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Weekend FLY - Family Time

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grouchyoscar Sat 19-Sep-09 07:36:43

Welcome one, welcome all, welcome Oldies, Newbies, Babysteppers and Lurkers alike. The FLY thread is here to stop the housework driving you batty.

Join in, we all do it grin

grouchyoscar Sat 19-Sep-09 08:40:05

Been catching up with the thread and I will try some individual hellos, Forgive me if I've missed anyone.

Galen You are an inspiration, just reading your list leaves me exhausted! A truly amazing lady

OSAHM You have made a lot of sensible sense and helped to assuage some of my personal dilemmas about my own SAHM status.

Star Your posts have been inspirational too

Ruby Great to have choux back grin

EHM Pleased that Ellie is better. How old is she now? I'm losing track of time.

Wolf Hope you're feeling better. Give me a call and I'll get over and the DSs can run off some nrg

Tea How are you and the boys? I'm going to tackle Sewing babystep 1 this weekend. Plus GOjr became a Beaver on Thursday and I have badges to sew on.

Wendy How do, determined not to leave you off the list again!

Jas You have been amazingly strong in your circumstances.

Grouchy waves to Scatty, Dyls Leo Swan* Simply

I'm still in bed. DH wants me to stay put. (no, nothing exciting therehmm) I've got a few bits to tackle but I am determined to keep a steady going on rather than the usual manic tidy, complete collapse pattern of old. My list for the weekend is

Sewing babystep #1
Clean the cat cellar
Homework with GOjr
Make tray of brownies for the neighbours for Eid, it's their 1st one on 'The Yard' and I would like to observe it in my agnostic way

I also need to have a heart-to-heart with GOjr.

galen Sat 19-Sep-09 08:44:46

Morning grouchy you're sounding very upbeat today grin

I,m sitting inbed onmy lappy grin DH got up bless him and brought me coffee and toast up. grin

Am about to get up though as have lots to do today and want to stay on top of things this weekend to enbsure smoother running of next week LOL

So to do today:
Collect Flea meds from vets (dont know if doggy has them or not- eeeww- but not taking any chances LOL)
Shopping: trousers for DS1, PE shorts DD1, pumps DD4, water bottle DS1
Plant rest of bulbs in front garden
Tidy out playhouse and back garden
Sow green manure seed in veg patc
LOTS of clean washing away
Dust and hoover bedrooms
Homework and reading with DC,

Right well looks as if I better get up and get started LOL

Hope al are well grin

galen Sat 19-Sep-09 08:46:11

X posts with your second post GO,
Take it easy indeed! and yay for still being in bed! grin
(oh and I always wish I could sew...)

galen Sat 19-Sep-09 08:48:04

Oh and yes you reminded me GO I need to spend some 1:1 girly time with DD1 for a bit of deep chatting I think....

galen Sat 19-Sep-09 08:48:34

Right heading to shower NOW honest .....

Starbear Sat 19-Sep-09 08:51:55

Morning ALL No time for philosophy today.
After last nights discussion with DH.,that I'm getting old! I asked DH to help tidy up the kitchen yesturday and he is going to do some ironing today ha ha ! See later with a litle list!
Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend!

EHM Sat 19-Sep-09 09:11:51

Buongiorno Tutti

grouchy Thank you for the threadsmile Ellie is now 3 years & 4 months. Very strong willed & knows her own mind. I think you should listen to DH!
galen hope you enjoyed your cuppa in bed? Hope you have some 1-1 time with dd.
starbear glad dh is helping

off to catch up on yesterdays thread will be

EHM Sat 19-Sep-09 09:33:00

starbear isn't it always the way like buses-there are no social occasions for a very a long time them bam! I loved your posts yesterday. We too hope to give Ellie the skills & confidence in life to make the right choices for her in respect of partner, job etc. I want her to LIVE & LOVE life's long journey to the full & not just be a passenger. (if that makes sense or I am I talking complete toshblush
swan glad you sorted finances they are so stressful!
ordinarySAHM I love the fact we can learn new things from our kids toosmile
simply got your CAT will email you back once I've finished this lovely.
wendy glad you got an early nightwinkgrin

We had lovely time at Cinema yesterday afternoon-I love they way Ellie just says what she feels or thinks, especially when she is very excitedsmile Then treated us both to something to eat at Nandos.

Having lazy morning so far. still in pj's ellie playing contently with her toys.

Laters lovelies.xxxx

Starbear Sat 19-Sep-09 10:16:27

Washed dressed & breakfastDone
Dry hair!
W/M loaded Done
smalls soakingDone
Beds madeDone
Dh doing H/W with DsDone
Go to Gymnastics with Ds & DH
Drop off Ds's friend home
Shopping for wellies, Starwars DVD
some thing nice for me!
bacon sandwiches for Lunch
What's for tea? Any thing left in the cupboards No food shopping today
Ironing with DH while watching Star wars
Sort out DS clothes
Must do a stash & dash
I have no ironed clothes to wear now, so anything left in my wardrobe & drawers must go to the charity shop or recycle! That's one way of sorting your wardrobe!

swanriver Sat 19-Sep-09 11:13:11

A rather dispiritng mornng here sad
but nothing particular wrong
just fallout from the painting of bedrooms last week

slow work puttng the jigsaw backtogether hmm

violin practice for dd
lunch is fish potatoes and broccoli
2 to Sat music school
taking dd next
washed up a bit...

need to do loads of tidying and sweeping later
AND take kids swimming as I promised dh to take them out of house (then he might sort bookshelves)

as you say Grouchy, slow and steady does it, and no ranting allowed.

OrdinarySAHM Sat 19-Sep-09 12:03:02

Slight hangover and slight feeling of shame that maybe my language got too bad after a few drinks.

Kids want to do a load of stuff today - I think I'll need some Red Bull.

grouchyoscar Sat 19-Sep-09 12:39:26

So much for taking it easy

DONE so far

Up and wash and meds
Wash GOjr
Strip bed and remake (lovely crispy line dried linen [smile)
Empty WM and sort for drying
Reload and run
Empty DW
Put away
Clean the toilet brush holder and brush (ewwwh, lots of boiling water, disinfectant and stardrops)
Clean up doggy doings in the garden (eeewh again)
Peg out washing
Reboot washer (love that term, sorry I've pinched it)
Peg out white washing
Shine sink
Make new bottle of multi surface cleaner.
Reboot DW

I have to write a reference for SIL who is venturing into owning a small business. What do I put exactly? so far it's how long I've known her, she and DH are good hardworking people and they've never been in trouble. What do you think I should add?

grouchyoscar Sat 19-Sep-09 12:45:37

Oh OSAHM I think I've twigged your previous incarnation but I Shouldbe doing something else.

galen Sat 19-Sep-09 14:10:29

afternoon all...

vaguely successful morning, followed be stressful start to afternoon - DH being annoying, have falen out sad

Now need to formulate plan for rest of day...

List update:
Collect Flea meds from vets (dont know if doggy has them or not- eeeww- but not taking any chances LOL)DONE
Shopping: trousers for DS1, PE shorts DD1, pumps DD4, water bottle DS1 ATTEMPTED - GOT PUMPS ONLY SO FAR hmm
Plant rest of bulbs in front garden
Tidy out playhouse and back garden 3/4 DONE
Sow green manure seed in veg patc DONE 1/2 OF VEG PATCH
LOTS of clean washing away IN PROGRESS!
Dust and hoover bedrooms
Homework and reading with DC,DONE (PHEW!)

Also spent some girly time with DD1 , and took her to get her ears pierced shock grin

So new to do:
Dust and hoover bedrooms
Rest of washing away
Buy trouers, shorts, water bottle
Finish veg patch
Bulbs in front garden
Bath dog LOL
Grocery shopping
Contemplate purchase of new dog bed
On line banking....

right best get on

BBL grin

RubysReturn Sat 19-Sep-09 15:12:31

Hi all
plodding through domesticity - have been out pretty much all week, so I guess time to catch up.

Think frdige still busted - bit frustrating as have put lots ££££ food in it angry

Hope all doing OK

grouchyoscar Sat 19-Sep-09 15:38:46

Tried to do Sewing Babystep #1 but...

Sewing machine is fine
I've set up a sewing table
My sewing supplies have vanished shock Spools, pins etc have vanished hmm

The attic/office is to be frank, a total *@$%ing mess. I only go up to hang up/bring down, DH spends more time up there, it's the only room I don't touch and boy can't you tell. hmm Piles of boxes just full of stuff mounded 2 layers deep. GOjr's baby things, DH's childhood stuff, lots of geeky things. Stuff from 18 yrs of living together. What an utter "£#$ heap.

So do I sort it out or do I just buy a new set of pins and things? Could spend what I've saved finding a box of fabric I suppose

I need to rest. I'm utterly goshed by the state of the place sad

Starbear Sat 19-Sep-09 18:50:01

No time, Quick Hello everyone Should be making tea. *All done*
Washed dressed & breakfast
W/M loaded Done
smalls soakingDone
Beds madeDone
Dh doing H/W with DsDone
Go to Gymnastics with Ds & DH
Drop off Ds's friend home
Shopping for wellies, Starwars DVD
bacon sandwiches for Lunch
Tea pasta with Courgettes, mushrooms in white sauce
Sort out DS clothes
Must do a stash & dash
Only two things not done sad
some thing nice for me!(C/F) sad
Ironing with DH while watching Star wars

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Sat 19-Sep-09 19:33:07

Hello to all. It is quiet in the Simply household. Ds and dd are both in town with their friends this evening and dd is staying at a friend's tonight. I joked to dd that she'd forgotten to put something on underneath her top. She gave me a withering look (remember, she is 14!) and said that the blue thing she was wearing was a dress, not a top! I knew that, of course, already. grin

go I hope you have rested up. If things aren't going well then unless they are really important try to read or watch something you enjoy instead or, of course, sit and chat! smile It's important that you look after yourself. Oh, and my sitting room, dining room and spare bedroom are all as you describe. I'll get there, just not for a few months.

Also, the person who OSAHM used to be didn't feel she ought to be doing something else. She was 'pretending' to be like an 'average' person. << trying to be cryptic >>

RR I hope your fridge is going to behave itself whilst it has food in it. If not, do you have neighbours who can lend you some space in theirs so it doesn't go off? Perhaps you could use freezer boxes or bags during the day and return the food to theirs in the evening? Our estate is brill like that.

galen and swanriver I hope your day improved. smile

EHM I've checked my e-mail account (the MN one) but nothing has come through as yet. I'll let you know tomorrow if I've still not rec'd an e-mail.

Right. I'd better go. Nos da! Good night! Or should that be 'Noswaith dda' 'Good evening'. Whatever! smile

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Sat 19-Sep-09 19:34:09

Starbear I hope you manage to do something nice for you soon. smile

swanriver Sat 19-Sep-09 19:39:24

Well done Galen for tidying out playhouse
Also fell out with MY dh...

HOWEVER HE has done the following
got children up and dressed
given them breakfast
taken two to music
brought two home and made lunch of mash fish and veg
put all books back in ds1's room with only modicum of swearing
entertained poorly ds2 whilst I took others swimming
read James and Giant Peach to ds2
and now watched Merlin with them smile

I have done
tidied kitchen beautifully
filed more paperwork
put more dates in diary
cleared washing piles
cleaned loo thoroughly
taken dd to violin
made tea and eaten loads more fried onions
tried to tidy up dd's room [but she wanted it to stay upside down and backtofront so I gave up in a huff]
hoovered all downstairs floors
sorted out hall

Grouchy - Our loft is very similar but I think as Scatty pointed out in a previous post "That's What Lofts Are For"
Of course when you NEED something from them, that when the *££$$&&* starts grin
I did locate my wedding dress generallycan find Xmas decs but that's about all.

Anyway, I think I may be in a better mood now grin

swanriver Sat 19-Sep-09 19:43:42

Grouchy, buy new sewing supplies and start sewing, don't get bogged down in that loft. You never find things when you are looking for them, only when you are looking for something else...

OrdinarySAHM Sat 19-Sep-09 20:00:22

Alcohol is evil. It has the same effect on me as PMT or exhaustion - anxiety, irritability, snappiness, paranoia.

But, I've managed to:

-buy new school shoes for DD after she broke the last pair after having them only 2 weeks! I knew we should have got them from a proper shoe shop!

-buy new PE pumps for DD as the other ones were too small

-buy a few grocery bits and pieces

-make stuff for tea which is traditional to eat for Eid celebrations because the kids wanted to do something to celebrate it and they do about it at school. It's still cooking and it smells bloody weird! But I'm not known for my culinary expertise! The kids enjoyed making the date cake thingies though even if it turns out they will only eat them if they are smothered in ice cream. And we are having Biryani for the main course.

If it's totally inedible, never mind, because we had a nice lunch out in our favourite restaurant which was very nice!

EHM Sat 19-Sep-09 21:06:23

simply just CAT messaged you now-apologies side tracked. Let me know if you receive by tomorrow.
OSAHM good for you trying EID noshsmile
swan what is it with DH's at the moment-have they all been conspiring behind out backswink hope you are friends again soon.smileIs hangover better?
starbear hopefully you get something for you tomorrow?
enjoy dvd.
grouchy STEP AWAY FROM THE LOFT...STEP AWAY FROM THE LOFT! Buy new sewing stuff & enjoy your sewingsmile
ruby angry on your behalf if fridge is still busted! Can you claim through your house insurance for all your lovely food?
galen you have been very busy once gain- Hope you & DH are friends again soon too. Men what are they like!?
Swan hope your day got better?

well day went from lazy to busy! We have:
baked coconut cakes dipped in chocolate topped with coconut.
Gingerbread men Ellie stylegrin
stripped my bed & washed/dried/ironed
received delivery of flowers from dh
several phone calls with DH today
went swimming
weeded back garden
cut grass
swept decking to remove the ton of dried leaves
tea, bath & bed for Ellie by 7pm
I have ironed all clothes washed/dried today

Having a martini(only 1 mind) then off to bed.


galen Sat 19-Sep-09 21:07:48

evening all
grouchy Take It Easy - do you hear LOL
swan wow , sounds as if your Dh may have redeemed homself a tad!
OSAHM I have totally the same problem wih alcohol. Anything more than a small glass of wine turns me into a snappy monster the next day. Not talking hangover or anything, just makes me really snappy.....That is why I dont drink very often!

Reasonable evening on the whole.
DS2 seems to be not very well so has been quite whingey...but did go to bed early...

Watched Merlin and stricltly come dancing with older DC
very tired so having an early night, any minute down!

List update:
Dust and hoover bedrooms TOMORROW
Rest of washing away DONE
Buy trouers, shorts, water bottle hmm
Finish veg patch TOMORROW
Bulbs in front garden TOMORROW
Bath dog LOL DONE
Grocery shopping TOMORROW
Contemplate purchase of new dog bed *DONE, AND PURCHASED!*
On line banking....DONE

Also DONE:
Calendar update
walked dog

Tomorrows list:
Church am
Yet more washing to put away!
Dust and hoover bedrooms
Grocery shop
Mop floors
finish veg patch seed sowing and back garden tidy
bulb planting in front garden

right off for early night.... BB tomorrow grin

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