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Tuesday Fly - Autumn is here, lets fly South

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Starbear Tue 15-Sep-09 10:05:27

Morning All Okay I'm getting better at this.

Mission Burn the tape after you've heard it smile

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Tue 15-Sep-09 10:12:06

Thanks for the thread Starbear. smile

~ up, breakfasted, showered and dressed
~ emptied bins and recycling stuff
~ 1 load in the w/m
~ unloaded and reloaded d/w
~ fed cat
~ some financial stuff

To do:-
~ Post stuff off to Boden
~ Washing up
~ Put new duvets on the beds
~ Get cash out
~ Ironing
~ Sewing
~ Walk the dog
~ Hoover around
~ Clean and polish shoes which I can then put away

Right. Off to do some more. I'll come back when it's elevenses time!

Starbear Tue 15-Sep-09 10:18:38

Morning again.
Ds got out of bed around 4.30am I let him sleep, put him back into his bed & he returned at 5am hmm Then had a dream & started to poke his little foot into me. I gave up and went into his bed! So today's list reflects that! I think he has a lot going on in his head and slowly slips out of bed!

So here goes :-
Wash, Dress & Breakfast Done
Hang washing indoors Done
Load W/M with shower curtain towel Done buy white Vinegar to add to wash
Return sides to Ds’s Bed Done
Make beds Done
Clean bath
Sort Recycling
empty Dishwasher
Dust Ceilings of Cobwebs
Change number & deal of mobile phone
Cancel credit card.
_Outside chores_
Collect radio from repair shop
Collect Trophies for DH
Go to Solicitors
Buy some bath pampering stuff
Stuff to make soup
Make lentil Soup
Burger for Ds’s tea
DH going to Football
Sort out DS clothes that are too small
Write on calendar changes of working days
A little Ironing {smile]

dylsmum1998 Tue 15-Sep-09 11:02:30

star thanks for thread hop eyou get some rest today in that long list

done so far
s&s bathroom
unload washer
wash up
dc to school/nursery
dinner in slow cooker

to do
take nan shopping
take ds for hair cut
collect dc
will see if i have time to do anything else later

Starbear Tue 15-Sep-09 11:11:35

Bath Clean Yippe!

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Tue 15-Sep-09 11:40:25

Okay. Have just had elevenses. I'm trying to eat more healthily (though I'm not bad generally, I just have some weakness like thick bread with butter) so I've had sliced banana on wholemeal toast. I accidentally bought loose tea some time ago and the best before date is Sept '09 so I'm drinking that and am trying to learn to leave the last swallow's worth in the mug!

Revised done list:-
~ Washing up
~ Hoover around
~ washing on line
~ washing in and on airer
~ Cleaned kitchen worktops

Still to do:-
~ Put new duvets on the beds
~ Get cash out
~ Ironing
~ Sewing
~ Walk the dog
~ Clean and polish shoes
~ Post stuff off to Boden once I've rung them as I can't find the piece of paper to include with the parcel

Back later!

galen Tue 15-Sep-09 11:46:39

a quick morning all....

Had absolutely horrendous morning with DD2 at dentist. Nightmare. Poor thing needs a tooth out blush sad she doesnt have many sweets, we only ever drink water or milk....BUT I suspect since I stopped standing right by her and assissting with tooth brushing, that she has not been very thorough...hmm Dentist (horrible!) gave her an injection, (DD hysterical) and then treid to take it out, but DD too upset, so has packed it and referred to dental hospital...
Took ages....was running really late to start with....and Ds2 was in a foul mood too, so spent ages trying to just contain him and stop him tearing surgery apart whilst trying to comfort dd2...
DD2 now too upset for school this afternoon....
Nothing done in the house...and I need a G&T...sigh...

right off to sort lunch, then nursry drop off...then home
Walk dog
laundry reboot
make cottage pie for dinner..

Nothing else - just the basics I think!


grouchyoscar Tue 15-Sep-09 12:02:56

How Do All

Thanks for the thead Star sorry about the rubbish night's sleep.

Grouchy waves at Dyls and Simply

On a desktop as the lappy power supply has gone whatnots up. This is odd hmm

Contacted my MS nurse and she has suggested I up one of my meds. sad I'm going to end up rattling at this rate.

Had a good night's sleep and I don't feel as worn out as I did this time yesterday. So far


Up and meds
Wake GOjr
Make beds
Down with crockery
Make porridge
Serve breaky
Tidy away
Wash and dress
Hunt for headpets (again) {Yay, we're clear]
Load WM and run
Empty DW
Put away
Dust TV area
School walk

Go for a toasted teacake and coffee blush

Home, empty bins
Empty WM and sort for drying
Peg out
Vac front room
Mop kitchen
Mop front room

I've caught up with the house jobs so I might tackle a few hotspots if I feel up to it. Tum te tum

Starbear Tue 15-Sep-09 12:16:35

Missed elevenses. Now having a cuppa & pate on toast, as we call it in London or posh meat paste grin
Galen So sorry for you DD, my sister had some out when she was three, not sure now why her teeth were so bad as the rest of us were fine. I remember as a big Sis (I was 10) giving her lots of hugs and letting her play with my toys. When is her appointment?
Simply I should eat healthy too I'm always giving Ds fruit etc.. & then forget to eat the stuff my self. But few fruit goes with a cup of tea!
Clean bath Done
Sort Recycling Done
Cancel credit card DONE This was a biggie
Nearly got caught trying to tidy more papers. I will lose the day if i did that!
Mobile phone will have to be in a shop because its so confusing!
I'm going to so a Home Energy report on line with my cuppa then head out in the rain sad

ActingNormal Tue 15-Sep-09 12:29:00

Galen, Poor you and DD2! That sounds really stressful and upsetting! It doesn't make that dentist sound very good, or do you think it would have been the same whoever the dentist was? You deserve to have an easy day after that!

Simply, re healthy eating, since the kids have been back at school I can't stop eating crisps and chocolate! We have fruit in the cupboard I just don't feel motivated to eat it! I stopped exercising before breakfast over the summer holidays so I didn't get too tired with the kids home every day and I haven't started back doing that either, I just think I would be so tired! So if I get fatter I'm just going to be happy that it shows I am contented!

Starbear your list looks massive and scary! I think I prefer listing what I have done after rather than what I've got left to do, which seems daunting sometimes.

This morning I went to drink tea with my friend and none of our children were there! We love them but a rest is nice! It makes such a difference to how easy it is to talk! It wasn't long before I had to come back to collect DS from his half day at school.

I've done some things I don't know whether count as listworthy but they seem important to me:

-Made an effort to turn up a bit early to collect DS so I could make more effort to meet Mums of kids in his class. Found out which one is the mother of a girl who has just invited DS to her party this weekend and talked to her a bit. Talked to 2 others who I knew a bit already.

-DS was misbehaving on the way home but I persevered with the threat consequence of "If you behave properly you can have a snack when you get home, if you don't you won't", until he walked properly. I feel he is slowly learning but he finds it hard to understand WHY he should do anything I say!

-Persevered with getting DS to do the bits he can in getting changed out of school uniform into play clothes (in practice for when they do PE at school). I use the same 'reward' - "When you have got changed you can have a snack and I'll put the tv on". He was slightly faster than yesterday and a bit less resistant. He thinks he can't do things and doesn't want to try. He has just brought a reading book and reading diary home from school today and the teacher has written that he was reluctant to share a book but could answer some questions about it when they did. So it seems like he is resistant to what teachers want him to do as well.

I will concentrate on my 'essential' things again - dishwasher, one load of washing, iron DH shirt and then make sure I do the children's reading books with them after DD finishes school. While talking to my friend about what she does with her kids I realised I only do my DD's reading book twice a week! This is because we are out after school on the other days. I think I need to do it at weekends too! DD can cope without the extra 'pushing' at home because she is more 'academic' than DS will be I think. If I do as little with him as I've been doing with her though I think he will struggle. Eg when she was his age she was always drawing recognisable things and writing her name on it. DS can just pick his name out from a bunch of names and when you give him a piece of paper and a pencil he just makes a hole in the paper with the pencil and chucks it on the floor!

I've also designated tonight as a bath night. I was only bathing them once a week but they seem 'smellier' now they are older so I'm doing it 3 times a week now.

Its hard to know if I'm normal in my 'slovenly' ways compared to what other people do and that is one of the reasons I find this thread useful so I can see what other people do!

swanriver Tue 15-Sep-09 12:34:16

Galen: grr on your behalf - SOME Dentists do not know how to deal with kids. Ds1 terrified out of his wits by one and then had to be referred to one who was so much nicer - teeth filled under sedation - it was fine - all in the bedside manner.
Had a tooth pulled in hols myself grinblush
Well done on credit card decision Starbear
Back from physio (another morning has vanished bussing to and from hospital - admittedly we did do some shopping on way home)

House is completely completely upside down, ds1's room which is now being painted had clearly too much of everything in it - dh's suits, every novel ever written - and THAT is now scattered round rest of house.

Eating fried egg and fried onions.
Ds1 has practised writing again and is now watching Simpsons as reward.

sort out our bedroom and playroom before kids come home.
Supper corn on the cob, salad, potato bake, last night's chops.

RubysReturn Tue 15-Sep-09 12:38:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

swanriver Tue 15-Sep-09 12:39:22

Acting Normal we have bath 90% of nights as kids just love water. Often they play there for half an hour just chatting and playing with figures. The eldest tends to have a bath by himself so that he stretch out.
Sometimes on a VERY BAD day I give them baths at 5.00 as it diverts them from mischief.

Starbear Tue 15-Sep-09 12:50:11

ActingNormal It's more of a wish list than a real to do list smile
It is amazing how much more get done without a LO around. When DS gets home from school we were planning on playing with Milk Bottles & water, he asked the other day what 1 pint was etc.. So I've got two pint size 1 2 pint size & a 4 pint. I'm letting the teachers & DH (a teacher) help him with his English BUT I was hoping to do this in the garden, it is now rain cats & dogs sad
Ruby It's nice to be able to just hang out with friends. Going to try and do that next week. If I crack on now.
Sis just called me my Lovely nephew has come off his motorbike, He might have broken his wrist. sad But he is alive & well which is a godsend (he was my first darling little boy, 21 now!)

scattyspice Tue 15-Sep-09 12:54:05

Hi all.

galen poor dd. My dd is shocking at brushing her teeth so Heaven knows how she still has all hers.

AN my ds sounds much like yours. I pretty much gave up on anything but the basics when he was in reception as everything turned into a fight. Much better now he is 6.

We bath 2xweek as can't get them to go in the bath more often.

whats for tea?
Ds to gymnastics
buy cheese
bathroom de clutter


EHM Tue 15-Sep-09 12:55:58

book marking for later-been out all morning doing house stuff. but managed 25 min swim.having sarnie then must crack on. Peeing down with rain here nowsad

wendyhappysmile Tue 15-Sep-09 13:01:39

Afternoon all
No DD potty accidents today yet, made it through toddlers - hurrah! However, she is yet to use the loo of her own accord, always is asked, so I'm not confident we are doing well yet.
My craft at toddlers was well received.
Baked potato and beans for lunch. First day of period today, feeling very rough. Explains all the breakages in the last few days and the feeling psychotic angry and angry!
Off to put DD for nap. Hoping DS is nice to me today after school - here's hoping! Drink straight away seems to be working a bit but only a bit!
Ruby sounds like you're having a good day!
Star thanks for thread, sorry for nephew! Another broken wrist!
Normal I agree reading with children is much more important than housework! Both my DC love reading with me one on one - I try to do it every day as well as with them both at the same time.
galen shock for your dentist!!! Take it easy
grouchy take it easy!!!
I'll apply the same advice to myself I think grin

ActingNormal Tue 15-Sep-09 13:09:12

Swan, I agree about how baths seem to calm them down a bit! When DD was a baby she used to cry and cry around 5pm but not if she had a bath, so I used to bath her everyday. Now they are older they love it if there are bubbles and will spend time playing and not doing anything horrific in the rest of the house. Sometimes it is easier to separate the kids while one has a bath at a time because sometimes they are arguing so much when they are tired in the late afternoon that I really can't take it if I'm tired as well.

Scatty, it is encouraging to hear that things do get easier with children like my DS! Thank you!

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Tue 15-Sep-09 13:15:32

Hello again all. I won't do any individual messages as others have already said what I'd say! smile

Revised done list:-
~ Get cash out
~ Post stuff off to Boden

Still to do:-
~ Put new duvets on the beds
~ Ironing
~ Sewing
~ Walk the dog
~ Clean and polish shoes

I'm having soup for lunch. It is going to be a large portion as I had some yesterday and didn't want to eat it again tomorrow. I may just be unable to move this afternoon and therefore unable to do the rest of my list! shock grin

ActingNormal I used to bath my two every day. We'd moved with work away from family and friends and the days were pretty long even though I made new friends from antenatal and postnatal classes, most of them had family living locally so I only saw them once or twice a week. A bath each night made the day about 45 mins shorter!

As for food, I don't like crisps and only eat a few squares of high quality dark chocolate when I fancy some. The things I love eating is fruit and salad. <<strange person that I am!>>

My Irish colcannon soup (shop bought) is ready so I'm off to have lunch. See you later!

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Tue 15-Sep-09 15:41:59

I don't think I'm doing very well here! I think I'm allowing myself to get sidetracked by other jobs along the way.

Revised done list:-
~ Walk the dog
~ Some hoovering upstairs

Still to do:-
~ Put new duvets on the beds - need to check with the kids what tog duvet they need so not done yet
~ Ironing - groan!
~ Sewing - I need dd to be here as I need to hem her trousers
~ Clean and polish shoes
~ Cook roast chicken for tea. Maybe make a cake or something for pudding?

leothelioness Tue 15-Sep-09 15:55:10

Sorry not FLYing today just marking my place for later.
Hope everyone is ok

wendyhappysmile Tue 15-Sep-09 15:55:11

Hello again
DC watching TV and licking lollipops a friend sent from Disneyworld. blush
Copying CDs to iTunes but need to make tea, put some washing on, tidy up ... etc. DH late home tonight and am feeling very washed out.
Minestrone soup, perhaps. Will rouse myself.

TeaMonster Tue 15-Sep-09 16:33:55

Just a quicky rom me.

Tuesday is rappidly turning in to the new Thursday for me.

I have had a super councelling session, will discuss more once I have processed it all with DH tonight.

DS1 has gone to his swimming practice with a little buddy from school, well his mum!

I have dropped my mother off, after collecting her from the hospital. I have not managed to eat yet and the sweet & sour I have in the slow cooker is making my tummy grumble.

Off to play with DS2!!

swanriver Tue 15-Sep-09 16:49:51

Wet wet wet and gloomy outside, cosy and inviting inside - bit like a neglected bookshop or perhaps junk shop is more likeit..piles everywhere but ds2 is in the bath.
They jumped in 10,000 puddles on way home.

Put ds2's bed together again
Books back on HIS shelves
moved all videos back under bed and put dark thriller type 18's in loft pile (another pile LOL)(only family entert.allowed now)
hung out laundry
Put lots of paperwork in concertina files for kitchen (3 new cheap ones from Wilkinson)and found several mislaid pieces of info in process smile

now need to cook tea
there is also someone coming to supper but hope he has forgotten

Poor you Wendy [virtual hotwater bottles]

Hope you are alright TM
Well done on Swim EHM
Hello Simply and Leo

swanriver Tue 15-Sep-09 16:52:37

Tidied playroom so that it is a haven -possibly reason feel more cheerful today.

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