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Who does what housework in your household? And does it work well for you?

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Hulababy Mon 21-Sep-09 13:25:46

Just curious and nosey, lol! And avoiding housework wink

I work PT - every morning, term time only.
DH works FT.
Have 1 7y DD, who is in school.

We do tend to do similar tasks week or week, kind of worked out that way over the years. But so far it seems to work well for us. There is little variation in school holidays, as I tend to doing stuff with DD, not extra stuff when off work.


Cleaning/tidying of general household, day to day stuff
* Vacuuming
* Cleaning kitchen/bathrooms
* Cleaning out hamster
* Shopping (although usually online)
* Cooking
* Collecting DD from school in afternoon, and transporting her to/from most after school activities/playdates
* Supervising homework
* Planning and booking holidays, parties, social engagements, etc - inc maintaining diary/calendar
* Making sure DD's school bag has everything sorted, etc plus snacks - although gettign DD to do this more and more


Sorting car stuff
* Managing finances and bills, insurances, etc.
* All our ironing, inc putting all away of clothes, underwear, etc.
* Takes DD to school each morning
* Collects DD from a couple of after school clubs each week
* Tidies up after evening meal and sorts kitchen/dishwasher
* Puts out bins and recycling
* Bedtime

We both do lots with DD in our spare time and spend lots of family time together. We both read with her, play, etc. And if people are coming for weekend, etc. and there is extra stuff to do in house we both chip in.

colditz Mon 21-Sep-09 13:27:39

I do it all and no itbloody doesn't angry

but as I am the only person over 6 in my house, I'm kind of stuck with it!

notnowbernard Mon 21-Sep-09 13:32:57

I work part time (variable shifts)

DP is full-time (and some) - he runs his own business so is often late, weekends etc

I do the overwhwelming majority of the 'housework' (cleaning etc)

Laundry and ironing

Kids lunches




Most of the cooking

He is not averse to housework though and if I am working weekends or whatever will happily do the bathroom

Seems to be allergic to emptying the bloody dishwasher though angry

Hulababy Mon 21-Sep-09 13:32:58

Ah, that's difficult Colditz. Hopefully when the little ones get bigger they can help???

notnowbernard Mon 21-Sep-09 13:35:22

On the whole it works well

I don't mind doing most of it (I am here most of the time, after all. And DP works very hard and is excellent with the DC and all their day-to-day stuff)

But I do get pissed off when he leaves his crap everywhere (he is an untidy bugger)

colditz Mon 21-Sep-09 13:35:51

In a way, it's easier. I get to choose what and when I do things. nobody interferes and I don't have a sense of seething resentment that I am slogging while someone else contemplates his navel!

alypaly Mon 21-Sep-09 13:38:35

colditz ditto...I do the whole lot..
but im a single mum with a 16 yr old DS and one at uni who does absolutely nothing. DS2 does occasionally hoover floor or mow lawn...but prefers to do chores for others as he gets paid.hmm

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