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weekend fly - happy days are here again.

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scattyspice Sat 12-Sep-09 08:45:01


scattyspice Sat 12-Sep-09 08:51:01

Well girls. I can definately confirm that blondes have more fun (well this one did) grin.

Not sure whats happening today. I have odds and ends to get (pumps for PE etc). Ds needs to do some reading, dd neads to do her (getting dressed) homework. Library books need to be found and returned. My sister may call and ds has a (slightly fancy dress) party to attend. smile

Have a good day all.

wendyhappysmile Sat 12-Sep-09 09:08:57

Had a horrible day yesterday, involving my mum not turning up to meet me with dd when she was supposed to - me finding them an hour later - I was frantic! Then she was very unapologetic, told me I was upsetting her and I was aggressive (yes, surprisingly!) and walked off and left me and DD in the middle of town - she had the car! I phoned her last night and just got all the usual that I'm sick of hearing from her - I'm nasty, critcal, aggressive, not a nice person blah blah blah. Why she can't just accept me for being me - i.e. honest, blunt as my main faults, but that's just me. Honestly, I was so upset, and cross at myself as we ended up in a blazing row on the phone basically with her slagging me off and me trying to understand why she didn't meet me where she said she would sad
Tea I'm sure you understand. Thing is with my mum, she has NO friends at all and is always getting upset by things people say - she can't handle real life and wants everyone to be nice to her all the time.
I am sick of families!
Anyway - sorry!
Day off today - kids off to DH's mum and dad's and staying. We are going to strip wallpaper in bedroom and paint walls in there - it's been getting on my nerves since we moved in - and probably a nice walk and a picnic somewhere just us.
Have a good day all, off to yoga in a minute, hope all of you are well, off to read yesterday's thread!

wendyhappysmile Sat 12-Sep-09 09:17:27

Ruby well done on the interview! And I wish you were my RL friend with the wanting to help your friend with her decorating smile
scatty hair sounds good, I had cut yesterday too but it just looks tidier not different!
everyone hi and see you all later!

Starbear Sat 12-Sep-09 09:22:21

Morning all Thank you *Scatty for the Thread.
Wendy My Mum drives me potty and I can't hold my tongue. I could tell you some stories but I really should be jumping in the shower. Have DH collegue & family who have just moved into the area coming around in 1/2 hour for tea and buns. Friends dropping off their two kids while they get their Ds's Birthday party sorted. Still did not wrap present, Party to do to and a list of things to do later for BBQ tomorrow! Ciao. smile Deep breaths wendy

grouchyoscar Sat 12-Sep-09 10:01:36

Is it the weekend? YAY! Mind you, I'll be as busy as I have been all week. GOjr to a party then homework then ironing oh and GOjr to U8s rugby game, he wont be playing but he becomes part of the team IYKWIM.

I feel like a corpse today. Ho hum. I'll get through it. Done so far

Up and meds
Nit comb me and GOjr (Only 1 this time smile)
Make our bed
Make GOjr's sky bed
Peg out
Vac front room

Scatty I understand re mothers. Mine is certainly NPD and boy do I have some stories.

Better get the card written, golly, I'm rambling.

RubysReturn Sat 12-Sep-09 11:00:55

Scatty, I think you should be SaucySpice just for the day wink.

Shame Wendy. Hope yoga works its magic.

Are you getting appt with neuro Grouch? You are so dynamic, it would be a shame to get bogged down by Boris.

Planning a gentle weekend. DDs tutor is coming. I know they are frowned upon by MN, but she is fab. tbh, it is more for the amazing boost she gives to their confidence. DD1 has just gone into highest math group and the difference in her self-esteem is visible. It is not that I want them to be top of every group (thought that would be nice),it just want them to reach their potential.

TeaMonster Sat 12-Sep-09 11:17:09

Wendy I know and feel your pain. I often find myself holding back, as I worry what my mother would do. She doesn't understand that she is only on the periphery of my family now and the world doesn't revolve round her. I told her "I would try to make more of an effort to talk to her this week" - her response " it shouldn't be an effort, it should come naturally" She only has one friend, but she works and my mum doesn't and hasn't since we were little, she alienated all her other friends after my father died.

She once took the boys out when DS2 was tiny, whilst I went for my six week check and I told her I would ring her to find out where she was after the appointment - well she forgot her mobile. I was frantic and I lost it with her. It resulted in me buying a pay as you go phone and keeping it in the nappy bag for the next year and a half.

I still chant I am not responsible for my mothers happiness all the time.


Weather is fab, DS1 and DH at football practice.

Me and DS2 are chilling round the house. Chicken is ion the oven and I am thinking what we should do with the rest of the day.

I have to take photo's of MIL's dogs tomorrow - don't ask

Scatty Glad it was a good night - I have an ells song - well at least a prase from it stuck in my mind, makes me think of my youth - I am a go all nighter prizefighter [ blush]]

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Sat 12-Sep-09 12:27:30

Hello to all. Just bookmarking for now. See you again later!

ActingNormal Sat 12-Sep-09 12:53:57

Happy weekend everyone.

Are we really supposed to do a load of housework at the weekend?

I've done breakfast and will do a small lunch then taking kids to a party.

I just like to do things more slowly at the weekend than in the week.

Jas Sat 12-Sep-09 13:07:02


I am keeping on top of the FLYing, despite very erratic posting here. Not much to do tbh. (Well there is always stuff I could be doing but the mess I used to have just doesn't get the chance to accumulate any moreshock.

I need to strip wallpaper, too, but will leave it til next week when ds goes back to nursery.

Wendysad Why are families such hard work?
Remember the mantra - I am not responsible for my mothers happiness.....

My parents were here this week, and I am happy to say I am the luckiest person I know wrt family....they are lovelygrin DPs family is slowly self destructing though but I am trying to support him and not get involved in everything else.

It is my birthday tomorrowgrin We are planning n going out, but need the bikes to get there and dd2s is lost/stolensad. Hpefully we can borrow one for her.

scattyspice Sat 12-Sep-09 13:16:20

I have banned the computer (but dh has taken dc to the park, so sneaking back on blush).
AN Noo. We don't to housework at the weekend (unless we forgot to do it during the week). Sat is officially ^family fun day^ and sun is ^Renew the spirit day^ smile.
TM Thanks for that link grin great song, I will add it to my ipod. Yeh - that was me wink.

Wendy and TM I sympathise. I have got on fine with my Mum since I moved 200 miles away when I was 19. Distance is key.

Right, best assemble fancy dress for ds.

leothelioness Sat 12-Sep-09 13:18:35

starbear I am in turkey going to d ubai for hols as my db lives there so accomodation is free (yay)

making**changes The KFC diet sounds good let me know how it goes I might try it too grin

wendy it sounds like you having a terrible time with your mum, just try to forget about it and I hope you have a good weekend with your own family.

scatty wow i must have missed the post where you said you went blond. So you can now officially confirm to us that blonds do indeed have more fun!

washing one load in one out done
dw unload reload done
lunch done
studying (not FLYing but need to do it anyway)

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Sat 12-Sep-09 13:36:37

Hello again all. Just a quickie from me.

I'm almost sorted ready for tonight. I'm going to get my hair cut and blow dried this afternoon so need now to tidy up the mess in my bedroom I made earlier as it is covered with shoes, handbags, tights etc. I decided that as the bed wasn't visible, I couldn't change the sheets. Then I went in the spare bedroom which is an absolute tip and was surprised to find the hoover there so I hoovered all the upstairs and the stairs. I think I'll leave it in the hallway and see if dh takes the hint! smile

No, he's just found The Sat Times which I'd misplaced deliberately. Drat!

Family fun day is a bit tricky for me as dd is working all afternoon and ds is doing coursework or somesuch in his room. I haven't heard him practice his music for a few days so I'll prod him as I head to my room. I doubt that I'll feel like spending half an hour clearing the bed late tonight so that we can sleep there so I'm going to go and do that now.

Hwyl am y tro! Bye for now!

grouchyoscar Sat 12-Sep-09 15:26:14

Back from the bowling party. It was great, GOjr loved it and really got into bowling. It's something we will do again as a family. seems an economic day out tbh

I've made a bouquet garni of herbs for the neighbour and lifted the potatoes from tghe last bucket. I'm having a lie down now as DH is out with the in laws tonight and someone has to look after GOjr. A good chance to get him to do his homework

Laters ladies

Starbear Sat 12-Sep-09 15:27:54

scatty envy No housework at weekend impossible for us. sad Wish London wasn't so expensive!
Leo So it's sun,sun,sun for you. I would love to go to Istanbul. But have no A/L left.
I think I'm going to put on my list sit & read Saturday Times.
What a hectic morning. I woke up at 5am worrying about work (as per usual now that the hols are finished) at 6am stopped trying as DS got up anyway!
So Far
Entertained, fed & watered guests. Looked after friends kids. Family to party.
Eating Birthday cake & a cuppa now. DH has gone to football
Left to do
Check fridge & Freeze before going shopping
Shopping mainly for BBQ
Tidy house of toys, guests emptied every toy box and basket onto the floor! Ds & his friend did tidy downstairs.
I emptied a draw to find Batman costume for DS. Now going at least to sort out one draw.
Read the Saturday Times smile
Have a fab time.

galen Sat 12-Sep-09 18:42:16

evening all

wendy I sympathise. Mums can be hard work. The only way I cope with mine is that we moved further away and so dont see them that often...sounds awful, but makes it easier to mantain a civil relationship!

everyone-else Hi...will hopefully get back for more individuals later....

fairly chilled day here. I am really loving having a dog as it MAKES you get out for long walks! Had a lovely long walk in the woods with doggy and Ds1 - got to spend some lovely 1:1 time with him and had a great chat about his new school whilst doggy trotted through the woods happy as larry!

Only really done basics other than that today!"
Have done LOTS of homework with DC - bit much for littler ones if you ask me but still!

Need to finish off a fewbits tonight....

hopefully BBL grin

leothelioness Sat 12-Sep-09 19:26:41

everything done on my list today (kept it short and simple maybe thats why) except studying so must try and fit in a bit before bed.

See you all tommorrow!

scattyspice Sat 12-Sep-09 19:32:56

galen dog walks sounds lovely, great way to get out and about with the kids. Homework is the bane of our lives angry.

Really hot and sunny here smile. Ds had a good time at his party (his friends are so nice). My sister dropped by and played with dd so a good aft all round.

TeaMonster Sat 12-Sep-09 19:34:05

We have a super afternoon at the beach just look at the sky how blue

TeaMonster Sat 12-Sep-09 19:46:05

I am not sure I agree on lots of homework for littlies, DS1 is shattered when he gets home from school, thankfully only reading at the moment though.

Galen Dog sounds wonderful

Swan I am thinking of you and DS1 at the moment, but just wanted to say DH's God Daughter had a recurring fracture on her arm which had to be broke and rebroke. She actually ended up with a pin in it at 7. She is now 21 and you would never know.

Boys are in bed.
Washing is hung out

Me and DH need to make a plan for tomorrow

Really nice day today, although minimal flying done

dylsmum1998 Sat 12-Sep-09 20:05:21

evening all
wendy sorry to hear your troubles with your mum. i dont get on great with mine either, so much that i would never leave dc with her (but thats a long story for another day). i have actually become intolerant of her i realised the other week. i have always barely tolerated her, but something has changed recently so much so that i can't talk to her, at a family party the other week i only managed 2 sentances and they were not consecutivehmm

scatty glad you had a good night out

swan hope all has gone well with you and ds

ruby great news about the job

ds was back to swim lessons today, am so proud of him he swims so well, and my cousin stayed last night. dd was supposed to be staying at her dads but she refused to go. so her dad spent the day here playing with her, i popped in and out doing errands. then ds went to his dad and cousin went home. i then shut myself in bedroom intending to do n hour uni reading while dd played with her dad. and emerged several hours later having written my dissertation proposal shock. have emailed it to tutor for him to comment and constructively criticise.

quick dinner and dd to bed. am suprised its not intolerably messy in here tonight. put a few bits and peices away and its done smile

dylsmum1998 Sat 12-Sep-09 20:08:27

tm, hope you dont mind my asking do you live near west kirby beach, looking at your blog pictures and you have someone in the background who looks suspiciously like my sis!

TeaMonster Sat 12-Sep-09 20:59:20

I am im Morth Yorkshire

dylsmum1998 Sat 12-Sep-09 21:21:14

lol ok, maybe not looks like my sis has a double grin

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