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Wed Fly - anti procrastination day (oh we can just do that tomorrow).

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scattyspice Wed 23-Sep-09 08:22:42

Morning smile.

scattyspice Wed 23-Sep-09 08:27:51


Dc to school with cycle helmet.
collect dd at 2
collect ds at 3.15


RubysReturn Wed 23-Sep-09 08:31:10

Just to say thinking of you Jas

TeaMonster Wed 23-Sep-09 08:52:12

I too am thinking of Jas

I had a crappy evening/night.

DS2 no better, still complaining of sore tummy, crying in pain, so took him to A&E for him to be sick all over the car and then wait 4 hours for him to eventually fall asleep 10 mins before being seen adn I couldnt wake him. Got back to the car where he thew up all over me.

I spent m ost of the night watching obsure childrens TV with a crying 3 year old.

Managed to get him into our bed as DH was leaving for work at 6.30 only for DS1 to wake him at 7 angry

It was his first afternoon of nursery today.

I am too tired to do anything much but the basics, although I have a car and car seat to clean.

galen Wed 23-Sep-09 10:49:22

morning all

jas thinking of you today - hope all goes ok

scatty thanks for thread

ruby hi!

tm poor you and ds2 - hope he is soon improved

not great here today - but am hoping to motivate myself very soon!
Once again attempting to stop my antid's with not much luck it seems - feeling very bleugh today...still wont ramble on about that LOL

DS2 also not well bless him. Up in night with cough and high temp.and I thought he was just being awkward yesterday bless him

doing bare essentails here today too...
lots of sofa snuggling is inorder I feel

dinner thankfully already sorted - left over chicken hot pot yay

laundry rebooting to do...
no other major tasks...

will BBL when hopefully feeling brighter and more motivated wink

grouchyoscar Wed 23-Sep-09 11:33:31

Jas you're in my thoughts

Welcome To Caz and Kitten

Seems I have to re do the badges as they are in the wrong place, even though I copies off the scout web site. Hey ho Good job I bought a stitch ripper as well as pins and thread. hmm

PTA meeting cancelled so I get some free time. I've been for coffee and bought some baking supplies. This evening it's

Collect GOjr
Take him to his swuimming lesson
Deposit him with ILs
Govenors meeting

Oh and redo the badges hmm

EHM Wed 23-Sep-09 11:45:09

jas thinking of you today-thanks for your post yesterday.
TeaPoor you & ds2. Can you get GP to do home visit?
scatty thanks for thread
galen Is there a natural remedy you can take to compliment you coming off Antid's?
grouchy shame about badges-enjoy your free time.

Will be back later.x

grouchyoscar Wed 23-Sep-09 12:43:50

Just popping by with a message from Wolfcub She says Hi to all and thank you for your niceness and kind words last week. Stuff is busy at work and she's getting very tired. So Big ups from and to Wolf to/from FLY ladies

RubysReturn Wed 23-Sep-09 13:02:42

Oh poor monster and little monsters! Hope better soon.

Grouch, I was told brownie badges in wrong place (had checked website too!), but I refused to move them on that basis. Brown Owl took them home and re-did them in the end blush

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 23-Sep-09 13:17:01

thanks Grouchy

can only zoom by today I'm afraid. Jas I hope it goes ok today.

teamonster -what a horrid night how foul!

galen Wed 23-Sep-09 13:28:37

afternoon all
jas still thinking of you

GO I would also refuse to move badges. Sewing those darned things on once is enough for me LOL

ruby kitten Hi!

ehm Hi. May look into natural remedies ...good idea

Feeling brighter now.Mornings seem the worst..
Ds didnt nap this morning in the end...but (whispers tenatively!) seems to be napping now YAY
Took it easy this morning
Had nice walk on hill with doggy (haveing a dog is great for making you get out even when you dont feel like it grin)
DD to nursery
now quick cuppa then bit of catch up...

Hope everyone else doing OK

BBL grin

RubysReturn Wed 23-Sep-09 13:32:35

Hey, have a look at this website [[ link].
Its a Dutch dept store. Don't click on anything, but I think you will like it.

RubysReturn Wed 23-Sep-09 13:33:10

arse link

scattyspice Wed 23-Sep-09 13:36:09

Hi all.

Back from work.

Sympathies to poorly LOs (and their Mums).Cold/flu/bugs season seems to have started early this year!

GO How annoying surely it doesn't really matter where the badges are!

Going to get DD in a mo.

swanriver Wed 23-Sep-09 14:21:18

Had a very busy morning - more maintenance work/painter etc
cooker cleaned thoroughly
long walk to buy dd's recorder and new recorder book
recycling done
rubbish out
paths swept a bt
hall swept
mats shaken out
a few dandelions uprooted in lawn
kitten given lots of attention (luckily likes lots of white noise)

Our mornings really are a muddle atm but kids seem cheerful still and are doing 90% of what supposed to, but there is always missing 10% - the stray waterbottle, the piece of paper going missing, wrong item of uniform - not helped by loads of things under dustsheets
ds1 DOES NOT UNDERSTAND MATHS homework, and nor did I until dh explained it in words of one syllable - why does curriculum make things soooo complicated (pretending it is making them easier aargh?)

TM - hope your GP helped you with ds2 tummyache and ruled out appendix.
Jas - hope your dh is getting through all alright.
Galen - is your GP any use on this - or was he not v helpful I recall. Feeling pretty bleugh here at muddle(though entirely my own fault) too, walking helps such a lot.

galen Wed 23-Sep-09 14:39:17

swan hi. Muddle is depressing - quite fed up of morning muddle here too...
GP totally USELESS with mental health worker never materialised either so have long since given up trying to see any one LOL now managing meds myself ..(not the best idea I know but being a qualified pyschiatrist it is depressing when your GP clearly hasnt got the foggiest what he is talking about and you end up telling him things he should know...hmm)
Was feeling better, really keen to be off anti'd's as they do leave me feeling quite numb, bit zonked and with poor sleep...
Am hoping initial feelings of rubbishness will pass as I readjust...
Yes walking is good too...also think I may start going swimming again (on my own in eve, not splashing round babypool with dd and ds!) and generally trying to carve out a bit more time for me centred activities ...(hmm where are those extra 4 hours a day I need??)
Have been and discussed school dinners with secretary though and have been given a 3 week menu. They are diff from the LEA one I looked at on internet it turns out as they come from local Catholic secondary school....pleasingly actually sound quite nutritious...and £8 / week sounds bearable so may give them a go for a bit to ease the strain....

still not much else done here...but had pleasent restful afternoon so all is good...

BBL grin

galen Wed 23-Sep-09 14:42:44

ruby LOL LOL grinunexpectd noise woke up peacefully slumbering doggy and made me jump, but did make me laugh!grin

OrdinarySAHM Wed 23-Sep-09 14:52:16

Just a quick one before I read everyone else's posts.

It's DS's first full day at school today and although it is sad, I have been relieved to have a big chunk of time on my own to get things done as things piling up makes me tense.

I've worked manically doing housework, nearly all of it, and I was going to finish the 'official' letter as well but I've decided to have the last little bit of time before school pickup to do what I want.

Tomorrow, with most of the housework out of the way, I will concentrate on both my letters and try to get them done and in the post. I look forward to how relieved I'm going to feel when they are done! I'm resenting having to do them and the time it is going to take to get the wording correct when I just want to be 'normal' now and forget the subject matter of the letters and get on with ordinary SAHM things!

swanriver Wed 23-Sep-09 15:19:50

Fantastic on housework OSAHM
unhouseworky things do have a way of reinfiltrating though hmm

more financial sorting
builder has repaired a rotten floor joist smile now I can wave the old rotten timbers at dh and say I TOLD YOU SO - it NEEDED doing grin

off to pickup
Beavers tonight (you all knew that)

scattyspice Wed 23-Sep-09 16:23:12

Hope you can get those letters out of the way tomorrow ordinary.

That was all dutch to me ruby!

Is now really a good time to come off anti deps galen 9although is there ever a good time). Hope you feel better soon.

Swan - beavers here too.

Dc to school with cycle helmet. - done
work - done
collect dd at 2 - done
collect ds at 3.15 - done
tea - later
beavers - soon
bathroom - done

I am starting to get to know some of the Mums and kids in DDs class. Seem a really friendly lot smile.

swanriver Wed 23-Sep-09 16:31:59

Picked up ds1 only to be taken aside by teacher to be told he had been rude to a dinner lady and called her a hippotamus behnd her back. He now has three detentions (for other transgressions as well last week)

At a loss what to do, except de-muddle sad
Is this dyspraxia in action or just super bad behaviour showing off to his classmates by being silly...or or or [his horrid parents]

Any 9 year old experts?

swanriver Wed 23-Sep-09 16:33:00

Experts on 9 year old delinquents?

Makingchanges Wed 23-Sep-09 16:59:17

Hi All

Jas - Hope everything went as well as can be expected.

Galen - I've came off Ads last month - spent two weeks feeling shocking - sickness, stomach cramps, headaches, dizziness etc and nearly went back on but perservered and managed and now I feel great. Are you trying to come off gradually I halved my dose and took alternate days for two months first. - I hope you are feeling well enough to allow you to do this soon if you feel that you are up to it

Tea and Galen - Sorry to hear about poorly littlies - I really hate it when DD is ill I don't handle it well.

Well first day at two schools today - Had a 30 minute gap in between in which to drive to one and grab a sandwich, not I'm just home to grab something to eat before my sign language class this evening. I am wondering if I'm trying to fit too much in. Don't know how you guys manage to post in a morning, I only just managed to get showered, dress and food for me and DD before I had to be out the door.

Goes without saying no flying for me today - My plan to be more organised is failing in the first week arghh

Hi to anyone I've missed


galen Wed 23-Sep-09 17:07:08

evening all

swan I do have a 9 yr old delinquent but still havent really cracked her so cant offer advice...(actually shes not too bad...others out of the 6 are worse..)
They all go through phases though. Start of a new year can be a hard time. Readjusting, new teacher, new work, new classroom, new expectations etc..sometimes it is just too much for them .... I'm sure he'll settle down soon.

scatty no it isnt a good time to come off anti d's actually...have re-ordered meds this afternoon from GP sad like you sya though I fear there will never be a good time...I do worry I'll be on them forever - and although they help they do have SE that I'd like to be free of...still maybe next year...sigh

Well my lovely Dh has come home early and is dealing with teatime mayhem!! (think I freaked him out being so tearful and overwhelmed this morning blush!)
So I am ignoring the screaming and am upstairs on lappy!
Will fill in menu choices for school dinners for DC tonight...will give it a go for a few weeks and see what I think...

going to take it easy this evening and have early night and wake up invigorated tomorrow...

hopefully BBL grin

galen Wed 23-Sep-09 17:11:26

makingchanges cross posts... well done on getting off your AD'S! I think I have done the last bit too quickly actually...I cut down from 40 to 20, which went fine but then went to 10 too fast and stopped too fast I think...(stupid really I should know better!) so have reordered some 20s from GP and will stick on them for a coupl of months before going down to 10...typical me...rushed and impatient to get to the job done as always...
sounds like a busy day for you...hope you get to chill at some point!

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