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Monday Fly Thread

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EHM Mon 14-Sep-09 06:57:55

Morning ALL

BB with links etc.

EHM Mon 14-Sep-09 07:02:32

Mission if you choose to except it
Babysteps you decide

EHM Mon 14-Sep-09 07:05:14

sorry should say 'accept' blush

busy day today-Ellie first day back at Preschool since July & she is staying until 3pm. Not sure this is the right thing feeling a bit wobbly about it.
I have to re contact letting agents in area regarding any properties which will be available before 14th Oct for rent.
Shopping required.
Having eye test this morning. MUST go to gym or swim!

Have good day ladies.will be back later to catch up on weekend thread & todays.

leothelioness Mon 14-Sep-09 07:58:16


Well ds2 is still off preschool with a bad cold he lasted a whole of 4 days.
DW unload reload
load of washing
entertain poorly ds

swan i hope it all goes well for you dc

dylsmum1998 Mon 14-Sep-09 08:51:37

morning EHM thanks for threads and links, I'm sure Ellie will enjoy her day smile

today i need to get my butt in gear still not dressed hmm

wash up
dress dd
unload washer
mission think i'll make the extra room my bedroom
make cakes?
dentist dinner
dc to library return/ renew books

am very pleased as i have just had an email off my tutor saying the proposal i sent him is "very good". so pleased, not so pleased that i have just sat for over half an hour downloading and saving work to do before the start of term hmm if it took that long to download how long is going to take to do? oh well dd starts her increased sessions at nursery this week and lectures dont return til 28th so i should have more time to work on it all

TeaMonster Mon 14-Sep-09 09:33:52

Morning all

Am on the PC again as still waiting for keyboard replacement for laptop.

EHM Hope Ellie has a good day. DS2 has his home visit this afternoon - eek

Leo I remember that first couple of weeks well - catching lots of virus'

Dyls What are you doing as your proposal then?

I have done one lo9ad of washing
Hung on line
DS1 to school
DS2 bed changed and in the washer
Breakfast pots washed
S&S 2 loos

I have also home blessed most of upstairs too - silly time waking up again!!!

To Do's

Clean sewing machine
Home blessing
Whats for dinner
Whats for lunch
Put ironing away
plan the week
make a first birthday card
wrap pressies
Zone clean - saved on laptop - will post later
ring courier company
list some things on ebay

galen Mon 14-Sep-09 10:11:58

Morning all!

EHM hope ellie has a good day
leo hope ds soon better
dyls well done on proposal
TM soory bout early waking - but sounds like you've been productive!

Busy morning so far...up at 6.00 but still doesnt seem enough time to fit everything in...will have to be 5.30 tomorrow I think...shock

All up breakfasted, dressed
Walked DS1 to bus stop then back (20 mins) took dog so that killed 2 birds with one stone!
Cleared breakfast stuff
Laundry reboot
Room rescue and hot spot put out in dining room
School drop off
Home - snack DD4 and DS2
S&S one bathroom (2 to go LOL)
Made dentist app for DD2

To Do:
Ring vets (to arrange new doggy check up LOL)
Take dog walk on hill (next)
Make chick and mushroom pie
S&S other 2 B'rooms
Laundry reboot
Clean washing away

Right best get on...

BBL grin

RubysReturn Mon 14-Sep-09 10:29:18

Hi all
busy weekend. DDs exhausted after school. I think we need to keep extra activities under control!

House needs a bomb blessing!. Had a haircut and need to get moving!

galen Mon 14-Sep-09 11:34:09

Oh ruby yay for haircut. I know what you mean about after school stuff... all ours start up this dreading it LOL

scattyspice Mon 14-Sep-09 12:31:46


Back to work! Seems strange (yet peaceful) driving to work alone after (6yrs of nursery drop off!)

EHM hope ellie has a good day

swan hope it goes well for ds today

Everyone sounding very busy.

DS to school done
collect dc
check milk and bread

Dh is at home this week to managed DDs 2nd week of 1/2 days. I told him he can come on MN and he needs to do a home blessing LOl. I won't tell you what he said to that!

I am pacing myself this week as lots happening.

EHM Mon 14-Sep-09 12:37:52

leothelioness hope poorly ds is on mend soon.
dyls well done you on your proposals.
tea good luck with home visit. I am sure it will be fine.
galen wow you have been busy.
ruby happy new haircutsmile

Right I've done so far:

made beds
washed dressed, me & dd
breakfast & clear away
empty dw
cleaned bathroom
drop Ellie off at PS
Contact Lens check
Phoned & booked viewing on a new house for tomorrow
unpacked shopping & put away
folded laundry-on clothes airer
hung out load of washing
made & ate sandwich (just drinking cuppa)

still do do:
post thank you card & letter to Wheelie Washers
Order 1st birthday card for my twin nieces 1st birthday
phone more letting agents
enquire about storage costs
check out Ebay for Kidsmill Nursery Furniture (thinking about listing Ellie's cotbed, unit & wardrobe)
make Curry for tea
go for swin
collect ellie
iron clothes dried last night & washed today
lay out clothes for tomorrow
make packed lunch
catch up on yesterdays thread

BB for now!

EHM Mon 14-Sep-09 12:38:43

scatty x postssmile

galen Mon 14-Sep-09 13:40:54

Afternoon all

scatty yes that must seem odd, after 6 years!

ehm very imrpressive lists!

Updated done:
Ring vets (to arrange new doggy check up LOL) DONE
Take dog walk on hill (next) DONE
Make chick and mushroom pie NEXT
S&S other 2 B'rooms AFTER NEXT!!!
Laundry reboot ALSO NEXT LOL
Clean washing away LATER

hmm not doing too great then....and now lost all must make myself get up and on with it!

BBL grin

grouchyoscar Mon 14-Sep-09 13:56:41


Having a naff day. GOjr wore me out before he got to school. Boris is on the prowl and I am exhausted. Bah!

There's a tray of brownies in the oven and they smell divine. That should cheer me up

GOjr being a PITA, running to his agenda in his time. I'm too tired for it all hmm

Snap me out of this please

wendyhappysmile Mon 14-Sep-09 14:07:59

Grouchy just have a little rest on the sofa with a brownie, a book or magazine and some music you haven't listened to in a while! That may recharge you before you need to pick up GOjr in an hour. Keep smiling smile
Hello all
Had a relaxed, slow yet strangely theraputic and productive day. Sorted the 'doodle drawers' and the toys in the conservatory, swept, dusted and mopped in there. Potty training going ok so far, a few accidents but she is up for it. (choc buttons helping!)
See you soon.
Oh, Galen and Ruby I am thinking of DLParis at half term for a couple of nights - can you email me how you did it and tips please? i.e. did you drive? Where did you stay? What did you take? Is it worth it?!
wendylanguage at tiscali dot co dot uk
Thank you!

ActingNormal Mon 14-Sep-09 14:10:29

Wendy and Swan, thank you for saying encouraging things on the weekend thread smile

EHM I haven't read the mission as I'm so tired I think I'll only get the essential things done today. DD (6) woke me up at 3.30am to say she couldn't sleep. I was pleased with myself for not getting angry with her. I told her to look at books til she felt sleepy and make sure she doesn't wake anyone else up, like I've told her before, and I'm really pleased with her that she did this and didn't come back in. I heard her reading her books for almost an hour before it sounded like she was asleep so she resisted coming in a hundred times keeping us awake like she has done previously! Unfortunately though, I couldn't get back to sleep and I really need my sleep.

It's so hard to know how much preschool/school your kids can cope with until they do it! I thought my DD was so grown up when she was 4 that she was really ready for school, but she cried every time she left me to go in to the classroom nearly every day for a year. I thought my DS was still quite babyish and just not ready for school, but he has done a week and a day of half days and there has been no crying, just excitement! He has been really confident about it! I couldn't have predicted how either of them were!

Leo, are you being easy on yourself as you have a sick child home? You can't be expected to get as much done as usual. I should take my own advice too! DS's tiredness from his first week at school has just caught up with him today and he is being quite difficult. It has taken ages to get him to do the simplest things since collecting him at 11.15, so I can't get things done, yet still feel like I'm doing really badly. It took longer to walk home because of arguments about him wanting to walk on people's garden walls. Then it took him longer to get changed because he wanted me to do it for him but I want him to learn how to do it himself ready for when he has to do it for PE! The bits I know he can do, I'm insisting that he does, but I had to be patient and keep saying he must do it while he messed around and kept asking me to do it for ages. Then it takes him ages to eat lunch. Then he keeps asking me the same questions about things over and over again and asking why about everything. I don't mind this too much but it does slow me down from getting anything done. All these things seem harder when you feel tired though sad

DylsMum, good luck with your studying. It's nice to have something else to be interested in as well as the daily things that you have to do, in a 'change is as good as a break' sort of way.

Ruby, I know what you mean about the kids being tired after school. I'm not planning to do 'proper' activities with them after school (apart from ballet tonight and a couple of after school playdates per week). I'll just do DD's school reading book and then sort of watch what they are doing and 'join in' with it when I want to give them my 'interaction'. I'm not going to pressure them into doing anything which takes too much concentration unless they decide to do it themselves and want my help. I plan to do 'proper' activities on weekends and half terms but this weekend just gone I didn't really manage it apart from taking them to a party.

Scatty, it made me laugh what you said about your DH. At the weekend mine said he felt he had done enough chores (garden stuff) to qualify as a "Fly Man".

My short flute lesson this morning seems to have taken up the whole morning, with getting there and back and making a few notes about the lesson. DH phoned earlier and I told him this, expecting him to think I was rubbish for not having got anything done in the house, but he said he thought it would take up the whole time til I had to collect DS. This really pleased me.

I'm just going to do the essential things:

-one load of washing
-iron shirt for DH

..before collecting DD and then I have to take both kids to DD's ballet in the next town and keep DS entertained during her lesson (he used to be at nursery during this time but now he is at school I have to take him with me). I find Mondays tiring with ballet after school for some reason (I don't find it tiring taking them to Mothers' Meetings after school on Weds and Thu but I suppose I've got the excitement of other mothers to talk to and coffee on those days to keep my energy up). I need to go and get more diesel on the way which seems to make me a bit anxious as well (I'm not very happy with car related things).

I am SO tired, and 'PMT Psycho week' makes me even more tired and just don't want to do anything really! A Red Bull might be necessary although I only have one if I feel 'desperate'. What a drip I am today!

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Mon 14-Sep-09 14:22:58

Hello to all and thanks for the thread EHM.

Skim reading the thread, I think there are a few of us not feeling 100% (or even 80%!) today. Let's have a 'be kind to ourselves and cut ourselves some slack day', eh? I woke up feeling rough and went back to bed for another 2 hours' sleep.

Since then I have:-
~ e-mailed work
~ put 2 loads of washing on
~ put 1 load out and brought 1 in
~ moved stuff on and off the airer
~ signed for my bedding delivery
~ played some chess
~ had lunch

To do:-
~ open delivery, check it is all there and put it all where it is to go
~ sort old duvets ready to go to launderette
~ wash up and unload d/w
~ water plants
~ get cash out ready for tutor tonight
~ post stuff off to Boden
~ walk the dog
~ sort out something for tea tonight

See you all later and remember that we're having a 'Be kind to ourselves' afternoon. smile

swanriver Mon 14-Sep-09 14:36:04

Feeling utterly exhausted but incredibly relieved...Super dooper consultant decided it was better not to operate after all, and treat problem "conservatively" rather than intervene further. But we didn't get out of there until 1.30pm, having arrived at Plaster is off and physiotherapy prescribed (lots of swimming too) The more they talked about the operation the more awful it sounded so I am very smile and thankful that ds1 has escaped.


Grouchy - tell the day to naff off and behave better -
Galen you need a brownie too after the hill
Scatty - yes, I can imagine a weird feeling - the serenity!
EHM - will that be everyday - or could you keep some days lunchtime pickup? (only if you feel you wanted her back earlier of course - sometimes nurseries can be a bit pushy about afternoon sessions - or sometimes other mothers can be a bit competitve about it toosad )
TM - early starts are not my friend, I thnk you and Galen are amazing to be so productive.

what's for dinner
baked pots, semolina, pork chops (defrost) veg
Defrost mince for tomorrow
more laundry to do now

Oh and managed to read a very serious book in hospital about evolution by dint of taking nothing else fun to read so feel a bit less dull and boring smile

wendyhappysmile Mon 14-Sep-09 14:42:02

Oh, Swan that's fantastic news! Those trampolines are such a menace! I have several dc of friends got broken this and that on them.
Right off to play for 15 mins smile then time to collect DS - hurrah!

swanriver Mon 14-Sep-09 14:46:02

Acting Normal welldone on calm management of wakeful child

galen Mon 14-Sep-09 14:53:35

swan what a relief for you and DS.
actingnormal I think a flute lesson is a wondeful thing to have used you rtime for grin
wendy will email you later e DLP
simply love idea of be kind to oursleves afternoon LOL
grouchy take it easy

oh....must dash school pick up....

what happened to the last hour hmm

EHM Mon 14-Sep-09 15:34:04

swan great news for you & dcsmile Ellie will be doing Mon/Tues 915-3pm & Wed 915-1230. I could have had more but felt it would be too much. Plus next September Ellie will start school so I won't have a choicesad
simply good for you going back to bedsmile hope you feel brighter.
actingnormal go for you getting dd to read until she was sleepysmile Its so hard to be patient during the wee small hours. I too need my sleep especially when its my physcho PMT time. You sound like you are doing really well fly wisesmile
wendy glad to read potty training going ok-chocolate always helps here toosmile
grouchy hope you took it easy.
galenwhen did you get the new dog?

Right I've done so far:

made beds
washed dressed, me & dd
breakfast & clear away
empty dw
cleaned bathroom
drop Ellie off at PS
Contact Lens check
Phoned & booked viewing on a new house for tomorrow
unpacked shopping & put away
folded laundry-on clothes airer
hung out load of washing
made & ate sandwich (just drinking cuppa)
post thank you card & letter to Wheelie Washers
Order 1st birthday card for my twin nieces 1st birthday
phone more letting agents
enquire about storage costs
check out Ebay for Kidsmill Nursery Furniture (thinking about listing Ellie's cotbed, unit & wardrobe)
make Curry for tea
collect ellie
lay out clothes for tomorrow

Still to do:
go for swin
iron clothes dried last night & washed today
make packed lunch
catch up on yesterdays thread

Ellie had fun but is very tired. Just having snack & drink. then i think long bath, tea & bed for missy.

Hopefully be back later if not see you tomorrow.x

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Mon 14-Sep-09 15:57:16

Hello again to all and thanks for good wishes!

My revised done list:-
~ open delivery, check it is all there some more still to come
~ wash up and unload d/w
~ sort out something for tea tonight pie
~ washed cat and dog bowls
~ another load in the w/m

To do:-
~ put the new stuff where it is to go
~ water plants
~ get cash out ready for tutor tonight
~ post stuff off to Boden
~ walk the dog
~ sort old duvets ready to go to launderette

I'd better get back to it!

grouchyoscar Mon 14-Sep-09 16:30:03

Brownies are yummy, I've dividdy them up and popped them in a tin

Lunches done for tomorrow
Uniform for morning
Brownies made
GOjr's bed made
Kitchen tidied
DW loaded and run
GOjr collected (yet another series of demands and tantrums)
Homework done

Just got dinner to make now as DH is unwell. I was hoping to hand over at 6:30 but looks like that's spannerred now

swanriver Mon 14-Sep-09 16:37:42

Washed drycleaning in washing machine on delicates prog in attempt to save money and time
ministered to slghtly grumpy dd
baked pots in

another parent has informed me there's an open day for a favourite (boy)secondary school this evening, not sure if I'm going to get away but will try if dh in good mood.

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