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damson jam anyone?

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purplepeony Fri 11-Sep-09 20:41:19

I can make jam but have never made damson- does it get all the bits of skin in it like other plum jams? Is it easy to get the stones out of the damson when they are smaller than ordinary plums? recipe I have says slit the damsons before boiling and the stoes float to the surface- sounds optimistic to me- does it work like that?

claireybee Fri 11-Sep-09 20:48:09

I think we put ours through a colander when we made it, was a couple of years ago now though.

IIRC damsons are quite high in pectin so it sets quite firm. You can use a bit less sugar too.

earlyonemorning Sun 13-Sep-09 12:35:08

Ha ha, I love those over optimistic recipes.

I make damson jam every year (this will be year 6) and have learned the following things:

1) freeze them first, then they pop when they defrost and boil down quicker
2) it sets very firm, very quick - I have written a note in my jam book that says 'test for setting from 3 mins after boiling'.
3) if you like smooth jam, you must push it through a sieve. It's tedious, but nececssary to get out the stones and the skins.

If you can deal with skins in your jam (which we can), you still need to pull all the stones out with a slotted spoon after you've boiled the damsons down, which takes ages and means you need to count your damsons in and your stones out. It's therefore quicker just to push it through a sieve and means that if you lose your energy for jam-making you can freeze the puree and make a kind of damson sauce for duck or pork, as long as you haven't added the jam sugar.

I think I've rambled a bit - sorry.

Katisha Sat 26-Sep-09 19:07:36

Just to say I have just picked about 14 lbs of damsons from trees around our village without really trying! They are just dripping off the branches!

We have made a load of jam - DH did it actually and fished out all the stones and skins. We are going to have to make some more - it's just criminal to let them all go to waste!

This is a rural area yet nobody seems to be using the damsons or blackberries at all!

pinkthechaffinch Sun 27-Sep-09 15:39:24

gets very firm and solid- but then it becomes 'damson cheese' which keeps forever and is quite nice.

It's a very old-fashioned dish I believe.

Katisha Sun 27-Sep-09 17:32:25

I think damson cheese and damson jam are slightly different processes.
we have just made quite runny jam, which is how we like it.

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