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Damp doggy smell on newly washed carpet - help!!

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goodbook Tue 22-Sep-09 10:15:37

How do you get old doggy smells out of carpet?!

We moved into this house and needed to freshen up a (reasonably new) carpet that judging by the smell has been rolled around on by the two dogs that used to live here.

I've use a carpet shampoo machine with Vax doggy formula (twice). That didn't work.

Tried spraying on Frebreeze - didn't work.

So I made sure it was thoroughly dry for a week, then tried bicarb of soda sprinkled overnight, a John Lewis powder, and Shake'n'Vac. Still that lingering damp doggy smell.

Before I give up and fork out for a new carpet, have any wonderful Mnetters got any other suggestions [desparate].


goodbook Tue 22-Sep-09 10:16:56

sorry clicked twice as computer was slow, please ignore!

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