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Friday Fly - Do your housework quickly - It's a beautiful day,.

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swanriver Fri 02-Oct-09 09:37:06

Good morning everyone
How was your Naked Chef Party Wendy?

I've had a busy morning so far, running backwards and forwards with forgotten items to and from school, and composing poem for dd in 2 mins

Now it seems very peaceful
back when done something cleaning wise.

galen Fri 02-Oct-09 10:37:16

morning swan thanks for thread. I hate forgotten school oitmes and re-runs.

Dull and drizzly here though....

All at school finally - YAY
DD4 early lunch day at nursery yay!so will be dropping off in an hour...

although have to go back at 2.45 for read together library session (whilst DS2 distroys the whole nursery I fear!!)

Main aim for the day is LOTS of clothes sorting and putting away
also need to do some menu planning for tea times next week as first week of school dinners...


OK sorry about above - DD4 wanted to do some "o"s (first letter of her name LOL)

Right , better get on me thinks....BBL grin

leothelioness Fri 02-Oct-09 11:08:48

Hi everyone,

Thansk for the new thread swan I coundn't see a link for this thread on thursdays thread so I have just added one. I hope you don't mind

galen have a good library session

Yesterday I was FLYing all day the house is spotless thanks to a bout of revision avoidance so today only basic Flying from me
load dishwasher
a couple of loads of washing
REVISION (I have started I promise)


TeaMonster Fri 02-Oct-09 11:28:55

Bah humbug - it is raining cats and dogs. Makes for a sad Mad

I have took Finlay to play with a little girl in Preschool with him in the hope that if he knows people we will have last crying, so fingers crossed.

I am doing lunch and having a cupa.

I still dont feel well, never mind - onwards and upwards

swanriver Fri 02-Oct-09 11:37:56

Leo - don't fly, revise
Galen - menu planning is NOT going well here - there is loads of food, just never seem to find a moment to cook it into something interesting blush

done some basic flying, kitchen tidied
milk bottles out
recycling out
checked through several more cupboards half heartedly for car key, chucked a few items but couldn't face general sort

sorted out clothes for Ds1's Outward Bound course next week (teacher recommended plastic bags marked Mon, Tues, Wednes etc LOL as kids apparently can never understand difference between clean and dirty clothes - well we knew that already)
removed clothes too small for him from drawers to put in loft for ds2

found spectacles Hurray (they were lost for 4 days - using hideous old ones) under pile of laundry

still believe will find Car Key - few more cupboards to go

Now errands - it is SUCH A LOVELY DAY HERE
chicken for a leek and chicken pie (have rest of ingredients)
buttons for school polos
washing powder

Right from what's in my fridge I have decided following menus for week ahead

Today, chicken and leek puff pastry pie [to make}
Sat lunch - mashed pots, pork cass with celery and apple, raw carrots
Sat supper - pasta bolognese (freezer I portion to share) for kids, butternut squash soup with chilli for grownups
Sunday lunch potato bake with cheese
roast something, carrots, salad
Sunday supper salad nicoise with olives, green beans, eggs and tuna anchovies,
Monday supper fish pie with mushrooms, peas
Tues supper pasta with broccoli anchovies garlic
Wed sausages mash ratouille
Thurs chickpea aubergine and lamb cass with couscous

so need lamb, sausages, roast, chicken only today

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Fri 02-Oct-09 11:38:35

Good morning everyone and thanks for the thread swan. Well done for composing a poem. If I had to do it, it would be in the form of "There was a young lady from Hull" as I've avoided all other forms of poems very successfully despite doing English lit and lang for O'level.

galen It's dull and drizzly here too. I could still do some weeding, I suppose. I asked dh for ideas of what the dog and I could spend time in the garden doing and he suggested weeding out all the shoots my beloved (now dug up because it was too invasive) ornamental grass plant sent out. Out with the hoe later for us!

leo Good luck with the revision.

TM I hope you feel better soon. Could you meet up with a friend of his around the corner (say) of the pre-school building each morning so that they go in together just until he gets used to it? As long as he didn't set the other child off, I think you might find a parent or two willing to give it a go.

Okay. I must get on and then I'll come back with a done list.

swanriver Fri 02-Oct-09 11:40:43

x- post, sorry you are feeling down Mad.

scattyspice Fri 02-Oct-09 12:29:30

Hi all smile

swan LOL at plastic bags with days of the week on, I could do with that myself. Hope he wasn't planning on mixing and matching key pieces hmm.

Tea good idea to buddy ds2 up with someone.

simply hope you and the dog have a good weeding session (is he a green fingered dog?).

leo good luck with the revision, we'll try not to distract you.

galen at last some peace and quiet (relatively) for you.

To do
Mum coming for the weekend (we have far too many relatives, they keep coming to visit)
laundry, laundry,laundry
dh trousers
ds homework

I have a bath mat question (would I trouble you with something trivial?). What do you use in the way of bath mats etc on your bathroom floor and how do you dry it? I have been using terry bath mats (like you get in hotels - if anyone can remember that far back), but they have desintegrated! I have a lovely new rubber backed fluffy type but it is constantly soggy (hmm).

galen Fri 02-Oct-09 12:45:12

afternoon all
peaceful here yay!
DD4 at nursery, DS2 napping, dog napping, rest at school LOL

Back in a couple of hours for library session at nursery taking the chance to chill and sport a few things out...

have just rung the Postgrad HR person about a back to worck placement... all seems a bit fuzzy as to what exact requirements are so I suggested 3 days a week between 9.30 and 2.30 LOL suits me anyway so will have to see what transpires... still not entirely sure it will be worth it financially....will need to borrow money for childcare during first unpiad 6 months so all a bit uncertain...

Anyway need to crack on with some menu planning now
swan your menu sounds lovely! Mine will be a lot less exciting I'm sure LOL

simply good luck with the weeding

tm hope your soon feeling better, and hope DS enjoys preschool today

leo good luck revising

scatty I have given up with bath mats, bathtimes in this house are far too wet LOL So I now just chuck a towel on the floor before they get out the bath, then throw it in the wash! (DH and I only have showers in our en-suite so thats OK LOL)

right off to come up with exciting menu plan!

BBL grin

TeaMonster Fri 02-Oct-09 13:31:06

Afternoon all

I am feeling a little better, well at least headache has gone thanks to painkillers grin

I thought that getting him to meet this little girl would make things easier and he didnt cry today - yipee

I have to be at the school for 2.15 for a meeting about how to help with learning - see blog

So I have done hair and popped on a dress [shocl] first time in years!!!!

Anyway I have done

27 fling boogie with handbag
leather cleaned purse
cleared out tubs by front door
got all the winter hats and scarfs out
put away the summer hats

So nbow I need to buy the boys some more cheap gloves as they lost theirs last year!!

swanriver Fri 02-Oct-09 15:03:06

wrote card to friend in Bath
more tidying
errands (apart from buttons)
shopped as per menu planner
put food away
made chicken and leek pie for tonight
oat and raisin biscuits {from a lurking packet mix]

pickup in a moment
need to sit down with cuppa

oh, dh hs just appeared shock

leothelioness Fri 02-Oct-09 16:14:42

hi all,

thanks for the support I have actually started revision today. have done half what I need to get done today but thought i would pop on while getting dinner in the oven and say thanks to all the ladies who are ncouraging me to get down to it as I know I will panic at the last minute.

RubysReturn Fri 02-Oct-09 16:44:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

galen Fri 02-Oct-09 17:56:53

evening all ....

swan having visions of very soggy in bath card writing , but assuming that actually your friend lives in Bath LOL
And shock at Dh appearance - I hate it when DH turns up unexpectedly - really throws my plans lOL

leo well doen on the revision

TM yay for non-crying ds

ruby work sounds good, I'm sure it will feel less lonely once you get to know poeple and where to hang out LOL

On the return to work front...looks like I will be able to do 3 days 9.30-2.30, have found a Consultant who wants to take me on (know her from before) and also there is a job there waiting for me once they feel I am "safe" to be let loose on patients again ....
All sounds very hopeful...have also found a Childminder I know that is the mum of a friend of DD1 that can drop DD4 to nursry and have DS2 for the hours I will be on placement....yay.... so now just need to ring consultant...
Still a bit stressed as ideally I would prefer to be at home with DS2 till he was older.... but needs must LOL

Not doing anything else today....
Menu planning still not happened hmm

tomorrow need to collect ebay buggy (yay!) and then we're going to a local "Orchard Apple" day (sounds great - I'm really excited LOL though DC think it will be rubbish....hmmm..hmm

right off for a galss of wine, and to let DD4 on to laptop to do some more "o"s LOL LOL

BBtomorrow grin

EHM Fri 02-Oct-09 18:45:56

galen sounds like you are really getting sorted & ready to start your return to worksmileWe have a local "Apple Day" near us on Sunday-Ellie is very excited about it.Not sure what DH has told her. She thinks its an 'Apple Celebration?hmm
Swanlike the meal plans smile
wendy haven't got time to check back previous thread to see what a "naked chef party'' is? I am assuming somebody selling Jamie Oliver stuff & not some naked man cooking for all your guests?
leo good for you getting started with revision.
Tea glad ds didn't get upset.hope meeting at DS1's school went well?
ruby glad job going well. I am sure it will be less lonely when you feel you can venture from office & people you are happy for interuptions from your worksmile
scatty I only have 1 bath mat which I have had since married-it was gift.blush I Wash once a week & hang on rad in bathroom after each use. its ok. Enjoy your Mums visit.
simply Do you remember Pam Ayres & her little poemssmile

Think I am caught up for today anyway. Mainly house stuff here. Which involves lots of speaking to Estate Agents. More viewings for us tomorrow.

Have a good evening ladies. Am very excited as Barbra Streisand is on Jonathan Ross Tonight-I heart hersmile

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Fri 02-Oct-09 21:35:41

Hello to all.

EHM Yes, I do remember Pam Ayres. smile Are we showing our age, do you think? wink

galen Well done on getting childcare options sorted.

Ruby Don't worry about checking and double checking. I was the same when I started my last job. You'll soon be confident in what you're doing and not need to ask. As for the questioning everything, until you understand why things are done the way they are, it doesn't really make much sense. Once you do understand, you'll find that there are things you want to change, I'm sure. I've amended things and put new systems in place or simplified things in every job I've had.

leo Good luck with the continued revision.

swan Tea at your house sounds great! Ours was nice, too, but I cheated on the lamb shank and just roasted it in the end. Lamb, new pots, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli with lamb and mint gravy from a packet.

TM What a lovely blog! I used to make Christmas cards with my dcs even though I'm not exactly naturally creative. smile

scatty My dog (a girl who makes up in the looks dept what she lacks in obedience!) and I managed to get a half bucket of grass weeds from the front border. Dh has agreed to get more mulch tomorrow so it'll look a bit tidier by the end of the w/e I hope.

Okay. I'm off to sit in the living room with my glass of red wine. Apparently drinking in the late evening helps you to get off to sleep but gives you a more restless night. Ooops. I'd forgotten that 'til just now! See you in the morning.

swanriver Fri 02-Oct-09 22:49:35

Ruby - peace and quiet not to be sniffed at in a job smile
Galen - it sounds like an ideal arrangement childcare-wise and colleague-wise
Simply - pie delicious but rejected by that foolish husband, who said it was a disguised fricassee (which he hates)Everyone else liked it!

Lots of kids running round house this evening, friends came for a drink of wine impromptu when picking up daughter so that was an unexpected Friday treat [we really are very boring here blush

Scatty - bathmat, we have a matlike one, more of a rug really, no rubber anywhere, which we hang up to dry on radiator, and wash every three days.
What I need are those [surburban?]loo mats, which go round the base as I am fed up with mopping after people with no aim.

Have washed up tea
done a load of washing
spoken sternly to dh about menu plan and importance of sticking to it

EHM - I love all Barbra S films (esp obscure 70's ones) and songs, could we have a flylady week with all thread titles from her songs grin?

wendyhappysmile Sat 03-Oct-09 09:42:48


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