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The Monday FLY thread

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SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Mon 12-Oct-09 08:21:12

Morning everyone! smile

The mission is here

Back in a mo.

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Mon 12-Oct-09 08:26:36

I'm still in my pjs so I'd better get dressed and come back when I'm in a position to get cracking! Bbl.

grouchyoscar Mon 12-Oct-09 09:30:20

Hello All

Just passing by. Have to rest up

Big waves from the Grouchy house

Starbear Mon 12-Oct-09 09:33:02

Morning ALL Thank you Simply for the thread.
What a rollercoaster weekend. We had a fab night out on Saturday a Bollywood evening at a local restaurant got back to my roots ha ha)
I enjoyed reading Mariella but, she didn't give any advice. DH has had some major mood swings this weekend. I think its partly down to work he just can't unwind at the weekend & to tell the truth I am untidy and disorganised but, he'll have to live with it & not comment! If you can't say anything useful don't say anything at all!!!hmm Which did mean he was biting his lip yesterday on the way to Chessington. But when he saw his little boy's face beaming with joy and our lovely friends around us he relaxed and loved every moment of it. Hope the weekend worked out for everyone and the DHs are out of your hair! Ds was up at 4am & 5am! So feeling very tired this morning.
Back in a mo with a list.

Starbear Mon 12-Oct-09 09:46:03

Morning Grouchy Big waves back from the Starbears. Lovely Autumn sunshine here
Ds delivered to school
Took curtains to dry cleaners
D/W unloaded & loaded
beds made
Still to do
W/M loaded
Fold clothes & put away
Write cards for 2 people & post
D/W load on
load W/M
Phone radio shop again!
Order some Christmas presents
Write ds out ‘Thank you’ cards get Ds to sign hmm
Online banking re savings
Find Ds building soc book & put some money in. (I haven’t a clue where it is!)
Whats for Tea:- soup, then veggie pasta
TM Could design websites for local craft companies? Your blog looks fab!

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Mon 12-Oct-09 10:51:44

Hi Starbear and go. smile go In case you didn't spot them, there were messages for you on the W/e thread.

To do:-
~ tidy up kitchen
~ walk dog
~ write and post cards
~ hoover throughout
~ start doing missions!

I'm going to keep it simple so that I get it all done. See you later.

galen Mon 12-Oct-09 11:04:34

morning all....
passing through very quickly....
Not doing too bad here.
Lovely walk in Autumn sun with doggy and 2 dc
Have made enough money through carboot and ebay to order a few Christmas pressies for DC ...found some great deals on ToysRus on line ( have a look anyone in need of toys - click on the magical savings banner - lots of stuff half price grin)
So feeling slightly relieved...

To do:
Make chicken and veg soup
Make apple pie
continue washing battle


now nee to contemplate lunch for DC...

BBL when less rushed! grin

grouchyoscar Mon 12-Oct-09 11:09:54

Thanks Simply I've picked them up.

And Thanks ladies for all your lovely messages. Ruby you made me shed a tear or two. I am in serious danger of self pity and your lovely thoughts and posts have snapped me out of it. {{hugs}} and {{Mwah}} to oooh, everyone.

Just booked the train tickets for the Blackpool trip. I think it's on! Keeping it a secret from GOjr. Just getting on a train and then he 'll realise he's going to the seaside grin

Starbear Mon 12-Oct-09 11:21:12

Cuppa time for me before I hit my paper work least fav thing to do after cleaning the oven. If I'm good I'll go for a lovely Autumn walk.
Thank you galen for the ToysRus tips. I'm going to try and keep it very simple around here for Christmas.

TeaMonster Mon 12-Oct-09 11:29:44

Morning all

I officially have flu - prob not pig flu. I have been battling it for 3 plus weeks and am feeling terrible on the health front. I have a nasty sore on my tongue with is giving me ear ache. Never mind though

I am guest blogging over at a fab blog bah to cancer to tay.


Wash on
School drop off
Been to GP
Washing hung out
Chicken stock sorted
play doughed with DS2
rang mother
rang DH
Shouted at bank blush as they said no to a loan - pants
found some more to ebay
got clothes rail out of the loft for car boot
redressed DS2's thumb

Anyway onwards and upwards

To do

More washing
tidy house, inbetween feeling sick and all that

Whats for dinner - curry and home made nans
Finalised menu plan for the next two weeks
preschool drop off
school and preschool collection
snacks for park

swanriver Mon 12-Oct-09 11:34:38

Hi everyone,
Hi Starbear and others,
today is lovely - not quite sure why but grin
feel like there's loads of time to get things done
might even venture out for a swim
piano practice first
sausage cass from freezer for tonight and dd's friend round to play

just had a nice long chat with a friend on phone about annoying kitchens, maths-challenged kids and various matters

done most of routines rather badly hmm
dw unload and reload
laundry in
bath s & s
looked up white elec single ovens on net (not much choice)

TM - I have a friend who designs websites - she always worked parttime, not particularily lucrative but earned essential pennies.

swanriver Mon 12-Oct-09 11:42:38

x-posted everyone, on the phone too long blush
can imagine beautiful autumm days now all over the country smile

TEA - now if you were talking to Grouchy and she had flu, TM you would suggest she went to bed for rest/reboot while ds2 in preschool, NOT do ironing or tidying.

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Mon 12-Oct-09 12:11:25

Hello to everyone who has come on since my last post. smile Just having a cup of tea.

TM As swan says, please take it easy as you have flu. Think of it as, the more you look after yourself now, the quicker you'll get better! smile

go I'm glad you got the messages and know that we think and care about you. smile

The kitchen is now cleaner and tidier. I need to do more before doing a 'done' list, though!

Wolfcub Mon 12-Oct-09 13:56:23

afternoon all

taking lunch break as ordered by boss!

some of the dry washing mountain put away
some of washing on airer folded
wm unloaded and wet washing hung up
very quick and minimal tidy of living room and kitchen - my house is a pig sty.
ds taken to granny's

bbl hopefully

tea you take it easy Mrs. If I have to come up there to beat you with your own broom for doing too much I will!

swanriver Mon 12-Oct-09 14:01:09

loads of piano practice (it is difficult)
now out to pool and look at ovens

grouchyoscar Mon 12-Oct-09 14:01:14

TM we're as bad as each other! If you've been battling flu for 3 weeks I'd take Swan's suggestion and get a rest

Hark at me hmm

TeaMonster Mon 12-Oct-09 14:05:52

Ok, OK, OK, I have given in. Can not even cope with the sound of the washing machine - so have turned it off and will deal with things later.

I have just scoffed a peanut butter and nutella sanwich - most yummy, salty and sweet - nice.

I will do the min and DH is going to work from home tomorrow.

grouchyoscar Mon 12-Oct-09 14:22:31

Good for you TM

Makingchanges Mon 12-Oct-09 14:31:32

Afternoon all

Have could DD's cold (thankfully not flu - Look after yourself Tea) and feeling a little fuzzy headed. I'm terrible when I feel ill cos I just comfort eat - So far today I have had a choccie muffin and two (small) cheeseburgers - Will not be happy tomorrow at weigh in.

Just catching up before I get on with my 'homework' for Spanish class tonight. Have done shopping already and re-washed washing in washing machine - Does anyone else wash washing then forget to dry in and so have to re-wash - annoying.

Was off to gym but since feeling so bad not gonna bother - don't think it will help my sore throat and nowing me i'd sneeze, lose my balance and fall off treadmill.

Not had too good a day in school today - Teacher was being quite negative about prospects of finding a job etc and that I hadn't got enough experience - I did explain I can only get the experience the headteacher allows and I have gone to other schools to add to it - Think she was just having a Monday morning moan and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I've ordered one of those saress sarong thingies for my holiday - I'm sure i'll still look fat but if not I'll be in shorts and a t-shirt all holiday and would like to be a little more holidayish on the beach - we'll see

Hopefully will BBL

Makingchanges Mon 12-Oct-09 14:33:47

Please ignore the shocking spelling in my last post - was rushing

galen Mon 12-Oct-09 14:39:38

wendy spotted this whilst browsing ToysRus - half price train table, but still a bit ££ and comes with track which you probably dont need, but thought you may want to take a look. My DS1 never had a train table - just used to set track up on floor - but would have been a good idea. Think I will get one for DS2 when he's a bit older.

galen Mon 12-Oct-09 14:42:12

although should also add that all DC, not just DS have played with the train set and they all love it....would be nice to to be tripping over the darned thing though!grin

galen Mon 12-Oct-09 14:43:18

And Yes TM to bed with you immediately....

swanriver Mon 12-Oct-09 15:15:47

nothing like seeing something in RL..[rejects NET completely]
definitely going to have to be another NEFF oven, others make horrid banging noises when doors closed
MC - suppose it's all part of the training, meeting grumpy teachers
sarong sounds elegant!

RubysReturn Mon 12-Oct-09 16:44:47

Hi all
Hope you feel more positive today Grouch - you really should count the things you do as a mum, not the things you don't! been thinking about you and your dafty attitude all night! You won't be happy until you give 25 hours a day, and you CANNOT woman, you just cannot! Your Ed sounds charming and that does not happen without a wonderful mother.

Mad - you sound brilliantly positive! I think you should have a newspaper column in stead of some of those twerps! How about going a step further on from Simply's suggestion and write a journal about your mothering, your daughtering (not sure that is a word), your boob exploits, your boys, your future etc! Would make a fab diary/self-help book! Could be theraputic and maybe you could get published!

I make pinatas from papier mache (forming frames from cereal boxes and balloons!), then painting with poster paint. Have made fish, cat, glitter ball, football, ice skating elephant, pig, fimble, hot air balloon, penis and testicles(hen party), and now a cup cake grin.

I have just melted value choc (with cake colouring in white choc) into poundshop silicon moulds having put some cake decorating glitter in base of mould. Q successful actually.

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