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Tuesday Fly

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scattyspice Tue 13-Oct-09 07:44:56

Morning smile

scattyspice Tue 13-Oct-09 07:52:12


Simply - sorry your friend is ill. I'll bet she's glad of you though, the best comfort in a crisis is someone who's been through the same thing (and survived). i hope you are fully well now too.

Swan - how lovely to sing Ella Fitzgerald with your daughter smile

Wendy - you are such an adventurous cook smile

star - sounds like you're really on a roll now smile

mad - take it easy today (I still think you are doing a lot for someone with the flu!)

Hi EHM and Jas if you are around - hope the chaos is receeding smile.


SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Tue 13-Oct-09 08:46:56

Good morning everyone. smile

Thanks for the thread scatty. Yes, having someone close by who has been through it and is willing to give support makes a difference, I'm sure. It was ME btw. I would say that I'm about 85% better but I doubt I'll ever be the full 100.

I'm showered and dressed already which is amazing as I normally put it off until about 9.30am. Ds' new desk chair is being delivered either today or tomorrow so I had to be decent by 9am or else frighten the poor delivery driver! I don't know anyone else who looks as "hauled through the hedge backwards" as I do in the morning!

Off to do some stuff and then I'll be back with a list. T'pip!

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Tue 13-Oct-09 10:26:26

<< tumbleweed >>

Quite here atm, isn't it?!

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Tue 13-Oct-09 10:33:22

Well, dd has had to come home unwell. Luckily I was showered and dressed so that I could just grab my bag, phone, keys and go and fetch her. smile

~ unloaded and reloaded d/w
~ put a load of washing on and on the line
~ sewing
~ prepared an order for Lakeland
~ picked up dd from school and made her a docs app't
~ elevenses eaten and drunk by dd and I

To do:-
~ take dd to docs in half an hour
~ ironing
~ hoovering
~ sorting stuff out
~ put an order in to Lakeland
~ walk the dog

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Tue 13-Oct-09 10:34:45

Hang on, why did I say "Quite" when I meant "Quiet"? Call myself a touch typist? grin

Makingchanges Tue 13-Oct-09 10:35:31


Hope everyone is well. Tea hope you have your feet up. I've been reading your blog this morning - You write so beautifully and honestly.

Got 2 hours before DD at nursery and I'm at school so my list is

Washing - Doing as we speak
Strip our bed and wash
Put clean bedding on bed
Sign language homework
Find DD nursery uniform that was washed last week and not seen since
Clean kitchen
Whats for tea
Shopping for food for tea?
write letter to nursery informing them dd going to be missing last week of term
drop dd off at nursery
me to school

I'll review this afternoon and see if I've got to the end

scattyspice Tue 13-Oct-09 12:24:36

Wow it is quiet.

Sorry you have had ME simply, I have a friend who is also struggling with this, very difficult sad.

Hi MC good luck with that list.

dc to gymnastics
buy toilet roll

I am looking at a nice budget file from Organised Mum for my sis for Xmas (will try and link) do you think that would come across as cheeky?

scattyspice Tue 13-Oct-09 12:27:50

here. I want one actually blush.

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Tue 13-Oct-09 13:15:28

Hi MC. Good luck with your list!

scatty It's a difficult illness and I think that's partly because no-one knows what it is like unless they've been there themselves. Little things like walking upstairs once would be the equivalent of a day's work to me. Literally. I've just been to town twice this morning because of picking up dd from school, bringing her home and then taking her to the docs. Just one trip would have completely exhausted me when I had ME.

I've just looked at the Budget file and I think it is a great idea. It is nicely laid out and is a good first step to identifying where any problems lie, I'd have thought. The money book I recommended the other day is well worth getting from the library, too. Actually, I must do it for dd as she is doing buisness studies for GCSE and she needs to know about mortgages, interest, credit cards etc.

Ok. Coffee break over. Time to get something done!

galen Tue 13-Oct-09 13:31:42

afternoon all
scatty thanks for thread. ove the budget file. I'd be happy to get one fro Christmas...cant work out if that makes me sad or not LOL

simply Hi, how is your DD now? Sounds like you had a rough time of it being ill. Glad you are on the mend now though.

makingchanges impressive list! did you fit it all in to 2 hours?

Gosh yes it is quiet LOL
Spose everyone else is busy doing RL things LOL

I have done nursery drop off, and DS napping so having my daily break and cuppa!!

Chick and veg soup in slow cooker
Bread in breadmaker (which dog has finally stopped growling at LOL)
laundry on going...
need to wiz round and do some room rescuing but nothing too bad...

will try to BBL grin

grouchyoscar Tue 13-Oct-09 14:18:26

Hello All

Given up lugging my right leg round after me and put on my splint (boo hiss)

Been down town this morning and did a bit of shopping. Bus home and just had lunch.

Oh, news from Grouchy Hovel...we seem to have been adopted by a cat shock A little juvenile torty and white moggy with a lovely face. GOjr demanded we feed her yesterday evening, we chucked her out at bed time and I saw nothing until this aft when she came in and helped herself to our old moggies bowl hmm

But what do I do? She's in lovely condition but just seems hungry all the time. I think she is someone's cat so I'm cautious about taking her in but, if she's made herself comfy here.......

Dilemmas. dilemmas

At least I have something to worry about other than me!

TeaMonster Tue 13-Oct-09 14:43:01

Afternoon all

Just a quick cuppa before dashing off again


Boys to school
Mum to hospital
Lesson in her medication done
Had lunch
Been to councelling
DS1's swimming bag sorted

To dos

School/Preschool collection
Park and snacks
Swap out car seats and swop children with friend as she is taking DS1 swimming, whilst I have her DS2
Home with the two littleones
Dinner Sweet and sour chicken and noodles
Washer on
Boys bed

Oh I have [[ this anyone wants it. I havent used it at all. I am happy with my calender).

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Tue 13-Oct-09 14:50:46

Good afternoon all.

galen Dd is okay, thanks, now that she has antibs to take.

go You sound like you're looking after yourself, so good on you! I've heard that cats like to adopt people. I guess all you can do is feed her when she comes to your home. She might be getting fed in several places but, hey!

I'm thoroughly dusting and polishing the little dresser this afternoon. Once that is done, I hope to find the stuff that used to be on display on it so that I can put it all back in place about 4 months late. Then I'm going to do the same with the big dresser. Wish me luck!

scattyspice Tue 13-Oct-09 16:02:48

Good luck! grin

Grouchy - I'd be feeding the little cat too smile.

hi Tea and galen.

haven't done anything yet (apart fron collect dc) so better get on with it.

RubysReturn Tue 13-Oct-09 16:08:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grouchyoscar Tue 13-Oct-09 16:29:21

Hello again

Cat has installed herself in GOjr's bedroom! I think, like Binka from Cbeebies, She has more than 1 house. If we take her in I'd want to get her checked out at the vets, but if she belongs elsewhere, they may not be impressed with the cat coming back spayed

Gotta go. ttfn

Starbear Tue 13-Oct-09 19:24:14

Evening all Been to work so sadly don't have time to comment on the thread but I have read it. Who said they sometimes leave washing in the machine so long they have to wash them again.sad Sadly yes, that often is the case in this house. I also left nearly dry washing outside yesterday on the clothes horse after taking it off the line. Planned to bring it in when the sun went down. I forgot & it was soaking this morning. sad
A bit worried how much time Ds watches telly with my Mum but, she is free child care so I should say anything (but I do!) She tries and teaches him Spanish while the telly is on how does that work!! I shouldn't grumble. Well going to warm up pumpkin soup for DH & make him a sausages sandwich as soup only isn't enough apparently! Made a bucket of soup so have given away half to Mum. Pumpkin doesn't freeze to well

wendyhappysmile Tue 13-Oct-09 20:02:19

hello everyone
Yes it is quiet today!
Tea I would love your diary but I already own it LOL - I love it! I use it for making lists for planning parties, craft activities etc, which I can't do on my calendar.
Ruby glad work is going well, and craft too
Star feel for you re: child care. it's my main reason for not going back to work - my mum would want to look after dd and we'd end up falling out!
go please take it easy! Give the cat a few weeks to settle, see if it stays before deciding!
simply hope dd is ok and all is dusted and polished!
scatty Budget book looks good but think my SIL would be mighty offended if I bought it for her - though she needs it grin
Makingchanges busy day!
galen hi and hope you had an event free day grin - that would be a miracle! LOL

I have had a nice day - toddlers, a friend's for lunch and a good old chatter! Painting this afternoon with DC.
My mum had her op on her carpal tunnel this afternoon, bit worried about her, she looked shattered afterwards. She was diagnosed in 1992 but the GP never gave her the results of her diagnosis shock so she has only just gone back to the GP this year hmm and been diagnosed again at the hospital. What a farce! Then her private health wouldn't pay as she'd already been diagnosed for it all those years ago! The surgeon today said it was the worst he'd ever seen. She has to go back for the other arm doing later.

Right see you tomorrow.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Tue 13-Oct-09 20:23:27

evening ladies,

back in the swing of things today.
made the beds and cleaned the bathrooms before taking DS's to school, came back and had lovely cuppa with a friend, have cleaned the kitchen and done washing today.

Mum is coming tomorrow to look after DS1 whilst I take DS2 into hospital for an operation so need to finish cleaning and tidying things away first thing tomorrow morning.

also need to change the bedding in the spare room, DH slept in there last night so I managed to get some sleep before Thursday.

Need to go and chop chicken for a chicken and cashew stir fry that DH and I are going to have when he gets in from work,

I love your blog Teamonster. it brightens my day... hope you are feeling better today.

will try to catch up with everyones news in the next few days... x

Wolfcub Tue 13-Oct-09 20:37:09

evening all

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Tue 13-Oct-09 20:51:49

Hello to all.

wendy I've finished dusting and polishing the little dresser and am half way through the big one. I had to down tools around 6pm as I had to make two lots of tea due to various comings ang goings this evening. So ... tomorrow I need to finish with the big dresser and then wash, dry and put back all the ornaments and crockery (all given to us. I'm really not an ornament/fussy stuff type person). Poor "Mum to Wendy" on her cts. I hope she recovers soon. I'd not really heard about it until the other day when my doc pointed out his wrist rest to me (I must have nagged him about his work station as well as his totally inappropriate chair previously. Ooops!) and he said that he had cts. I nagged him again about his chair (it is a 'sit around a board table at a meeting' type chair. It doesn't have castors nor arm rests nor a height adjuster or anything else it should have. As I told the locum gp the other week (gosh, I am naughty!) the only place that chair is fit for is the bin! Employer's Duty Of Care and all that. The gp (with cts) said he'd speak to the office manager. Sorry. Am waffling on. blush

ByThePower I hope all goes well with your ds2 and the operation.

Starbear It's such a pain when it rains on washing and when you simply don't have time to do what's needed at the appropriate time. I think the childcare dilemma is one shared by thousands of other parents and I do feel for you all. It's not an easy situation.

Ruby Chocolates on the pillow?! grin I was in a posh place with dh a year or two back and (being me) had left several discarded outfits strewn across the bed when we went out to dinner. I honestly didn't realise that someone was going to come in during the evening to turn back the covers and put a choccie on the pillow. Consequently, I didn't get a choccie on my side of the bed but dh did! Ooops!

Off to walk the dog around the village. See you tomorrow. Nos da. Good evening.

swanriver Tue 13-Oct-09 21:37:00

Evening all too!
Been too busy (also computer disappeared into wreckage) dealing with things today to be am, swimming with ds1 lunchtime, builder requiring loads of feedback/supervision/attention to small details
Starbear - your mum sounds lovely, I wouldn't worry about the TV, I'm sure it's just background to the nice time they have together.

Done no flying today apart from having some meals planned - potato cakes for kids from Sat's mashed pots, and bolognese for Dh from freezer

Fridge has been moved, looks good, but am surrounded by usual building fallout
Long visit to Park with dcs after school smile
homework (measuring)and violin practice x 1
then had to plonk kids in front of telly so that I could clear up piles of stuff that had no home

Grouchy, it's a difficult one. I had to harden my heart to two cat visitors, who were definitely being fed by their owners, but still wanted our love too. But our kitten's mother comes over the fence still and eats us out of house and home, though I try not to let her in overnight.

Tomorrow's going to be a challenge - too much going on for my liking..hosp appts, music lessons, brownies investiture, beavers, homework.
Think will do some piano practice now to steady my nerves.
Need to wash some uniform too.

swanriver Tue 13-Oct-09 21:49:46

Wendy - carpel tunnel is horrid (have the beginnings of it but not done anything yet except get diagnosed) - I keep dropping things. Think it hurts like hell for a while after op, your poor mum.
Greyskull, hope your mum looks after you all to best of her ability and ds2 op goes brilliantly.
Simply - if I had a dresser it would be similar. My mum has a v. interesting one, deal(pine)PAINTED to look like mahogany (v. upwardly mobile Victorians)

My diary is failing me again, (have not got onto BUDGET books - that would be quite beyond me) managed to have three clashing appts in course of one day tomorrow blush
But mostly it is working well, and I'm actually LOOKING in it, which I never used to, thinking for some reason I would remember things.

scattyspice Wed 14-Oct-09 07:52:08


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