some much needed mn hoovering time!

Still to do:
tidy living room table
order online shop
hoover living room and kitchen stairs
empty at least some of the bins
clear bathroom clutter
devise swish and swipe routine!

Rhian82 Thu 15-Oct-09 11:23:41

PMPY - good to know I'm not the only non-ironer! How old is your DD?

pushmepullyou Thu 15-Oct-09 13:21:45

Rhian she's 10 months, which is turning out to be a fab age grin. She's tearing around the living room on her hands and knees chasing one of those silver helium balloons. It's on a string with a handle and she's throwing the handle then scooting after it!

Very impressed by the putting away by your DS. DD is just starting to be able to 'post' things so who knows, she could be doing the tiduing for me in a couple of months <hopefull emoticon>

droitwichmum Thu 15-Oct-09 13:39:46

Quick lunchtime peek
elliepac GET BACK TO WORK! I'm at lunch (honest)

Please please please don't get intimidated by my little white board! Its an ancient one I found when decluttering my pantry which is stuck on the kitchen wall for me to write my list on in the morning so I can tick them off as I go and DS can wipe them off smile

I'm far more intimidated by all of you cooks - especially PMPY humous!envy

PS I have a steam press for my ironing - god send. Quick, I can sit down and watch tv at the same time and there is no wire for DS to trip over. And the cats love it.

havingagiraffe Thu 15-Oct-09 15:04:26

I don't understand non-ironing, I just can't not do it. I have a friend who doesn't and she never looks crumpled (as I'm sure none of you do) but our clothes always do, even when I fold straight off the line. How do you manage it? I have got more fussy about what I do iron since DS was born and have really reduced it.

DS really is a contrary boy - sometimes doesn't sleep at night and will only nap for 30mins at a time and then suddenly rewards me with a 2 hour nap! We were at friend for coffee and he fell asleep in car and has been asleep for another hour and a bit since smile... I have

Detail cleaned my dressing/laundry room including window/mirror and edge hoovering and am now having a well earned cup of tea and MN.

tibni Glad you're feeling OK, as others have said take the positives from the experience.

Elliepac DP is a teacher and I also worry about the future of the nation with him in charge!! What dreadful punishment would you doll out to OM's DS?

Waves to everyone, going to go and put feet up for 5 mins.

Countingthegreyhairs Thu 15-Oct-09 15:33:46

Just checking in briefly

Have done 4 lots of laundry but rest of house now a mess sad as had to do errands between loads ...I'm not doing well at the moment ... motivation is lacking - feel restless teenage need for something "different" to happen or something to look forward to ...whinge grin

Waves to Snitch from previous thread!!

I don't "get" non-ironing either HavingAG (wish I did!). I remember that "how long will they sleep today" feeling? Well done for profiting so effectively from it.

Yay to tibni for being so upbeat today!

Waves to Droitwich Rhian82 Hellesbelles and Elliepac

Thanks for laundry tips PushmePullyou (I also spend an inordinate amount of time on stairs hauling laundry baskets up and down - in fact I'm thinking of installing a winch! (And that's just for me wink) Considered relocating laundry to upper floors but often have washing machines and dryers on at wierd times of day or night so the noise would be an issue) You've had a mega-day! Well done!

Sorry to hear about ds Optimistic - is it going to need a cast?

Well done with your lists everyone. I've going to get stuck back in now ... before that "overwhelmed" feeling takes over ...

tibni Thu 15-Oct-09 15:52:48

Well I have had a good day so far.

Gave the downstairs a really good clean and tidy then hit upstairs! Even cleaned and tidied the kids bedrooms and did a bit of decluttering.

Looked at mission - did the sink then hit the bath and shower screen too (which still isn't brill - joy of v hard water).

I have dinner to cook - i'm thinking toad in the hole and while the oven is on using up the rest of the chicken in some type of sauce that can then be frozen for a quick meal one night.

Planning on hitting the gym tomorrow - don't think I will get chance tonight as it is dd ballet night.

paranoiabigdestroyer Thu 15-Oct-09 16:06:16

Just shining my spot on this thread for later.

<<scuttles off to do 5 more mins ironing>> but don't tell PMPY!

On the other hand I may just follow her lead and play with my scrummy baby!

MiniMarmite Thu 15-Oct-09 19:03:11

Hi Everyone, what a shiny new thread!

I've been at work today but at home (and trying not to sneak to many peaks at MN).

I'm a selective ironer I have to say and we don't have much storage space so if there's something I don't wear very often I only iron it before I wear it because it usually gets a bit crumpled squashed in a drawer somewhere anyway (although after my clear out yesterday I have one whole drawer free).

CTGH glad you like the towel suggestion! I think you aslo asked about my 12 weeks scan on the old thread. It is in 4 weeks time but we've decided to have an early scan on Monday morning as we've had a missed MC before so I've been feeling really anxious.

OM sorry to hear about DS's fracture - lucky they reviewed the X-ray though.

Going to go back to the old thread in a minute to catch up on everyone's news (well I mainly want to see what DWM is doing with a whiteboard...sounds good but scary). I'm going to dig out my calendar tonight - my SIL buys me one every year and I put it in a drawer.

Back to feed DS smile

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