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Monday Flyladies - Home Blessing Day

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swanriver Mon 28-Sep-09 08:58:32

Kids are at school in PE kit
feeling exhausted as up too late sorting blush
pile of junk in corridor

hello kind linkers!

TeaMonster Mon 28-Sep-09 09:13:38



leothelioness Mon 28-Sep-09 09:18:47

Hello ladies,

I am back! I have not read any of the old threads so forgive me if I missed something important last week but I have a mahoooosive pile of laundry and ironing to do plus need to do a prober shop as the cupboards are bare!

Todays list
Get dressed done
Get the kids to school done
make beds
sort out the kids clothes and get out the long sleeved t-shirts and trousers and put away summer shorts etc.

Anyway we had a fab relaxing holiday and Ds2 was finally happy to go to school today and said bye and gave me a kiss without so much as a chin wobble (bless).

swanriver Mon 28-Sep-09 09:19:52

Right, that does it, only going to tackle trip track trainset in living room and laundry now as per mission [stern]
back in 15 mins

TeaMonster Mon 28-Sep-09 09:20:23

Morning again


I need to crack on today, so I am doing a serious list

DS2's bedding - accident
Hang out washing
Make DS2.s bed
Whats for lunch
Home blessing
Clean kitchen tops
clean oven
Mop whole of ground floor
Pack e-bay stuff
Drop DS2 at Preschool
post office
list more items on ebay
whats for dinner
plan for the week
DH to doctors - one of his sinus' is blocked and he looks like the elephant man, but had to go to work as had client meeting
See is dear SIL has any pears left on Tree
Buy cheapo table lamp as ours blew up last night
Snacks and drink for park trip after school
collect both boys from preschool/school

All this while entertaining an errent 3 year old, who is tantrumming for England at the moment as mummy wont give him red liqorice grin

Starbear Mon 28-Sep-09 09:53:02

Morning ALL Thank you Swan for the thread and yes it was lovely.
leo Glad you had a great break it sounded like you needed one before you left.
TM hope the cold disappears soon.
Right I have spent far to much time on another silly thread. I need to crack on.
Kitchen pretty clean due to the fact no cooking done this weekend smileWaiting for chairs to be delivered so stuck indoor until they arrive.
Going to do the mission
Make beds
D/W load & on
load W/M with rug
Tidy Art cupboard
Fly around tidying (Fly lady has a word for it I forgot it)
Phone Vodaphone
Phone re curtains
Phone radio shop (I miss my DAB radio)
Phone Chessington re D's Birthday
Sit down and do paper work!!!!!!!
order Ds's Birthday present
Order Toothbrush timer
Phone bank re savings
Ds wanted after school club today so i have an hour extra (that I just wasted!!!)

Starbear Mon 28-Sep-09 09:54:03

Dinner will be sausages broccoli pasta. If that helps anyone

Starbear Mon 28-Sep-09 09:55:00

Room rescue! blush

EHM Mon 28-Sep-09 10:01:32


more packing for me today whilst Ellie at PS. Although I'e done so far:
Stripped both beds, in WM -1 hung out other in WM
hang out clothes washed last night not yet dry
iron clothes washed/dried sat/sun put away
Cleaned bathroom
s & S kitchen
emptied dw & reload & run
shower & dressed me & E
breakfast both me & E
take both E & her little friend to PS
Phone friends Mum to advise her little on ok

Spent all day packing yesterday 2 weeks on Wednesday & new people take ownership! we viewed more houses on Saturday. Made 1 offer-no response as yet. We are going to offer on another today. We still need to go into rental but for shorter period if we get either house.

OSHM you asked me on Friday how Ellie would cope with all the excitement of FRiday. It was too much-we didn't go out for Tea with DH. She was exhausted came home from Party made her noodles. SHe ate, bathed & fast asleep just as DH arrived home.

Will catch upon thread from Friday/Weekend & come back.

leo glad you had fab holiday.ggod luck with your laudry/ironing always a mare after holiday!
swan thanks for thread-good luck with train set.
tea yuck red liquorice-why do kids love that stuff?

Right best get on! Livingroom cupboard won't pack its self-shame!

Cadmum Mon 28-Sep-09 10:07:08

Would it be cheating to join today when the living room happens to be immaculate? The dining room is 90% there so I will tackle that instead
(Slave labour in the form of four children who wanted to watch XFactor yesterday sorted the living room.)

I must tackle laundry mountain (minimum 3 loads)
Empty dishwasher
Make lunch
Reload dishwasher
Run it and re-empty before tea
Clean downstairs loo
Vacuum entry hall, kitchen (broken glass yesterday) office (popcorn from XFactor)
15 minutes in dining room (as per Fly mission)
15 minutes in my bedroom.
Out the door at 3pm for Nature walk WITH journals
Grocery run on the way back for 5pm Physics class for ds1

galen Mon 28-Sep-09 10:27:02

morning all

Another case of Monday morning blues here...

All DC rather over tired and grumpy this morning.

Made it to school bwith essential items.Slightly cheered by having dropped in menu choice forms and money for them to start school dinners next week for trial run...

Walked doog, rebooted laundry and now having cuppa...

loads to do though but motivation seriously lacking...

will BBl hopefully re-motivated...

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Mon 28-Sep-09 10:35:04

Hello to all. Thanks for the thread swanriver.

Please note TM that I'm whispering quietly as you have a headache. smile

EHM Good luck with the packing.

Okay. I'm going to go off and do some stuff and I'll come back with a 'done' list and a 'to do' list.

swanriver Mon 28-Sep-09 10:45:33

Bryn in background is helping this morning

swept/polished living room floor and under sofa (yuk)
cleared trainset
picked up letter from GP
bought cleaning stuff and new floor polishing mop thingy
put away all laundry in bedrooms tho not in drawers yet blush
living room clean and tidy
shook out 2 rugs

now hallway to sweep/mop

swanriver Mon 28-Sep-09 10:48:17

EHM, a house! do you feel excited about it..or any of them?

EHM Mon 28-Sep-09 11:07:02

wendy I think it was you suggested we wrote to Mia's adopters. I have part written a letter-want to tale my time & get it right!
simplygood luck with list.
Starsorry I don't know how I missed your post-are you having D's birthday at Chessington?
swan I really liked house on Saturday which we offered on. Even though its tired & needs work. It 'felt' like it would be a great long term family home. Sadly the seller is asking for 2007 asking price! Thats not going to happy-so we will have to wait & see if we reach agreement. The house we have offered on today, is a new build will be ready by end of Oct. will be perfectly finished & very new.
Hope your little helper is very helpfulsmile
galen you can do it-you know you can! lets get motivated together?
cadman have a great day.

The waiting is a pain in bottom. Trying to keep busy-although MN & FB I am not getting much doneblush Just made/ate Ham & Cucumber sandwich.
AM off don't let me back on here until I've packed at least 3 boxes!!!!!!

TeaMonster Mon 28-Sep-09 11:29:30

Back again for a tea and DS2 break

Washing - hung out
DS2's bedding - accident - hung out
Mats in washing machine cook fat accident
Hang out washing - done
Make DS2.s bed
Whats for lunch
Home blessing
Clean kitchen tops - done and rearrange wntire kitchen blush
clean oven - done
Mop whole of ground floor
Pack e-bay stuff
Drop DS2 at Preschool
post office
list more items on ebay
whats for dinner
plan for the week
DH to doctors - one of his sinus' is blocked and he looks like the elephant man, but had to go to work as had client meeting
See is dear SIL has any pears left on Tree
Buy cheapo table lamp as ours blew up last night
Snacks and drink for park trip after school
collect both boys from preschool/school

swanriver Mon 28-Sep-09 11:57:28

EHM - Bryn Terfel(singer) is "helping" me, though I do have a slightly poorly child of a friend upstairs watching Oliver (is that even more confusing?)
What a relief to finally pack though, even if you are waiting for the next step.

now doing paperwork bills etc, and not going to procrastinate doing sweeping mopping any longer blush
first ring bank

Starbear Mon 28-Sep-09 11:57:57

Tea break
EHM I haven't mentioned it before. No, I'm wondering how many children I could get in using my reward points!!! It might not work! Can't go for a big bash at home this year. Last year we got a small bouncy castle, it rained and the children ran around our very small house & garden with muddy bare feet grin The parents were all invited too! Given drink. Kids & parents (I think) loved it as it was such a mess but I have no photos! I don't think DH could cope again. So I thought I would take 2-3 friends to Chessington. What do you think? Then tea and cake at our house.
TM Your are really shaking that cold off.
Cadman There is no such thing as cheating on fly. Your house, your rules. God lets keep the civil servants away from this thread (sorry civil servants who might fly)
Imagine being visited because you didn't do Zone 5 on Thursday !!!!!
I think that's the idea quick clean of house to continue your hobbies. Correct me if I'm wrong Flylady loved fishing and she did that instead of cleaning her house. Then got up one day and couldn't find a thing! smile have fun!
Back in a mo

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Mon 28-Sep-09 12:11:18

<< sobs >> "...lets keep the civil servants away from this thread" Starbear? I obviously don't come across as one, then!

EHM Mon 28-Sep-09 12:35:08

tea you lot have really been through the mill sickness wise off late. Get well vibes coming the Mad Houses' Way!
swanblush forgive me didn't know you where referring to singerblush
star sounds like a lovely idea for dc & a few much less traumatic for you & your house toogrin
simply smile

Well 1st offer rejected-buyer in no rush to sell, wants full asking price or very near to it! Despite what has happened to the market & the fact this is a price he could have achieved at the property peak 2 years ago?
So we wait to hear from builders on our offer for new build-not immediate no. I think they will make us sweat-arrrrrrgh!

Taking me much longer to pack-looking at all Ellie's art work is making me tearyblush

scattyspice Mon 28-Sep-09 12:38:36

LOL simply.

Hi Cadmum and welcome back Leo (glad you had a good holiday. Ours seems long ago now).

School diners sounds like a good plan Galen.

Fingers crossed for the house EHM

Good luck with that list Tea

Star - sounds like a good party idea. Partys at home are kind of weather dependent aren't they.

DD full time at school at last (so no more complicated pick ups).
wash ds PE kit
House bleugh
order labels
mend dh trousers
practise action words with ds (at his request shock).

DS has gone into school happily today (phew). However i made the mistake of getting Mrs Doubtfire for them to watch last night. DD was very confused. Ds has now added divorce (and cross dressing) to his list of things to worry about!


Starbear Mon 28-Sep-09 12:39:32

Of course this doesn't mean you SimplY Your different smile whispers <<<<I'm a public servant just not civil>>>>> grin
Okay, I need to do this otherwise I'll stay on here making daft comments. I do love you lot as you stop me form being lazy (my default position)
Make beds done
D/W load & on done
load W/M with rug done
Phone re curtains done
Put garden waste in recycle done
Folded clothes & put away done
Phoned Architect (re very small house)Done
Off to do paper work sad

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Mon 28-Sep-09 13:22:48

Just a quickie before lunch. Dd is home from school now with a bad cold so I have to do quiet things today.

Starbear smile I love this lot for preventing me from being lazy, too!

EHM IME waiting to hear if an offer has been accepted is a very stressful time. I hope the second one is accepted.

Okay. I must make some lunch. Bbl.

swanriver Mon 28-Sep-09 13:32:54

Bedrooms hoovered
stairs hoovered
beds stripped
playroom hoovered
visitor given pasta
rang re: two bits of paperwork - car re-insured, bank

now to make 3 beds
and more paperwork filing
write 3 more addresses in my address book from paper scraps

what's for dinner potatoes, peas and chops
apple slice (from iceland blush

grouchyoscar Mon 28-Sep-09 13:33:55

Just checking in

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