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Amtico - Good investment purchase?

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homehaze Tue 22-Sep-09 15:40:16

Looking for advice from anyone that has experience of Amtico? Thinking of using it in our kitchen/dinning area, know it's going to cost us a bit but i've been led to believe that we'll get our moneys worth. We spend most of our time in this area of the house so I want to make sure whatever we opt for is durable, easy to clean and warm underfoot. Please let me know what you think, need to convince the other half wink

sitdownpleasegeorge Wed 23-Sep-09 11:21:32

Well I personally would look at cheaper alternatives next time.

We have it in our kitchen, bathroom and a conservatory.

The area underneath the kitchen bin has taken on a kind of stained effect as has the area underneath a rug in the conservatory.

It appears that Amtico is fine unless you leave things permanently in place on top of it. No amount of special cleaning solution has shifted the staining. We specifically asked if it was OK to use with underfloor heating so that has been ruled out as the cause of the staining.

We would probably be able to sell the house without a purchaser noticing unless they looked under the bin and rug but when they move in they will have to put their bin and a rug in the same place or replace the flooring altogether.

sleepysox Wed 23-Sep-09 11:28:15

We had Amtico in our old house in the bathrooms and kitchen and then when we moved we chose Karndean for the bathroom and kitchen too- which seems the same as Amtico as far as I can tell- and much cheaper.

We haven't had any problems with either brand- they clean easily and feel warm underfoot and when I've dropped plates etc on the kitchen floor, they haven't smashed and the floor hasn't got dinted.

I would go for Karndean, as it appears to be the same quality as Amtico, but better value for money.


Reesie Wed 23-Sep-09 20:31:13

We have amtico on most of the ground floor. It does look lovely - we have a wood effect that is beautiful. However, Kardean is much cheaper and appears just as durable.

With wood effect, the Amtico tiles are very different so no tile is the same as another regarding the grain iyswim - so looks more realistic, Kardean have a few different styles of grain that are repeated.

However, Kardean is a close match to the quality of amtico.

Our amtico floor has been down for about 4 years and has been treated appallingly by us and the children but it still looks fab

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