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Tuesday Fly Thread

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EHM Tue 22-Sep-09 07:10:22

Morning ALL

THanks for your kind words about Mia. I've had a rubbish nights sleep & feel awful. I've re read the email from Cat Protection People-Its sounds like our vet got it horribly wrong when she was admitted in June. We wouldn't have considered re-homing Mia if we had know this was the outcome. I feel so sad for the couple who took her. They've had Mia since the end of July. I spoke to them mid August & she was doing well. Text them not long after when I got my new phone with contact details. They where supposed to email me pics of her-I should have know then something was wrongsad

Sorry for the ramble-I know its a pet we are talking a bout & not a real live person. I just need to vent-easy writing down how I feel.

EHM Tue 22-Sep-09 07:24:08

jas apologies for my pathetic rambling in my first post of the day.I think yourself & dp are coping incredibly well with the whole situation.I will be thinking of you all tomorrow & hope that things go as well as can be expected.
grouchy I almost thought something gruesome had happened in your townsmile
simply I don't dust-hoover or wipe with damp cloth. I used to dust & polish many years ago & end up sneezing like mad for ages after. But at least the house smelt nice.
swan you are correct that is the way with things. Poor ds1 sounds like he's having a tough time- I am sure its much tougher on you. Hope things sort themselves out emotions are tough to deal with when your a Kid.
starbear wow impressive list.hope work is ok today.
kitten I only found none edible items in my drawers 7 bedside cabinets yesterdayhmm

Hope thats me caught up from yesterday.

Mission Clean out ya drawers

Right WM on
Cuppa finished
Ellie's bed made(she ended up in with meblush)
off to start Ironing before Ellie wakes

scattyspice Tue 22-Sep-09 07:58:48

Morning EHM. Poor you and poor Mia sad.

Dc to school (no tears - fingers crossed)
DS needs to take cycling helmet!
collect dd
collect ds
finish house bleugh (will dust in Simply style lol)
load photos onto comp
water plants
DS to gymnastics and back
bedtime routine


SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Tue 22-Sep-09 08:57:28

Hello to all.

Thanks for the thread EHM. You're grieving over the loss of your pet. It's completely understandable. Please be kind to yourself. {{hugs}}

I am going to have to get tough with you all now. I do not want the 'blow it away instead of dusting it properly' style of dusting to be named after me, ok? << narrowed eyes >> In order for you to forget all about that, I'll tell you a story!

If you remember yesterday, a neighbour's son's car conked out and I offered to run him to work. In order to be ready to do so, I threw on clothes and my trainers without showering. Whilst I was watching Homes Under The Hammer (whilst doing housework, of course!) I kept hearing a squeaking noise. The cat and the dog didn't seem to notice it. I couldn't work out if it was on the tv programme despite them visiting various locations or whether I had a mouse in the kitchen. I kept standing still with my finger on the remote mute button to listen out for it but it only could be heard when I stopped doing that. I was puzzled for ages. Then I realised that it was my trainers on the kitchen tiles that was making the squeaking sound as I walked around! << sniggering at my own stupidity here! >>

Okay. I'm off to get showered now. Bbl!

OrdinarySAHM Tue 22-Sep-09 09:32:16

EHM, you are allowed to grieve and you should. If it was my cat I would be the same! You don't have to carry on as though nothing has happened just because she wasn't a human. Let yourself have time to feel how you feel.

Scatty, did your DCs go to school ok? I let DS go into the classroom on his own today. He was fine but I nearly cried.

Simply, the dusting technique would be good for my blinds if I can get the hoover to blow instead of suck! - but I would get all allergic! The technique I use is not much better - bashing them with a feather duster - as it doesn't remove dust just wafts it all into the air to land on something else! But it takes much too long to do proper dusting on them!

I didn't have a drink last night and I actually did sleep better! The morning didn't feel as painful! I'll try it again tonight. The thing is, I feel like I want some kind of treat in the evenings to look forward to, and I don't know what else would work - any ideas? I'm not really into chocolate.

I feel a bit uptight today because I'm behind with normal household tasks but I also have two important letters to write (for separate things) which will take time to get right and I'm slightly worried about them so it will weigh on my mind until they are done. I feel like I don't have enough time and I'm too busy. But DS is full time at school from tomorrow so I'll have more time then even though I feel sad about tomorrow. It feels unnatural to be away from him.

I also need to do some work on fancy dress outfits that they need for school on Thu and don't want to do it too thoughtlessly as it is supposed to help them learn about another country.

I've cancelled seeing my friend til Thu pm to give me a bit more time although I don't like doing this as she gets quite paranoid about it.

I get so tense just because I've got a few extra things to do and it makes me moody. I know the answer is to stop whinging and get on with it all and once it's done it will feel better! Writing on this thread helps me to see that and pull myself together!

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 22-Sep-09 10:33:01

EHM - you poor thing. It is really hard when your pet dies. Please don't feel bad though, you were clearly a very good owner doing your best for her.

SAHM - thats the hardest bit I've had with not drinking - finding a treat. Its not the alcohol I miss. Non-alchy beers work quite well as long as I chill them. I also tried some sweet raspberry vinegar in tonic water. Oddly it was really tasty.

Can you alternate the tasks you need to get done this week with ones that are easier but will help your mood. Sometimes I think that letter writing comes better if you write a first draft then walk away and do something utterly different for a bit and then go back for the next draft.

Simply - lol!!

Scatty good luck with your list

Going to try and be a bit less manic today hmm Problem is I have a huge meeting to prepare for this week and panic tends to leak out as manic behaviour in me.

Have been up to town for a few bits of food and what not. It was a lovely walk. Warm and sunny

Have to dos:
Prepare for meeting. Essential can't get away from it.
Some paperwork that others are relying on.
Make dinner
Prepare some leaflets.

Need to do soon:
design poster
Some emails
Some other business stuff

Would like to get done:
Prune lavender
clean bathroom
15 minute Fly

Going to wander round the 'net for a few minutes and then get going.

Makingchanges Tue 22-Sep-09 10:49:25

Morning all

Sorry i've been missing for a few days been away to centerparcs for my Birthday. Had a fab time, tried loads of activities - also did three exercise classes and rollerskating (which was amusing for spectators) and now I can hardly move cos I ache so much so today I'll be doing everything in slow motion.

I haven't had time to catch up over lst few days so just hope everyone is ok and I'll try to catch up this afternoon.

First full week in schools this week so i've got to start being super organised.

To Do list

2 x washing
Fill in passport form for DD
DD to nursery
School meeting this afternoon
Make Chilli for tea
Make bread
Do shopping
Spanish homework from yesterday
Iron clothes
Weigh in this evening
Do a tidy up in all bedroom where clothes are thrown from packing


SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Tue 22-Sep-09 11:02:53

Makingchanges Ooops for the aches and pains. I've done that previously, too! Which one did you go to? We've been to Longleat and Thetford. I'd love to go again but I'm going to wait until ds and dd have some time off school in normal term time (GCSE and AS exams being over in June or somesuch) and that's two years away.

OYBBK I have a glass of wine each night as red wine is supposed to be good for you. My treat is usually a couple of squares of very good dark choc.

Hello OSAHM. I use the same technique as OYBBK with difficult letter writing. I find it easiest to word things by typing them up in Word. It's easy to hand write them up later once the wording is sorted.

Right. I'd best crack on. Bbl!

OrdinarySAHM Tue 22-Sep-09 11:34:13

BadKitten, thank you for the advice. I don't mind non alcohol beer actually and drinking it really cold would give it some 'kick'. I had it while pregnant, maybe I'll go back on it. The raspberry vinegar sounds interesting and I do quite like drinking a bit of cider vinegar in hot water so maybe I'll like that as well! Good advice about the letters too. I think I'll type them really quickly without thinking about it too much, then do something else, then come back and 'posh' them up! I think it will probably be quicker as 'thinking too much' slows me down! It sounds like you have more stress than usual yourself - hope it all goes well and is soon over so you can relax. Look forward to relaxing at the end of it!

MakingChanges, glad you had a good time at CentreParks. Rollerscating sounds really fun!

Simply, one of the letters has to be typed anyway as it's 'official' and 'serious', but the other one I'll type to get the wording right, like you say, then write it out by hand to make it look more personal.

Makingchanges Tue 22-Sep-09 11:36:16

Simply - Sherwood Forest as we only live 30 mins away. I really enjoyed it although I've come back being unable to move and have put on 4lb - not sure how when I did at least three hours exercise each day

grouchyoscar Tue 22-Sep-09 11:50:04

EHM Gruesome things have happened round here but we haven't had Trevor Eve or Sue Johnston round shock

Hello FLYers

Taking it very slowly today. The weather is pants. I've pegged out and brought in. Been for coffee and toast, mooched round the shops and come home. DH is at the football tonight so it's just me GOjr and a veg bake this evening.

I am going to sew the badges on now grin

TeaMonster Tue 22-Sep-09 12:13:33

Afternonn all, yes AFTERNOON.

I am struggling to get my arse in gear and my head sorted out.

DS2 is not a well bunny and I had him to the GP, saw locum who could find nothing wrong, but I have a child complaining of sore back and tummy and who cried every hour last night sad DH is on his way home so I can go to councelling and sort swimming practice this afternoon.

EHM When Snowey dies I broke my heart - 3 days before moving back north. He is in a lovley box under our bed. When we selttle we will bury him and smudge together. Mia was a big part of your family. I would ask cats protecction to talk to your vet. I hope you manage to cry away some of the guilt you must be feeling. I know how much you loved her.

Pants brain has forgot the rest........ Tablets and a cup of tea for me.

BBL when I am more composed

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 22-Sep-09 12:18:47

Teamonster - you must be shattered

kind a fairly productive rest of morning... got some stuff done. Being very strict about having lunch break.

Beginning to realise that my problem is actually that I'm trying to fit too much in at the moment. Things will ease off soon. Hopefully.

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Tue 22-Sep-09 12:41:06

Hello again all.

TM I hope your ds2 feels better soon. If not, try another gp in a day or so perhaps. I hope your counselling session goes well this afternoon.

OYBBK It is easily done. One tip is to write down what you have to do and in the column next to it write down the minutes it takes. Really takes I mean. Then you can see if you're asking too much of yourself.

I'm going to try to buy some sweet raspberry vinegar and tonic water to see if I like it. Raspberries are probably my favourite fruit.

Hi go. smile

MC I've seen the Sherwood one through the fence as we were on holiday nearby one time. Iirc, we were cycling through a wood which bordered CP. I usually put on weight when I'm on holiday too.

Right. I'd better do a list!

~ tidied up dd's room a little
~ washed up and did the utensil jar items too as they looked dusty
~ cleaned the kitchen work surfaces
~ cleaned our shower
~ did some recycling
~ put 2 loads in w/m
~ put the d/w on

I'd better carry on. Bbl!

scattyspice Tue 22-Sep-09 13:22:22

Hi all. Back from work, going to get dd soon then need to collect something for a patient. I seem to have developed a cold since I got up this morning I don't know how?

simply LOL at your trainers. I am going to sneeze the dust away today!

Ordinary I only drink (well supposed to) on Fri, Sat and Sun nights. Mon nights always feel abit flat without but I have a bubbly bath instead as my treat.

MC CP sounds fun.

hi everyone else.

Dc to school (no tears - fingers crossed)-yay
DS needs to take cycling helmet!-remembered
work done
collect dd- soon
Collect shoes for patient
collect ds
finish house bleugh (will dust in Simply style lol)
load photos onto comp - tomorrow
emails - tomorrow
water plants
DS to gymnastics and back - dh
bedtime routine

I think I've added more than I've done [sigh].

galen Tue 22-Sep-09 14:10:03

afternoon all

TM hope ds better soon
scatty yay for no tears!

will do rest when more focussed...

DS2 drin=ving me mad today. Really whingy and destructive and grumoy and agressive and difficult and crying and whinging and destructive and unco-operative and difficult and get the picture....oh I am so done with having to deal with toddlers LOL
Now he keeps throwing his quilt out of his cot and wont nap for some reason even though he is ABSOLUTELY shattered...hmm

otherwise things not too bad here.
Fairly nice morning, went blackberrying in the woods with DD4, DS2 and doggy - lovely! Got loads of blackberries grin
Came home and made pastry for apple and blackberry pie with DD4 and DS2 (anyone bake with an 18 month old....messy business LOL)

Then changed DD4, scrubbed her clean from blackberry stains, brushed the flour out her hair and wiped the butter off her nose and made her look like less of an abandoned child before nursery LOL

so over all have done

DC up and to school
bathrooms S&S
beds made
hoovered lounge
Balckberry picking
Peeled carrots and par boiled potatoes for roast lamb dinner
made pastry for apple and blackberry pie
played in garden with DC and doggy
reboot laundry X 2
Nursery drop off
rang round vets to get quots for doggy neutering..
tried for past 45 mins to pursuade foul ds2 to have a nap hmm
now ignoring him for 10 mins whilst I regain some sanity on here ....sigh...

now need to ... contemplate meeting about going back to work on Friday...
need to cobble together something resembling a CV ???!
Consider various options for working patterns and hours to discuss with them
Look into various childcare options and costs so can discuss pay etc... and decide whether it will be worth it or not..
Consider if I have anything vaguely presentable to wear to meeting..

But am actually avoiding all of above as am quite stressed about the whole thing LOL

OH bum thought DS had gone to sleep but now crying again..grrrr...

right better go see to him again...

BBL hopefully!


RubysReturn Tue 22-Sep-09 14:11:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OrdinarySAHM Tue 22-Sep-09 14:14:47

TM, poor DS2, and poor the rest of you too! I hope he is better soon.

Scatty, hooray for your DCs not crying at school! And me too with the sudden cold coming.

I've done a first draft of my 'official' letter and it has sapped my energy as it's stuff I don't enjoy thinking about. Now I'm going to take people's advice on here and do some other stuff for a bit before going back to it. Otherwise it's going to get me down.

OrdinarySAHM Tue 22-Sep-09 14:22:43

Galen, you do SO much! and with a 'million' children! I am in awe grin

Ruby, I wish I was motivated enough to do a big clear out!

grouchyoscar Tue 22-Sep-09 14:32:29


Badges sewn on and they look pretty good so I'm quite chuffed with myself and I didn't have todefault to MIL smile

galen Tue 22-Sep-09 14:34:52

OSAHM I hate doing tasks like that. Definitely reward yourself with something nice now.
"A million children" LOL grinfeels like it sometimes hehe!

Anyway typically I think I have finally managed to get him off to sleep - 20 mins before we have to go for schol pick up...sigh... so now I'll have o wake him to go out and he'll be in even more of a foul mood which then usually lasts till bedtime...sigh.Think a looon g bath time and early bedtime are in order for him tonight (me too actually !!)


(still avaoiding thinking about anything to do with going back to work hmm)

swanriver Tue 22-Sep-09 15:16:15

Galen - Ds2 - does he like visiting other people's houses? That was what my ds2 wanted at 18mths. He used to wail with thwarted desire when I dropped his brother off to play anywhere. He was totally bored with our house and wanted to be in SOMEONE ELSE's (even if only church hall)playing with their cars/trains. Possibly why I never got any housework done.

Anyway, even without him, have done no housework

Worked for hour this morning
Took ds1 to hospital appt - they hope "Bend" will have righted itself in 6 months, lots of wrist strengthening required
dropped in on piano shop on way home to see what they cost shock a lot
bought some Disney sheet music for ds1 to try out singing/violin
cleared kitchen
various small things to discuss with builder

EHM - you didn't let Mia down, she had a home all summer when you might have been away as well.
Jas - good luck tomorrow
TM - exhausting

swanriver Tue 22-Sep-09 15:19:17

ooh pickup time again angry
need to buy kitten food from our local petshop
do loads of homework asap before horrid evening sets in
find some supper

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 22-Sep-09 15:37:52

I have done my essentials!

<takes a bow>


dd has an after school club, so its a bit easier today. Also done my poster and emails.

Cup of tea time then go and do a bit of active stuff on the list. My bum has gone numb with sitting down for so long.

well done with sewing grouchy

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Tue 22-Sep-09 15:52:32

Hello again all.

Well done on finishing the badges go. Of course, they'll be more to be sewn on soon! smile I finished hemming one pair of dd's trousers last night and I'm pleased to see that my sewing on the first pair has held.

OSAHM Well done on doing the first draft.

It's tricky when they need to sleep but can't or won't give in to it, isn't it galen? I remember that when ds was little, I felt he should have lunch before his nap whereas what he actually needed was to have it the other way round. Because it was illogical (too long since brekkie) it took ages for me to twig that his sense of time and order was not the same as mine. With some things I'd like to go back and do them differently but I know that I was just doing my best at the time. Sorry, that's all about me! blush

My revised done list:-
~ clean the oven. I don't even know why I did this. I just found myself doing it whilst watching Working Lunch. It is now lovely and clean. I even got the screwdriver out to remove and clean the second layer of glass in the door which I've never done before. Perhaps I'm a robot imposter and the real me is elsewhere! << snigger >>
~ another load of washing
~ dried and put away the washing up
~ unloaded the d/w

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