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Wednesday Fly - got the heating on yet?

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scattyspice Wed 07-Oct-09 07:55:25

I have smile.

scattyspice Wed 07-Oct-09 08:07:21

Its toasty smile.


LOL simply. I used to go to aerobics and was so out of step that I usually ended up crashing into someone. The teacher had to call extra instructions for me blush. Lots of fun though.

Galen - sympathies with DD3, I have similar problems with DS (though seems a bit better this yr as they have been put into sets he is in the bottom one and seems to cope better, the spellings are much easier than the ones he was given last yr!)). What school yr is she in?

Ruby - how long do you get for lunch? Make sure you take it. I get 30mins and MN in the office with a sandwich smile. I agree the evenings are a bit busy, don't sit down til 9pm usually. Work those routines girl smile.

MC - like everyone else said, thats a man for you! DH focuses on DIY jobs and fginances, I focus on housework and Kids, we get there between us (I have pretty low standards though hmm).

DC to a party 5-7 (feed them there).

leolantern Wed 07-Oct-09 08:08:04

Morning scatty,

Not yet, but its not even jacket weather here still above 20 in the day smile

not doing any FLYing today other than

take dcs to school
unload and load dishwasher
put away clean clothes


leolantern Wed 07-Oct-09 08:09:29

oh and must remember to pick then back from school too grin

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Wed 07-Oct-09 08:22:09

Morning all.

Thanks for the thread scatty. I can feel some muscles in my bottom (I used to not allow the children to say "bum"!) aching today so the exercise must have done something.

Hi leo. smile

To do:-
~ find out the swimming times and maybe go there today
~ tidy up the kitchen. dd needed some stuff from the plasters etc box and I have 3 of them blush so those got emptied the other morning and haven't been put back yet. Dh also had a wine delivery and that's waiting to be put away.
~ unload and load the d/w
~ put a load of washing on
~ hoover round
~ ironing

I'll leave it at that for now. Bbl. smile

TeaMonster Wed 07-Oct-09 08:22:36

Thanks for the thread Scatty

Me and DH have been up most of the night with DS2 (he has a sore tummy) and I am feeling it. My cold wont shift, my lips are cracked and nose blocked up.

I will be back after school run, have loads to do, so will do a list.

For what it is worth, I think that having a child at either end of the spectrum is hard, oh before the children came we longed for an "average child", looks like we have two super clever ones, but I can assure you that comes with its own unique challenges hmm

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Wed 07-Oct-09 09:17:14

scatty Thanks for empathising with my lack of co-ordination. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

Poor you, dh and ds2 TM. I hope ds2 feels better soon and that you and dh can rest up a bit.

If it wasn't for the fact that I cannot put pics from the camera or the phone onto the pc, I'd take photos of my kitchen. I've discovered (when trying to make room in the c/b for the wine) that an orange juice carton has leaked [grrr] so I've emptied the c/b and I need to clean it, air it and then put everything back. The juice in question has been poured away. Hey ho!

swanriver Wed 07-Oct-09 09:50:57

Dcs to school..
brain a bit dead today
piano lesson for me this afternoon yippee!!![need to learn a piece or it may be a bit embarassing - 1'll start redoing grade 1)

loft DONE (yest)
kitchen tidied (yest)
2 beds changed (yest)
cat litter tray [yest)

warming up slowly - so what was it I wanted to do today?
catfood, measuring tape, coffee
ring about car DONE
ring about carkey
ring dctr
piano practice
replan a part of kitchen - INSIST ON DH looking at plan
Recycling (including more ivy)
bins [done just this minute)
curtains on rings and hang up
stepladder out

Simply - very uncoordinated here, probs with knowing left and right, pregnancy yoga backfired as I always breathed wrong way round and had anxiety attacks blush

TM - your school sounds lovely!
Leo - your name sounds very melodious

galen Wed 07-Oct-09 10:37:46

morning all

scatty thanks for thread. DD3 has just gone into yr1 and is really feeling the difference form receprion. She was crying again this morning sad

leo wow not jacket weather...mine insisted on gloves and hats this morning LOL

simply you're being very energetic these days...send me some spare energy won't you LOL

TM yes DC at any end of the spectrum are a challenge. DS is the opposite end to the spectrum from DD3 and he does his fair share of proving challenging and frustrating LOL. Lovely little DD2 is my "average" babe and she is a lot less maintenance in many ways LOL Slap bang in the middle for pretty much everything!

swan enjoy piano lesson

Right, well, have done school drop off and been to GP to see about DD3 and he has agredd to refer her to Development Assessment Unit....sigh...

other than that nothing else done oops

now to do:
Make packed lunch for DD4 nursery lunch club
Laundry reboot
Bedrooms room rescue X3
bathrooms S&S
Jigsaw with DD4

hmm best get on then...BBL grin

No heating on here yet. Put it off for as long as possible cos can't afford it! Not actually been cold enough yet anyway. smile

sorted a pile of paperwork so far today. Loads to get rid of. Much neater trays now. [grin[

Moved the front room round yest. Lots of hot spots to sort from doing that. Will get onto that next i think.

Can anyone make use of 4 racing car party invites, envelopes and party bags? FOund them in the piles of stuff lol!

swanriver Wed 07-Oct-09 11:19:08

Galen, I feel for your dd3.
We had a frustrating homework session last night (yr 3) It is clear that ds2 cannot form his letters properly, is being told off in homework books for "messy" work, when it's amazing that he can write a sentence at all imo. His spellings are things like "decode, resist, previous" - ridiculous - is he going to write stories with these words in them? - not very likely.
Would like to just say to teacher, NO skimming over surface type homework, please please please just give him handwriting practice, he's not going to manage to do handwriting on top of everythng else. May try this pm.
rant over blush

Done quite well for Anti-Procrastination Day so far, rang dctr, more car stuff, filed paperwork, dw, endless piles of kerbside recycling.
Now out for that coffee and catfood.

swanriver Wed 07-Oct-09 11:21:54

no heating here either Tort, but we have a warm kitchen (boiler, oven etc)

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Wed 07-Oct-09 11:41:55

I've popped on whilst having my elevenses.

So far I've:-
~ showered and dressed
~ pulled stuff out from dd's wardrobe which shouldn't be there and needs to go up in the attic. She'll be cross when she gets home and sees it but I will sort it out with her and it'll only take half an hour, I'm sure.
~ given the cat a clean litter tray
~ put 2 loads on the w/l
~ put 1 load in the w/m
~ loaded the d/w and put it on
~ cleaned out the c/b and put everything back in.
~ done some recycling
~ sorted out what tablets I have ready for gp app't tomorrow
~ looked at the timetable for the pool today and 5pm onwards is the best time for me so I'll try to go then
~ hoovered around a bit and cleaned up the little hoover which was looking very dusty
~ started to sort out my make-up basket which was a dumping ground
~ got my donation for the church harvest supper sorted ready to give to the lady when she calls

swanriver I bought my ds that shaped pen that's supposed to help with handwriting. He didn't get on with it and I don't know where it is now. WH Smith sells them. I don't know if you've tried those? There are lots of people in work with poor handwriting and they're very competant, intelligent people, they just find it hard to write legibly and neatly. One day my boss came in to find my head literally in my hands. He said "Are things that bad, Simply?" and I laughed and said "Actually, I'm trying to decipher your writing!" grin Sorry, I'm waffling.

tort and galen I have problems with my circulation so I've put my heating on already to keep warm and I'm supposed to exercise in order to prevent further health problems. I'd love to send you some spare energy galen but I need all mine! My friend said yest that she goes to the sports centre 3 or 4 times a week! Yikes.

Hello MC if you pop on and I hope all is getting sorted out for you EHM.

Right. I've finished drinking my tea so I must crack on.

ShannaraTiger Wed 07-Oct-09 11:58:47


Popping in very quickly befire picking up ds from pre-school.
I'm surrounded by a pile of paperwork as decided to stop procrastinating about sorting it out, however new medication slowing brain down even more I keep forgoetting what each pile is system adjustment required I think so thought MN and Tea to reboot brain cells might help.
Hope everyone is fine, my new motto is stop wasting precious brain energy worrying about irrelevant things so we brought a new £30 vacuum cleaner on Sunday as I was getting sooo stressed trying to find a replacement hapa filter for the old one and transfered the rest of the money from the savings account today to stop us going over the overdraft limit this morning because that's been keeping me awake at night since the holiday!! I'm now feeling more in control skint but happier life's too short I've decided so...

Anyway enough waffling sorry my brain is so out of it I'd better go and get ds and hopefully return before it rains and remeber what each of the piles of paper were for! grin
Have a good afternoon. Aaargh just remembered school photos pm as well.

Now packaged up Ebay parcels. Forgot i had to do that!

So, hotspots next! grin

My Brother is outside burning all my old paperwork! Bank statements from about 2 yrs ago. Not even with the same bank anymore lol! blush

scattyspice Wed 07-Oct-09 12:43:10

I need someone to burn my bankstatements too (the new ones lol). An eco way to keep warm in winter perhaps hmm. I am a softie and always have the heating on before anyone else blush.

Galen - Ds is now in Yr2. he struggled with the transition from recep to Yr 1 too sad. Last yr his spellings were sight and where etc, now they are cat and hat!

I've forgotten everything else hmm.


Lol Scatty. I never know how long you are meant to keep bank statements.

Pouring with rain now. Been expecting it to arrive soon! Lovely wet school run to do in a bit. Great!!

DD1 still struggles with school and she is yr 2 now. Not the work, she is fine with that, she says she misses me sad and now says people call her a baby and she has been told off for talking when it wasn't her! I told her if anyone talks to her when they aren't allowed to then just look at them and say shh. Dunno if that will work. Might have to speak to the teacher.

Must stop putting off the mess which needs sorting! Better do some now i suppose. grin

galen Wed 07-Oct-09 12:58:58

tort yay for paperwork sorting
simply you've done loads. I'll have to find spare energy elsewhere then...sigh LOL
tiger Hi
scatty yes totally ridiculous words for some DC in yr 1. Cat and hat sound much better ... DD has had "have" and "come" which no doubt are fine for a lot of DC in yr 1, but when she still cant spell "in" or "on" and cant form her letters, all seems a bit pointless...
swan ridiculous words once again (spellings I mean, not your words LOL)And that is what I told DD's teacher yesterday - I told her I wouldnt be doing any more of the spellings with DD as she hadnt got a clue what she was doing and I would be spending time helping her learn to form her letters and working on her fine motor skills eg by lacing toys, peg boards etc...with her so she can hold a pencil...LOL (teacher didnt object!)
tiger Hi

so far so good here....

DD4 to nursery with packed lunch
DS2 napping
laundry rebooted
sort of done some bedroom resuing (not well though can you tell LOL)

Now having cuppa bfore:
Sort dinner...(as yet undecided!)
reboot laundry again
Online application for DD4 school place (next)

right best get on then...BBL grin

swanriver Wed 07-Oct-09 13:07:00

shopping (now to plan next week's meals - think I did that in wrong order LOL)
catfood coffee tapemeasure
put away everything

practised (how DO you spell that word c or s?)
done 20 mins of concentrated piano/fine motor skills now, it is requiring enormous mental effort to put two hands together LOL - (but hope teacher doesn't...)

swanriver Wed 07-Oct-09 13:09:20

Shanna, hoovers can get you down grin
well done for cutting through the knot.

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Wed 07-Oct-09 13:20:47

Hello again all.

We keep our bank statements for 6 years tort. There is advice on how long you should keep financial docs for here as it depends on whether you are self employed or complete a self assessment tax return etc.

ShannaraTiger You sound like you're thinking your way from problems through to solutions and taking action, so well done you!

Apart from the kitchen table being a mess with all the plasters, cough medicine etc stuff waiting to be put away, the rest looks tidy! Next to do:- washing up and put away medicine stuff. Bbl

Thanks simply smile Will have a look at that later.

Cleared the big hotspot. The problem i have is finding someone to put the bits and pieces!

TeaMonster Wed 07-Oct-09 14:38:05

You know what girls, it is very depressing seeing all these children struggling at school.

I was talking to a friend in RL yesterday (yes I have ONE) and she is an older mum like me and her LO is 6 and both of us agree that all we want is for our children to be happy. Homework stresses little ones out and mums too. I didnt have homework till senior school.

By the time DS is home from the park, had dinner, a ban (or wash) and in his PJ's he is ready for quite time with a book and bed. No energy or time to fit homework in, which is what I told his teacher last night, so no more homework apart from the obigitory weekend project.

Also DS has to learn cursive - what on earth, he is 4

Anyway, I didnt bother with a list, as I spent most of the morning snuggled under a bob the builder fleese with DS2 on the setee vegging with childrens TV blush, then had a shower and am now preparing myself for school pick up and park.

I am going to do Tesco shop when DH gets in though as we are out of most and then the Aldi shop with mother in the morning (if she is speaking to me - I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MY MOTHERS HAPPINESS)

wonderif Wed 07-Oct-09 15:17:25

just joining here ladies

need to get organised so am going to make a list before my hubby gets home at 8 lol

to do

make beds (i know )!!!
load dishwasher for 2nd time today
empty upstair bins
hang washing over rads/tumble

going to do this now and then i will be back with more.

RubysReturn Wed 07-Oct-09 15:53:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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