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How would I go about restuffing my sofa cushions?

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I have two beautiful huge sofas, the flat seat cushions are fine but the back cushions (loose) have scrunched up into a ball inside their covers, and it's like sitting back against balled up clothes. I do plump them but they still sag down and look messy.

I have no idea about this stuff, could I buy replacement cushions for inside? they'd be to fat and firm as the frame of the sofa is bony and unpadded behind the cushions. Should I buy foam squares, or what? Confused!

Sorry, they'd HAVE TO BE fat and firm.

MoonTheLoon Wed 16-Sep-09 17:27:44

You can buy padding stuff, to fluff them up a bit - market stalls often have cheap cushion infills, could you cut them open and re stuff?

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