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soggy Tuesday FLYing!

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galen Tue 06-Oct-09 08:12:11

Morning all!grin

Off for school run in a min...
Links hopefully to follow...

Very soggy here sad....

galen Tue 06-Oct-09 08:23:36

pick your own Babystep!


In the Kitchen this week...(not that I have done any zone work for AGES LOL! But for those moreorganised than me!)

Still feeling a bit off today so not going to do much...

Pouring with rain too so that doesnt help.

Have to call in to try to speak to DD3 teacher this morning...she is struggling and they keep sending home ridiculous spellings that she could never even have a chance of learning when what she needs is to learn how to form her letters properly sad...(opposite problem form you this time wendy LOL )

Dog refusing to go out in the rain LOL so may not have a walk this morning...

Then to do:

Make Leek and Potatoe soup and bread for tea
Make apple pie
Lots of washing
More ebay listing
hoover lounge
mop floors

will see how we go with that....

Hope you're all well ....

BB after school run! grin

swanriver Tue 06-Oct-09 09:13:59

Hi Galen
I'm off to library this morning to try and get back into swing of "work" again
don't let the teachers get to you! hope they listen.
mopping floors didn'thappen yest here blush

very calm morning with two
need to buy 50 waterbottles with sportscaps though, never seem to have enough

see you all when done something gainful

swanriver Tue 06-Oct-09 09:16:39

Hope you are feeling better today TM and MC

galen Tue 06-Oct-09 10:39:04

morning again....
Hi swan good luck with library. And yes, have same problem with ever vanishing water bottles hmm

not doing too bad.
Laundry reboot
Sorted clean washing
L&P soup bubbling in pan!
Kitchen quick clean (very quick but better than nothing LOL)
Lounge dust and hoover
Lots of hugging with dd4
Dancing with DS2 and DD4 LOL

Now quick cuppa then off to contemplate lunch for dd4 and ds2...

Am waiting to find out when I can have a word with dd3 teacher...Getting the impression she's not very on the ball....will see...

BBL grin

leolantern Tue 06-Oct-09 10:45:14

hi everyone,

seem to have a cold brewing under the surface today.
DS2 brought it home thursday. He is getting over it and DS1 had had it for a couple of days now too. DH is still away sad am feeling snappy and tired and the house is a tip.

ok to do,
Breakfast done
unload and relaod dishwasher
load of washing
make the beds
tidy the living room (throw all dcs toys in the skip---I am very tempted)
clean the kitchen counters

Don't think I will get much revision done today!

OrdinarySAHM Tue 06-Oct-09 12:15:01

I'm having to take a short break from posting so much on MN as some unforeseen things have happened which have made me a bit stressed and not keeping on top of chores so much at the moment. Internet activity seems to distract me from doing stuff I don't feel like doing and slows me down.

Hope everyone is having a nice day smile

swanriver Tue 06-Oct-09 12:17:40

oh dear we are the lemsip brigade again
do feel a bit better today though smile

Leo, reward yourself with housework AFTER revision - I am speaking as one who did not revise, and kept reading obscure novels, cleaning student digs, and cooking complicated dishes when I should have been revising for finals

work went well
going back in a moment after a bit of mental rebooting

need to put away milkman's delivery
change one bed at least and wash sheets
get that ladder out for loft ACTION

swanriver Tue 06-Oct-09 12:27:53

OSAHM, {hope you are not looking at this message) giving you best wishes for absolutely immersing yourself in RL, and not getting sidetracked, know the feeling.
I think it makes it worse that one can do querty typing (I assume you can) and all one's thoughts and feelings are so very very quick to express on here.
Still, it is a great help to see how hard everyone works, and how much people get done in a day, are happy, enjoy their kids, get cross with them, feel sad, fed up and ratty blush, and that one is not really as odd/mad/sad as one thinks grin.
Kitten has just jumped out of bookcase at me grin

scattyspice Tue 06-Oct-09 12:41:05

Very philosophical swan smile, I am definately as odd/sad/mad as you think, if not more lol.

Osahm - hope you're ok.

Hi all.
DD going to try gymnastics club with ds (yay both DC in the same afterschool club at the same tme!)

To do:
laundry (sort out bedding for all beds)
buy food while DC at gymnastics
kitchen jobs


TeaMonster Tue 06-Oct-09 14:36:19

Afternoon all

I am still feeling pants, I am having rather nasty sweats sad


School drop off
Toddlers with DS2
Mopped the floor
started embroidering some christmas pressies - dont stress scatty, although the elves bring us PJ's the night before christmas (TheMadHouse ttradition, so we all look cosy in new PJ;s on christmas morn - me and DH started this when we got married)

To do's

School adn preschool collection
Go see DS1's teacher - maths genius at wortk again hmm
Swimming lesson for DS1 and friend
Collect DS2 for friends and drop her child off
More stitiching

Makingchanges Tue 06-Oct-09 15:51:21

Afternoon all

So far today I have been on strike. Yesterday I cooked two soups, a chilli, a gammon and some breadcakes and although I tided the kitchen as I went by the time I went to Spanish everything was still in pans cooling. When I came back everything is still in pans - stone cold and DD is laid on Settee where he had been there for about 3 hours. So I've left everything as it was and decided to spend the day doing things for me (PGCE application, homework etc) - I'm sure i'll end up tidying it anyway but I'm fed up of having the same conversation around needing help - I know he works full time but between all the school, courses etc I'm doing more hours than him and looking after DD and the housework and its driving me mad.

Rant over.

Sorry to here you still feel unwell Tea - Its awful when you have to keep on going when you are feeling rubbish

Leo - Just take things slow and give yourself a little bit of extra slack. Doing too many things when you are unwell makes me even snappier cos I feel worse (may have to prioritise the revision though in that case)

Off to calm down a little before my meeting this evening

RubysReturn Tue 06-Oct-09 16:07:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

swanriver Tue 06-Oct-09 16:33:36

But you are ahead M, with all those meals, so that's fantastic.
My dh does not "see" dirty saucepans, I don't think he has ever washed one or put the contents thereof in the fridge.

Just been to park with two very teary kids, complaining about various things, but a bit improved for fresh air (think a day cooped up has been too much for them)
Now they want to make a cake for ds1's homecoming on Friday, but I am determined to get ahead with homework and violin etc.

Cat (not kitten) has just peed on my bed - as I was taking sheets OFF, what a lucky escape shock
More work done at school, silly rhymes etc,
2 more loads of laundry
basin flashed, just need to finish

Ruby, it is still early days, you will crack the downtime - possibly squeeze into work schedule ten minute coffee break? It is the right of every worker [I thought]

wendyhappysmile Tue 06-Oct-09 16:51:13

Hi ladies
swan how's it going without DS1?
ruby glad you found time for the loo today!! are you enjoying it?
tea hope you're ok? hope meeting with teacher went ok. popped in on Ds's today and slipped the reading book thing casually into conversation - she implied soon he would rocket through the books. We'll see!
galen But my DS is not so good at the social aspect! They are all different aren't they.
Leo revision hard with children I should think! (it's hard enough normally to get down to it!) i was always very obsessive with mine, hours and hours at a time.
changes that's just men. Selective vision! angry
scatty hope gymnastics well?
ordinary hope all is well in rl

Well I finally sorted out my Pampered Chef order! Spent too much but DH ok with it. Need to rein in the spending soon though, or get a job! Just applying for something actually, it's a 1:1 tuition scheme the government are doing - 12 hours per week for children not meeting targets - we'll see how it goes!

Off to make some pancakes

leolantern Tue 06-Oct-09 16:57:32

hi everyone,
definitly a cold!

no revision today, kids off school so no point in trying as I keep getting interrupted and it drives me insane.
I have done
ok to do,
Breakfast done
unload and relaod dishwasher done
load of washing done
make the beds done
tidy the living room (throw all dcs toys in the skip---I am very tempted) done
clean the kitchen counters done
Lunch done
dinner doing I am making yummy lamb skewers with rice and salad

((twirls)) do you like my haloween name change??

galen Tue 06-Oct-09 17:23:03

evening all

Dh came home early and has taken over supervising evening/teatime chaos , while I MN LOL

ruby I'm sure you will soon adjust to new routine...does sound exhausting though.

OSAHM hope you're Ok...I too can be found guilty of "hiding" on the internet avoiding stuff I dont want to do!

MC DH's can be infuriating cant they. But as swan says think of all that food you've made!

scatty yay for co-ordinating children...sadly with 6 I will NEVER manage to get them all doing the same thing at the same time LOL

swan sad for teary DC...glad they picked up though! Have you heard from DS1?

leo I've lost count of the number of times I have threatened to get a massive skip and put all the toys in the hous ein it LOL Sorry bout the cold.

TM take it as easy as poss. Hope youre
soon feeling better

wendy Pampered chef stuff sounds great. Having already reigned in spending here I have come to the conclusion that a job for me is a must LOL Tutoring scheme sounds good. Hope it works out for you.And my DD3 isn't great socially either , bless her, she is such a worry hmm

everyone-else Hi!

Well I have been to see DD3 the usual response of "yes she is significantky behind, but she could catch up ...really we should just wait and see...she's still young...etc..."
But I did point out that there was not much point in her sending home 4 letter word spellings for her to learn when she still couldnt write some letters and couldn't even read the words on her spelling list...Teacher assured me work was differentiated in class and she was in a group working at her level, but I told her she had been getting very upset lately and not wanting to go to school because she "couldnt do the work"....Teacher was nice and will hopefully be a bit more awatre of situation now...also asked her to keep an eye on her social skills as I am concerned about that too...said there had been a couple of incidents where she had shouted in another childs face - frustrated that she couldnt get her point across...hmm...
Anyway I have GP app tomorrow to get her refferred to the Developmental assessment unit for an assessment as I feel we just keep going round in circles with the whoile issue ....

Right waffle over.....

better go see to unfolding chaos...

BBL grin

swanriver Tue 06-Oct-09 17:27:38

kids have had a teaparty with their softtoys, whilst I was taking things from loft, unfortunately they then got far too interested in what I was doing...fatal..
heap of stuff at bottom of loft ladder
have resorted to telly for 30 mins for health and safety
found most of winter clothes, and some big curtain rings for ds1's curtains (hurrah was looking for those everywhere)

Wendy, glad your ds's teacher was approachable re: books
not really missing ds1 as such blush just hope he's enjoying himself (only 2 days to go anyway) and showing teacher and other kids his best side
1-1 sounds a rewarding job to do.

grouchyoscar Tue 06-Oct-09 19:10:51

Haven't caught up with the thread yet blush but I've done

Wash and meds
Make bed
Down with laundry
Load WM and run
Make breakfast
Clean and tidy away
Empty DW
Put away
Up with wet washing
Take dry washing down, hang wet washing up
Help GOjr dress
S&S bathroom
S&S loo
Get him to school
Home with 2 mums and have coffees
Empty WM, load TD and run
Put away dry laundry
Re-make GOjr's bed (4 trips up and down that step ladder shock)
Go to work
Home, catch up on mail etc
Make lunches for tomorrow
Collect GOjr, take him to school library
Home with his friend who we are looking after while his mum has an appointment
Make tea for all plus DH for after football
Wash up, load DW and run
Tidy away
shine sink
Tidy front room
Mate collected
DH home and straight off to football

So I'm a bit tired now. Think I'll get GOjr's reading and writing practise out of the way and let Education City babysit him blush

TeaMonster Tue 06-Oct-09 19:20:34

Leo Love the name, I am a monster anyway

I had a productive meeting with DS's teacher. He has already achieved all the markers for FS2, so she has put him on the gifted and talented list?????? Anyway upshot is that he needs more challenging work, which she is going to give him, but also encourage him to play.

I am tired so just going to cuddle DH and stitch

Wolfcub Tue 06-Oct-09 19:25:49

Evening All, hope everyone starts to feel better soon

long day and very tired - have been struggling with insomnia of late - no lunch break at work again thanks to big boss letting meeting drag on too long [grr]


wm unloaded and wet washing hung up
bed sort of made
dw on
ds taken to granny's
ds picked up from granny's
tea for us prepped - not cooked yet as ds asleep - trying to decide whether to wake him to feed or just put him to bed
veg etc prepped for dp to make himself some bolognese
washing machine loaded and on
kitchen surface cleaned

got to be up at 4am so I'm going to try and get an early night

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Tue 06-Oct-09 22:44:11

This is a late one so I'll try to be brief.

Wolfcub You won't believe how much I hate meetings unless they are one to one sessions which result in decisions being taken and work completed quickly afterwards. Could you get the boss on a time management course or has s/he been on one and they're a lost cause?!

TM Good to hear the meeting went well. I'm sorry you're still not feeling 100%. Get fully well soon. smile

Hi go. smile

galen Thanks for the thread. You're right to persist with checking and sorting out any difficulties your dd3 might have. Ime, it ought not be left to the school as some don't keep parents (even parents they know from older siblings are really interested in their children's education!) in the picture and let them know via the once yearly report that the child is a year or two behind. [flabbergasted and frustrated memory emoticon]

leo Nice name change and I hope you have a better day for revision tomorrow. smile

wendy The 1:1 tuition does sound interesting. I've just checked my local education service website but can't find any mention of it there. Maybe Wales isn't doing it. I'll check and see.

swan You're right to talk of workers' rights with regard to breaks. If anyone works 6 hours then they must take a 20 minute break (or longer). That's my understanding. How many hours a day do you work Ruby*?

I unfortunately can relate to your experience with others not "seeing" things that are to be done. I don't have any answers, either, sorry.

Hi scatty and OSAHM. smile

In case anyone is reading and needs a laugh .... I went to an exercise class with my friend today! I have NO rhythm and NO co-ordination so it was ... interesting! It went so well that I took out membership for the pool when the class finished as I can't look as much of an idiot in the pook, surely! I have about a stone to lose and have taken out 12 month membership so must research the pool opening times and make that a twice a week or more fixture. I've been meaning to write a weekly plan for myself and now I must! MN time will be written in too, of course! See you tomorrow if I haven't seized up with new found muscles!

scattyspice Wed 07-Oct-09 07:56:17


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