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Trofast question

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fruitstick Wed 30-Sep-09 16:06:45

I want to get some trifast storage to fill a gap.

However it's 88cm high and the website says the unit is 91cm. If you have this unit can you see if there's any way to chop it down (does it have feet etc)

LIZS Wed 30-Sep-09 16:11:26

It has a small plinth which I guess you could reduce (a real faff though as it would affect the front and side sections) by a maximum of 3cm and rest the base onto the floor directly

GrapefruitMoon Wed 30-Sep-09 16:14:00

Don't know what height my ones are but, no you wouldn't be easily able to chop them down as far as I can see - the side panels go all the way to the floor so you would need to take off a few centimetres from these and this is where the screwholes are...

CarGirl Wed 30-Sep-09 16:16:33

You could chop it off the top as well you would have to drill holes and possibly make the across bit of wood at the top narrower by 0.5 - 1cm as there is nearly 3cm clearance between the top of the crate and the bottom of the width ways supporting plinth that you would have to drop down.

Romanarama Wed 30-Sep-09 16:44:18

I would just attach a shelf to the wall and put the plastic boxes underneath on the floor or on another shelf. It would be difficult to adjust.

CarGirl Wed 30-Sep-09 16:46:06

You could use (lots of) brackets to attach the sides of the units direct to the wall

or just buy the lids for them and stack them.

fruitstick Wed 30-Sep-09 20:02:02

Thanks all, I think I will be getting a handyman to knock me something up in MDF, then at least I can put the boxes on the shelves.

dreamteamgirl Fri 02-Oct-09 14:49:36

Hey fruitstick
Have you checked the pine & the white? One is lower than the other by a couple of cms and the other is slightly wider


fruitstick Fri 02-Oct-09 17:54:56

dreamteam, I thought for a minute you were sent to solve all my problems in life grin

Sadly the white one is the shortest and is still too tall. However, it might work with the shorter one (54cm) and I can stack some boxes on top.

thank you all!

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