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help - need something for sitting room wall.....

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drlove8 Mon 12-Oct-09 16:26:22

its too replace a large framed print that ds4 broke yesterday.... im not sure whats "in" and what would go with what we already have .
the walls are daffodil white (read very pale yellow) with a baby blue accent wall. we have a very dark blue -almost black sofa and oak coffee table ,side tables ect....mid blue carpet and black shaggy rug.
also have silver lamps and candelsticks, loads of candles .
i dont have a clue as to where to start looking.(or what for tbh)
must be cheepish - budget less than £100 ...(think nearer £50 tbh, xmas is comming)
and if its almost indistructable even better!
- have hyper boys .....
so any ideas?...... smile

jalopy Mon 12-Oct-09 17:31:48

Do you still have the tester pots or tins of paint for the room?

Why not get a large, cheap canvas and create a really simple pattern/abstract art? Add reddish/brown tones to warm the picture up. Get the boys to do it!!

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