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Share your kitchen cleaning tips

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Rhian82 Mon 21-Sep-09 09:58:59

DH and I are shockingly bad with housework, always put off cleaning and then basically just attack what we can see until the place looks okay. However, I would really like to get on top of everything, get in a proper cleaning routine and make sure everything is thoroughly done.

So? what are your tips for the kitchen? And how do you go about cleaning yours - what order do you do things, what are all the bits always included in a clean? And how often do you do everything?

positiveattitudeonly Tue 22-Sep-09 07:30:52

Hi, come and join us on this thread

We are all hopeless cases trying our best to get on top of housework. It is just a small step each day, and I mean really small, to get things on track. I have found that after years of feeling as if I was running around in circles these small steps are really helping me to get things straighter. We start with the kitchen sink. We are not seriously houseproud, but all support each other and have fun on the way. - Don't worry about starting in the middle of the month as it will do a circle again next month, so you can hop on and off whenever you need to!
<<its also good to know that other people are worse than you, just as bad as you!!>>

ABetaDad Tue 22-Sep-09 07:40:59

Very much agree with positiveattitudeonly that kitchens need a little and often every day. I have 2 top tips.

Never go to bed without all pans, crockery, glases and cutlery either in the cupboard or in the dishwasher ready for washing.

Clear work surfaces where you prepare food of all clutter and appliances so it is easy to wipe down.

Romanarama Tue 22-Sep-09 07:46:07

I agree always put everything in the dishwasher or wash and put away everyday. Never leave stuff in the sink or on the table. I do that, clean the sink and draining board, sweep the floor, wipe surfaces, clean hob every day. Mop the floor nearly every day but not always. Wipe the oven and microwave after every use so they don't get crusty. It only takes around 10-15 mins after supper. Dirty kitchens are revolting.

brimfull Tue 22-Sep-09 07:47:47

alwasy clean up after yourself

never leave dishes till later/next day

tell children to out dishes actually IN the dishwasher not on the worktop next to it

have big enough drawers and cupboards so that putting stuff away is easy

kitkat9 Tue 22-Sep-09 08:02:34

agree with little and often, it's not a once a day job - you have to keep cleaning as you go.

when you're cooking, have the sink full of hot soapy water and put your utensils, pots etc in as soon as you've finished with them - stops sauces etc drying onto pans and makes washing up easier

use a really effective surface cleaner like Flash with bleach (watch your clothes)

i have a steam mop which I use all the time, was a fab investment, really gets floors cleaner than normal mopping, it's from Lakeland and cost about £50

agree with always doing dishes and put them away before going to bed, makes it so much nicer to get up to in the morning. Must admit that this rarely happens in my house though...

don't let clutter build up on top of microwave, fridge etc, try to have a place for everything.

Do a big deep clean - start at the top and work your way downwards, pull out the fridge and clean behind it then inside it, clean the oven, microwave, toaster etc. Clear your surfaces and scrub with hot water and detergent. clean cupboards out and wipe down the front. Throw everything that can be into the dishwasher, like your dish brushes, tea/coffee/sugar holders, utensils holder - the kind if stuff that generally is forgotten about. Once everything above floor level is done, scrub the floor.

This will take you a couple of hours, but once it's done your kitchen will feel amazing and you'll be really motivated to keep it clean and tidy.

Romanarama Tue 22-Sep-09 08:12:09

Don't use bleach - it's an environmental disaster.

Do the Flylady thing of cleaning and drying your sink every night.

Rhian82 Tue 22-Sep-09 09:40:47

Ooh thanks everyone, the Flybaby thread looks great.

Envious of how many people have dishwashers… well, it's DH that does the washing up, but I wish we had one to put 'ready to be washed' stuff in instead of cluttering up the work surfaces.

JamesAndTheGiantBanana Tue 22-Sep-09 09:48:58

Get a dishwasher! if you're the untidy type it will change your life, seriously.

I also second the steam mop although you HAVE TO empty the water chamber afterwards as they clog up with limescale and won't work.

Rhian82 Tue 22-Sep-09 10:15:18

Lol, we'd love to but have a rented flat and there just isn't the room or the plumbing

Greatgoing Tue 22-Sep-09 21:16:26

The best mirror cleaning tip ever. Wipe the mirror with a damp cloth. Buff with a dry one. No product-just water.

sweetrae Wed 23-Sep-09 15:51:11

Hi. What is flybaby? I am new.


positiveattitudeonly Wed 23-Sep-09 17:42:23

Hi Sweetrae, the flybaby is a website which organises your housework. There is an ubber houseproud part <<never felt worthy, myself!!grin>> which goes into huge depth and from my fleeting look I think you probably spend 23 hours a day doing housework certainly with not possible with 5Dcs around the house. As a starting point though there is a "baby steps" stage to learn the "flying" lessons. These are broken down into very manageable steps that you add to daily, just to get started.
There is a thread on here, read my post on this thread on 22nd September, and there is a link to the other thread. AS I say there we are a group who are a bit useless trying to get into a routine before we drown under clutter!! Come and join us!
Each month we start again, but you can just start whenever you want to.
To get to know more about fly lady, or the fat American fairy as she is affectionally known look at this page
Don't get worried about signing up for the emails. If you do this you end up getting about 10 a day and if you are anything like me it would seriously send me crazy, or make me rebel and make more of a mess.

I have answered this as if you are someone like me, but if you one of those super, ubber housewives with spotless house already, then I just have one thing to add envy envy envy!!!!

Squidmission Wed 23-Sep-09 19:04:33

I agree with cleaning every night.
The minimum I do is load dishwasher, wipe surfaces and cooker, sweep floor every night.
I clear out the fridge and wipe down once a week before bin day. Actually thats the maximun I do too blush

I need to do a deep clean too. I haven't cleaned the cupboards or oven in absolutely ages.

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