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Nightmare carpet in rented home.

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Kally Thu 08-Oct-09 14:06:23

I rent and the landlady put in a woollen fitted 'beige' carpet.

As you open our front door, there is a tiny porch and then another door and you're straight onto the carpet.

That particular area is dull and grey stained. Then yesterday, whilst it was damp and humid due to continual rain, I lifted everything up, and scattered shake and vak only it wasn't - it was cat litter deodoriser hmm. Seeing what mistake had been made I then tipped over it some Daz detergent (smells nice hmm) left it for a bit, then started to vacuum it all up. Only by now it had all gone claggy and wouldn't vacuum. So I left on the heating - hoping this would 'crisp' it up... but... altho I managed to hoover most of it, there are still white sticky patches everywhere that are slowly turning into dull grey stains. I have ruined this carpet. What would be my best bet to rectify?

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