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Wed Fly

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scattyspice Wed 14-Oct-09 07:50:58

Morning smile.

scattyspice Wed 14-Oct-09 07:58:30


Seems dark this morning! (and wet).

Swan - good luck with your busy day. Multiple appts always leaves a hasseled feeling (all that constantly looking at your watch and chivvying along).

Wendy - I am a bit worried that my sis will take offence at the budget book (she takes offence easily).

Simplpy - dresser sounds lovely smile.


SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Wed 14-Oct-09 08:53:52

Good morning everyone.

Thanks for the thread scatty. Btw, do you mind me shortening your name to just scatty? I'm a terror for shortening names when typing. blush Without mentioning any names, someone I know well could really do with this budget book. We don't usually give each other pressies but I might get this for her. The way I look at it, her spending habits currently cost her 100s of extra £s and it's such a waste, particularly as she is not well off. Thinking of someone else, he has a house which apparently is like something off K and A (house cleaning goddesses) and has the same "I can't do anything, it's too overwhelming" attitude to money also. Even simple things like changing to my NHS dentist (£12 every 6 month check-up) instead of his (about £13 every month with treatment costs on top) he wasn't interested in, despite saying he was hard up! Sorry. Am going on too much. Could you say that you really like the budget book and are going to get it for yourself for your b/d or Christmas (if that's true, of course!) and then she'd not take offence?

Must go and get dressed. I'm not going to shower as I hope to go swimming this evening. Everyone else is going to be out so I might as well go then. Back in a bit with a list.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Wed 14-Oct-09 09:01:54

morning all,
thanks for thread scatty morning simply

have made the beds and cleaned the bathrooms,
DS1 has gone to school and I am about to tackle the kitchen.

long list of things to do today,
but the most important is MUST PUT MY REPEAT PRESCRIPTION IN.
please nudge me to do it I run out of tablets Friday morning.

ironing, washing, dishwasher, change spare bed. all need to be done before lunchtime..

so better get a wriggle on.

grouchyoscar Wed 14-Oct-09 09:33:18

Morning ladies*

and Swan Well it looks like I've had it with the furry visitor. She has settled in, is getting on with our old moggy, GOjr has named her (after 2 girls in his class hmm) and she has cuddled into my fluffy bathrobe (while I was wearing it blush) and as it was cold and wet last night, yep, she stayed (and is still here) I'm going to put a sign in the paper shop, knock on local doors and call the local schools about her. If I've made no progress in a week, she's GOjr's (until she returne to her 3rd house grin)

FLY wise DONE so far

Make bed
Make breakfast
Empty DW and reload
Put away
Feed the cats!
Empty TD and fold
Take down dry washing and fold

DH took GOjr to school this morning (tho I did help him dress and get his bags ready [GOjr's not DH!])

Got aa appointment with my neuro this morning so I better get my PJ's changed and get my list of concerns/questions sorted

TeaMonster Wed 14-Oct-09 09:44:52

Morning all

You are all so wonderful and make me smile. I dont want you to forget how special you are.

I am having 5 mins with a cuppa before taking miniMad swimming.

I was up baking scones at 2am as I couldt sleep so had the mess to clean up this morning

Groucy hope all is well at the hosp

Greyskull Welcome back - I missed you. What op is DS having???

Wendy I have Carple tunnel, but couldnt face hospital so just wear my splints blush one thing fixed at a time here

Simply your dresser sounds great - phtot please

Ruby You are too clever

Hope EHM's move is going well


galen Wed 14-Oct-09 10:06:09

morning all

Slightly grey and soggy here today.
School run done, even took doggy with us so she could run around nice park by school after drop off - drew a crowd at the school gate LOL DD! very imressed she could "show off" her doggy to her friends LOL

All now back home slightly soggy but invigorated

Think it will be scrambled eggs for tea as DC having roast chicken for lunch...

need to parcel up and post some ebay stuff next...

greyskull hope all goes well for your ds

GO new little fluffy sounds great!

simply morning!

right off to do ebay stuff...other major challenge of the day is to sort and put away the HUGE clean washing mountain....I am however tying not to get stressed by it and being positive - at least its all washed and clean!LOL

BBL grin

mad 2 am scones - gosh - reminds me of when I was in labour with DS2 was VERY slow and I spent about 12 hours of early labour baking scones, bread and cakes aqt strange hours !LOL (yep I am slightly mad hehe)

TeaMonster Wed 14-Oct-09 11:58:45

Wendy I have been crying thank you very much for your parcel, it is very much appreicated. In fact DS2 is currently reading the books smile

I am just doing his lunch and hiding in the kitchen with my tea, I dont want him to see me sobbing smile


scattyspice Wed 14-Oct-09 12:38:31

Tea - you go steady girl, remember you have the flu!

Greyskull - hope operation goes smoothly.

Simply - I think overwhelmed is a good word to discribe many peoples feelings about money. I am not great myself and have to regularly re budget. Right now (for example) I have little idea of how much money will be available for Christmas presents as when I drew up a budget in June I had missed out one or two large expenses (some unforseen) which have gobbled up the Christmas money shock. I daren't buy any presents until I know how much I have to spend. I'm quite happy to be called scatty btw (as you can see it is very appropriate).

TeaMonster Wed 14-Oct-09 12:45:35

DS2 just dropped at nursery

Scatty Dont worry I am on a go slow really.


Swimming kits in wash
Lunch for DS2

To do's

Ironing and put away
Whats for dinner saus casarole
quick tidy

but first a cup of tea and a sit

grouchyoscar Wed 14-Oct-09 13:50:24

Back from the hospital appointment. Seems my iron levels are low, my mood isn't too good and they cannot tell me if the disease is progressing any further. Oh, and I do too much and should be kinder to myself shockhmm.

I've phoned the local schools about the visitor but she seems really rather happy at Grouchy's

DH is working in the kitchen and is in a foul mood. He's just had a rather large filling replaced so he's well grumpy. I'm going to hide

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Wed 14-Oct-09 13:57:51

Hi ladies,

GO is that boris bothering you again?? couldn't work out if it was an "aa" meeting you are going to with your Neuro this morning? smile

TM you mad woman baking at 2am.. bet the boys all dreamed about cakes with the lovely smell wafting through the house smile

Galen new doggy what type? is it a puppy or an older dog? I would love a dog but DH is a total NO on the question..

Scatty Argh how frustrating for you that you have unforseen expenses, hope you manage to get some great stuff for christmas, there are loads of bargins about, HMV have got a good sale on at the mo.

So Mum has arrived to take DS1 to school tomorrow morning, I am being very good and remembering to imagine water running off a ducks back when she has her little snipes at me.

DS2 is having his tonsils and adenoids out, we have been by a wing and a prayer avoiding throat infections because if he gets one his tonsils are so big they will restrict his ability to breathe... hence they are coming out smile
Have put my repeat prescription into the surgery and have bought trashy mags to read at the hospital tomorrow.
Just need to pack after I have been for a bath and washed my hair.
Mum is doing the school run this afternoon so I don't have to go out... am too much of a mess to be making small talk at school.

TeaMonster Wed 14-Oct-09 14:19:33

Oh greyskull Tea and sympathy from me. I had both mine out when I was 4, it was life changing. Take Ipod and eye mask too. Oh and lip chap. Good luck

Groucy Bah humbug to Boris

I have had lots of tea and am preping craft work for the boys when they come in

Sausage cas in slow cooker

The ironing can and will wait grin

grouchyoscar Wed 14-Oct-09 14:21:50

Greyskull Boris is bothering me in a different way, he's lingering and lurking and I'm always tired/feeling ill. Grrrrrrrh.

TeaMonster Wed 14-Oct-09 14:23:16

That could be the low iron - what have they put you on Mrs???

scattyspice Wed 14-Oct-09 16:07:43

Greyskull - you sound organised for tomorrow. Fingers crossed for you. i love the idea of picturing water off a ducks back, I'll try that myself.

Tea - sausage cas yum.

Grouchy - how frustrating, it must be draining fighting that boris.

Back from work/school/shop. Mustering energy for beavers.

IWantAChickAndADuck Wed 14-Oct-09 16:09:07

Hi... I'm fairly new to MN and have been browsing threads,trying to join in with a few on going ones and wondered if there's room for me on this one? My housekeeping is definately marked as 'could do better' and this looks like the place to help me improve? I just always find something better to get on with and never have the motivation to sort the house out, but it annoys me when it's a bombsite! Hope you can help smile

Makingchanges Wed 14-Oct-09 16:39:25

Hi IWantAChickAndADuck - you're more than welcome. Generally we post up our lists and try and get motivated to completing at least some of them (In my case) everyones really friendly on here and generally a great support - Get stuck in

Makingchanges Wed 14-Oct-09 16:44:03

As for me today - been to 2 x schools - was late for the second as trying to get a reference for my app from the first - no luck in getting to speak to the right person and then turned up 10 minutes late for second school - I hate being late for things but unfortunately it seems to be a regular occurance.

Did manage to get some valuable information after class though on assessments in schools so not all bad.

Now i'm slowly trying to get some sign language to stick in my head but I think this cold is blocking it from getting to my brain so I'm struggling to concentrate or retain any information.

Have been to shops and done nursery run with DD need to do dinner, stick a loaf in the breadmaker and get to college - I hate Wednesdays I never seem to sit down before bedtime.

Hope everyone is ok - Grouchy I think you have a new addition, this is how we got all of our cats, we were adopted by them. Tea glad you are taking it slow. Greyskull - hope everything goes well tomorrow. Hi to anyone I have missed


RubysReturn Wed 14-Oct-09 18:38:03

Hi all
am busy online to M&S replacing all the uniform the dds have lost


IWantAChickAndADuck Wed 14-Oct-09 21:26:38

Thank you Makingchanges smile. Have found MN to be quite motivating anyway, just need that extra encouragement for getting stuff done around the house! I usually prefer making a den with the kids and hiding from the mess wink

Will give you my 'list' for today then...

All up dressed, fed, beds made, washing up done.
DS1 (3.8yo) to nursery.
Me and DS2 to shops for various bits, then to park.
Pick DS1 up.
Walk to toddler group, walk back.
Prepare dinner, eat dinner.
Ready for bed, DS1 reading time with me. DS2 songs with Daddy (that sounds really cheesy blush. Boys to bed.
I have spent the rest of the evening sorting bills and budgeting for the rest of the month.

So you see I find it hard to find time for housework, am now knackered and the thought of cleaning the kitchen now... urgh. Will instead have a bowl of crunchy nut and waste time on the internet grin

swanriver Wed 14-Oct-09 22:26:13

Sounds like a pretty impressive constructive day ChickandADuck, to me. Food, family, fresh air and financial forward planning? Who could ask for more?

Today has been even worse than expected, but we now have a new partition with shelving hiding fridge, and a plan for tomorrow's building work smile
Managed to struggle through hosp appt, piano lessons, dealing with builder, mess mess mess, homework, brownies and beavers [we did colliding planets]. Terrible mayhem at home as unable to use kitchen till eve, but phrases involving omelette and breaking eggs comes to mind.
Just want to be able to seat more than 5 people comfortably in my house/kitchen.

Low iron can make you feel completely whacked, Grouchy - Tea is right. Choc is full of it grin

MC Wednesday is a bad day here too, a bit improved from last term by me switching a few things round - but still...

Now need to do usual minor chores of:
uniform rationalization
what pieces of paper will be demanded tomorrow to sign?
write new appt dates/etc from handbag in diary NOW
check dh will be back home early so that I can go to school meeting tm.
find errant waterbottles in knapsacks
put out violin practise book for ds1 tm
{write in it}
make new list of things to go to dump

IWantAChickAndADuck Wed 14-Oct-09 22:35:13

Thank you Swanriver, it happened by accident really!

I take it your having your kitchen re- done? Must be a PITA, but I am envy as we only rent our house. Would love to be able to make a house our own.

And and thank you for the uniform reminder, DS1's is still in the ironing basket blush

swanriver Wed 14-Oct-09 22:43:50

oops still here [hides under uniform basket - where dejectedly rifling through in search of button-rich polo shirts]

nooooh not exactly redone..just a bit tweaked, it took three months when it was redone blush five years ago, but fridge was [on mature reflection] in wrong place.

IWantAChickAndADuck Wed 14-Oct-09 22:50:34

3 months? then am even more envy as you must have a really big and or nice kitchen!

And I am still here having made no attempt to fish out uniform. It will be ironed in the morning blush

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