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Inspiration for DD's bedroom please

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Pinkmarshmallow Mon 14-Sep-09 15:28:05

DD is 6months old. I'm trying to create a beautiful bedroom for her that can grow with her, ie. nothing too babyish that she'll grow out of too soon. I want something nice and girly. Colours so far are mainly red and light green. My main question is what type of duvet to go for. She has these curtains from ikea. I don't particularly like the duvet that Ikea has to match it, so don't want to buy it. Her furniture is Ikea's antique stain range. Her carpet is neutral and walls are cream and have cooden cladding up to dado level. Can't paint walls at this stage. Ideally, I'd love white French-style furniture and white walls, but have to work with what I've got. THe lampshade is red and white gingham (also found in a stripe in the curtains)and she also has those read and white gingham storage boxes from ikea on her shelves. Oh, and last week I got her the heart shaped read and white gingham cushion from ikea. (yes, I love ikea!) So lots of red and gingham already, a whole duvet in red gingham would be too much. I'd like to bring in some more light green from the curtains. My mum is offering to make the duvet cover for me. She has bought a flat sheet the same colour green as is in the curtains and we have lots of red and white gingham fabric so this can all be cut up and used any way at all. Also have lots of leftover fabric from the curtains as they had to be shortened as the windows are quite small. At the moment I'm thinking of a patchwork-style duvet cover... I like the countryish look, but would this be too fussy? Any other alternatives you can think of? Thanks for taking the time to read this garble... all ideas welcome please! Tia.

beaniesinthebucketagain Mon 14-Sep-09 23:46:23

i think that sounds beautiful, a lovely change from all the powder pinks, not fussy at all,
id love a homemade patchwork quilt for my two, we brought them instead!

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