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Not sure if this is a good housekeeping question but where can I get a zip replaced on a leather bag?

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waitingforgodot Mon 28-Sep-09 20:04:37

Can anyone recommend anywhere?

ssd Mon 28-Sep-09 20:11:53


MaryBS Mon 28-Sep-09 20:12:14

You might find a shoe repairer will do it for you.

waitingforgodot Mon 28-Sep-09 20:17:53

Do you think? I thought I would need to send it away to a specialist but thought someone on here may be able to point me in the right direction?

MaryBS Mon 28-Sep-09 20:46:36

I've had a shoe repairer stitch together a handbag for me, its worth a go, anyhow. The alternative is to try someone who does clothing repairs.

waitingforgodot Wed 30-Sep-09 11:22:24

thats a good idea. Will go in to the shop tomorrow

ChristieF Thu 15-Oct-09 13:11:36

My brother has the same sort of business as Timpson's. A good shoe repairer may do this job but it will be expensive. Timpson's will do it but probably over £20. New bag?

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