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bath mat mouldy-what should i use?

(28 Posts)
ilovetochat Mon 21-Sep-09 20:21:06

The nonslip mat in the bath has black underneath, it doesnt come off with shower shine, scrubbing, and it gets hung up to dry after dds bath.
what can i use to clean it or should i buy a new one?
I dont want anything too harsh as its dds mat.

Doodlez Mon 21-Sep-09 20:22:34

Use the bin. It's buggered. No amount of anything will shift it - take it from one who's been there and shrunk the t.shirt.

AitchTwoToTangOh Mon 21-Sep-09 20:24:02

sling it. god, they are revolting things. i've got a pink see through one at the moment, dd1's choice. hmm

irishbird Mon 21-Sep-09 20:24:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sazzerbear Mon 21-Sep-09 20:26:36

I bought one in Boots that had some anti-fungal stuff in in and it took absolutely ages for any mould to grow, may be worth a look for the next one?

Sidge Mon 21-Sep-09 21:00:33

Life's too short.

Buy a new one, they're only a few quid.

ilovetochat Mon 21-Sep-09 21:15:35

ok will buy a new one, thanks all, ive tried milton didnt work, will check boots smile

MrsMerryHenry Mon 21-Sep-09 21:20:05

Good advice re anti-fungal stuff, I'll try that too. Am shock by the lackadaisical 'bin it' posts here, though - environment, anyone? Excessive use of the world resources? Gaahh. I give up.

onepieceoflollipop Mon 21-Sep-09 21:23:28

Ime once it has got to that stage then you/it have had it.

However, when you get a new one, chuck it in the washing machine every week or two (with towels, nappies or similar) and this will make it last much longer.

tbh if you are using a whole shock bottle of milton or some other chemical, then perhaps buying a new one isn't so dreadful ecologically speaking?

MrsMerryHenry Mon 21-Sep-09 21:24:51

Good point re chemicals, onepiece.



ABetaDad Mon 21-Sep-09 21:32:14

I give ours a spray of bathroom anti mould spray on every few weeks. It is incredibly strong bleach. Leave it on for a few hours in the bath then just spray it with the shower.

Do not get it on your clothes as it will make big holes.

thehairybabysmum Mon 21-Sep-09 21:35:01

The dettol mould remover is good, gets it off mine. It has a green bottle.

ilovetochat Mon 21-Sep-09 22:01:59

not too keen on strong bleach near dd just incase any remained and got on her skin.
i think i'll just get a new one. thanks

ABetaDad Mon 21-Sep-09 22:32:27

* thehairybabysmum* - yes thats what we use. It is very good.

Bakersman Fri 25-Sep-09 18:27:46

I just use bathroom cleaner, a nailbrush (and elbow grease. Mould comes off no problem. Repeat whenever it looks mouldy (or the MIL is coming to stay grin

dittany Fri 25-Sep-09 18:34:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsJamin Fri 25-Sep-09 21:14:54

I could post a new thread but my question is similar - DS's bath ducks have black bits inside, how do I tackle it? Dunk them in bleach? Don't want to ruin the ducks or leave stuff inside which will contaminate DS's bathwater.

pinknosedevereux Fri 25-Sep-09 21:42:05

Sorry mrs jamin I've no idea how to clean the ducks, I always have to throw them away. You can buy ducks (i think at jojomaman-whatever that don't have an air hole, so won't go mouldy)
As for the bath mat i squirt mine with grot buster bleach fold over to soak for a bit. it does need a good rinse after but usually works.
Wear old clothes though bloody bleach always spoils my favourite trousers.sad

greensnail Fri 25-Sep-09 21:46:06

I chuck mine in the washing machine when its looking a bit mouldy - comes up good as new.

Have been wondering what to do about the ducks though.

ilovetochat Fri 25-Sep-09 21:47:55

washing machine sounds a good idea for bathmat, it wont ruin the machine will it?? like melt or something.
ducks etc i bin as mould could squirt out on dd, yuk.

greensnail Fri 25-Sep-09 21:50:29

no, it won't melt - mine never has.

ilovetochat Sat 26-Sep-09 14:39:00

ok thanks smile

lotsofmischief Sun 05-Jun-11 21:54:41

I had this problem with my old bath mat, but having read all your comments I decided that the mouldy old thing had to go! I have now found non slip bath safety circles (from I think it was) which you stick on the bottom of your bath or shower - no mould, much better grip - no more hassle! they are white so apparantly you can't really even see them. They got a good review in good housekeeping mag so I have just bought some and thought I'd post now even though its an old thread in case anyone else gets the same problem.

Cutiecat Sun 05-Jun-11 22:34:30

I always just bung it in the machine with some bio. Gets all the mould off.

i buy the clear ones and they always go yellow no matter what I do. Yuk.

peachybums Sun 05-Jun-11 22:34:44

For goodness sake chuck the ducks! Once they get mould inside them it doesnt come out fully and if your DCs put them in their mouths, well...<boak> or better still dont get squeezy bath toys and stick to cups, seives, water wheels etc.

As for the bath mat id put it in the washer and see how it goes.

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