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New curtains needed for 13(!!) windows- help please!

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JumpingJellyfish Fri 18-Sep-09 12:18:31

We have recently moved into a lovely old house, with 13 sash windows. And have no curtains. The house has needed a lot of rennovation and redecorating which is ongoing, and curtains were not a priority as we live in the sticks so no neighbours to look in, but as the temperatures drop I would love some curtains. Problem is we are completely out of savings, and will be for a while. I am also useless at sewing (though have a friend who may be persauded to help a bit in this dept).

Where can I buy good curtain fabric or pre-made curtains that won't cost huge amounts? We have no curtain rails yet, and don't really know what "styles" I prefer, but going for simple options and nothing overly modern looking given the age of the house.

Please help- I am beyond useless at such things!!

Tortington Fri 18-Sep-09 12:19:59

i think a trip into the nearest large towns fabric shop



meltedmarsbars Fri 18-Sep-09 12:21:25

eBay!!! Many furnishing fabric shops sell on there . My sister bought loads there, be prepared to measure how much length you need before bidding.

for a stop-gap you can always try charity shops?

meltedmarsbars Fri 18-Sep-09 12:22:19

CutlassCusty, we have a fabric shop near here on a farm down a country lane! Not all are in t'big city.

piprabbit Fri 18-Sep-09 12:24:02

I'd definitely try IKEA for both cheap fabric and cheap ready made curtains. I normally can't stand the place, but do find it useful for textiles which don't seem readily available down my way at the mo.

Most of the curtains come full length as standard, but it would easy enough to turn up the hems. They also do all the fittings you need at a very reasonable price.

Take a look at their website before braving it - so you have some ideas what's avaiable.

JumpingJellyfish Fri 18-Sep-09 12:31:07

Thank you all! Will get measuring and do some research into options. Know of a good fabric shop but it may not be the cheapest as it's in a small town i.e. limited competition, so will do some looking around when we get a min! Ikea may be an option too, as need a couple of other little things from there so hoping to do a trip sometime soon....

Tortington Fri 18-Sep-09 12:33:04

meltedmarsbars...ok! sorry to offend the bumpkins. wink

i thought it would be cheaper is all!

morningpaper Fri 18-Sep-09 12:39:15

I'd recommend writing ALL the measurements down very precisely and carrying it in your handbag. You are bound to come across some second hand or in a sale and will need the measurements to hand!

JumpingJellyfish Fri 18-Sep-09 12:47:25

Good idea morningpaper. I think I need to prioritise a couple of windows (in our room) as expecting DC3 and would like our bedroom a bit more cosy for the night feeds etc. Prob is I work part-time and between antenatal apts and ferrying DCs etc. don't get much time for wandering in towns at the moment!! Still will get measurements and keep them on me, just in case!

BonsoirAnna Fri 18-Sep-09 12:55:00

Sash windows look fabulous without curtains! Do you not have those lovely wooden inner shutters?

JumpingJellyfish Fri 18-Sep-09 12:56:43

unfortunately no shutters... and the windows were/are in a pretty poor state (wouldn't open, very rotten) so DH has repaired them as far as he can- look pretty good now though will ideally need replacing in next few yrs (eeek, v v expensive)! Was wondering about blinds actually, but not sure if they won't look too modern....

thedolly Fri 18-Sep-09 13:10:08

Try Laura Ashley this w/e - there is a sale. We had the same problem - 13 windows and we bought many pairs of 'Lynton' curtains in the sale. They look great on our sash windows and I only had to sew a few hems. We have gone from blinds to curtains and the whole place looks much more homely

Also, I hated most of the curtain rails/poles we saw so we had ours custom made by 'Jim Lawrence'. They look beautiful, very simple iron poles with button ends painted cream (and they did not cost a fortune).

If you want any more details about the curtains or the poles let me know and I will provide links.

TippyRabbit Fri 18-Sep-09 18:45:16

Dunelm Mill sells cheap materials. I have bought some at £1.50 a metre. They usually seem to store them below the big shelves. They also have a make-up service. will give you stores

SparkyToo Mon 21-Sep-09 11:07:41

We bought some navy blue gingham curtains from here to go with the bed linen shown in the picture and they are really nice, all lined etc. I thought they were pretty good value. If you don't like navy blue, then there's quite a few other colours to choose from.

overmydeadbody Mon 21-Sep-09 11:13:45

Ikea fabric is well priced and so are their ready made curtains.

I bought some lovely thick curtian fabric from there for something like £6 per metre.

It is also worth checking out john lewis as some of their premade curtains are very affordable.

I found the ready-made curtains at John Lewis where cheaper than making my own for the hufe french windows in my sitting room, as to make them I would have needed the fabric, plus lining, plus curtain tape and thread and the hours of time to make them, and the ones they had that I wanted where just plain off-white and thick.

Definately write down the measurements and keep them in your handbag, It was only because I had done this and could check out the prices every opportunity I had that I found the cheapest option was buying the JL ones I found.

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