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Can these be saved?

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noddyholder Sun 13-Sep-09 17:25:11

Some of the glasses have come out of the dishwasher with a white cloudy effect and it looks permanent.About 3 like this and the reat perfectly ok.Only wash everyday ones in there and never had this before Can i get it off?TIA

Flamesparrow Sun 13-Sep-09 17:48:56

What happens when you try washing them by hand?

noddyholder Sun 13-Sep-09 17:51:06

i rinsed them and they looked clear but are misty again now

GentleOtter Sun 13-Sep-09 17:52:14

I think it is something to do with the salt in the dishwasher or tablets. Sorry,I don't think they will go clear again.

bigTillyMint Sun 13-Sep-09 17:53:16

THere is a way - I read about it in one of those Aggie columns in the colour supplement, but I can't remember what they said! Is it something to do with not enough salt in the washer?

noddyholder Sun 13-Sep-09 18:33:48

The dishwasher has salt and rinse stuff in it Only topped up yesterday.Will look for tips on google and see

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