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carpet cleaning without using 'wet' hoovers?

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beanie35 Fri 18-Sep-09 20:57:01

My carpets have some mud staining in 'traffic' areas of the house. I have tried using hot water to which I have added some washing powder and scrubbing with a small brush, but although it makes the carpet smell nice, it doesn't get rid of tough stains. Do I really need to hire a steam cleaner? Dp and I out of work at the moment so money is very tight, any suggestions or alternatives?

groundhogs Sat 19-Sep-09 10:48:18

If it's not too big an area, then perhaps try Vanish Carpet Foam... it isn't cheap, about £4.50 a can, but it seems to go pretty far, and it's great for stains. I think I'll get 2 cleans of my rug from the can I bought, and the rug is a good 2m x 3m...

Have you googled carpet stain removal? There may be a home remedy somewhere? Always worth a look!

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