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Black crayon on a cream carpet!

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LaDiDaDi Fri 11-Sep-09 20:05:44

Has anyone got any ideas as to how I might get black crayon off a cream carpet as dd did a lovely big scribble on said carpet this afternoon and so far Vanish carpet cleaner and a lot of elbow grease hasn' shifted it.

Also, if I can't get it off do you think that I could claim on my house insurance under accidental damage? Or is that just cheeky?

CarGirl Fri 11-Sep-09 20:07:48

no idea, is it wax & a wool carpet??? It could be the iron & greaseproof paper trick.

Yes I think you can claim for it BUT you will get increased premiums so I'd probably live with it until your dc are older.

LaDiDaDi Fri 11-Sep-09 20:08:55

It is wax but the carpet is some sort of wool mix with lots of ther stuff in there too.

CarGirl Fri 11-Sep-09 20:09:39

I think you can't use the iron trick then!

Have you tried googling for solutions?

LaDiDaDi Fri 11-Sep-09 20:21:26

They've got the iron trick and various other suggestions including rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and WD-40!

ButtercupWafflehead Sat 12-Sep-09 17:09:55

Have you any offcuts you could practice on?

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