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Thursdays Fly ;Clean that Grease lighting around the kitchen

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Starbear Thu 10-Sep-09 09:14:27

I hope I'm getting better at this smile

Starbear Thu 10-Sep-09 09:21:43

Morning all The sun is shining and it will be a great day to do some gardening so I'm going to whizz around the house.
Going to ask a question first. How is your kid's bed made up. Ds had a quilt last night I think he got hot, kicked it off, then woke up at 6am cold. He then got into our bed and fidgeted which was very annoying and made DH grumpy (not an attractive quality)
I'm going to put blankets and sheets back on his bed what do you reckon?

ActingNormal Thu 10-Sep-09 09:42:35

Haha to that mission - my motto has always been, if you can't see it don't clean it grin. Am I going to get told off for saying that?

Sheets and blankets Starbear - sounds much too hard work! How old is your DS? Is he young enough to go in a 'grobag' which he can't kick off?

Before I forget I must remind myself:

- get frozen bread out of freezer as kids need a picnic to take to their friends' house after school.

My little bit of flute practice must have paid off yesterday as I felt like I did ok at Flute Choir last night!

That reminds me, I must remind myself to:

- look at maps and directions how to get to the place where my extra flute lessons are going to be, starting next week. I'm very excited and lucky to be able to do something just for me that I want to do [happy]

Another job that I will enjoy (so shouldn't really count it on here) is to transfer the stuff I want from this laptop, which is about to pack up, onto DH's laptop which he has said I can use. I'll do that this evening.

As my list of chores to do on my new timetable seemed hard to achieve while DS is doing half days at school, and could be demoralising I will concentrate on the most essential tasks first:

- dishwasher/make kitchen 'hygienic'
- one load of washing
- iron shirt for DH for tomorrow
- make picnic for children and me to take to friend's house

If I have time I really should:

- put away a load of washed laundry which is crumpled up in loads of bin bags on our bedroom floor (aaarggh I can feel people's disapproval [wince]).

I resolve to buy two proper laundry baskets and fold the clothes straight out of the tumble dryer and put them away before the baskets get full and I resort to bin bags! I will buy them at the weekend if I can't get to Dunelm Mill before that.

If I have any more time left - which I'm sure I won't, I did want to do flute practice every day as I want to feel I'm getting good at something.

scattyspice Thu 10-Sep-09 09:45:50

Morning star smile.

Mine have quilts, with fleece blankets in thw winter. DS can manage at night but dd is up with any excuse (too hot, cold, needs a wee, needs a drink, scared, bored!!) someone usually ends up on the sofa bed tsk.

ds to school done
dd to school
kitchen missions
loaf about
collect both
whats for tea??

Had a busy evening yesterday. DS went to Beavers after all (1st time) but wanted me to stay for a while (still shy boy). He managed fine in the end and wants to go again. TBH I quite enjoyed it. 6-8 yo boys are the funniest things! grin.


bath night

RubysReturn Thu 10-Sep-09 09:52:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Starbear Thu 10-Sep-09 10:00:36

ActingNormal Yes, but being woken up at 6am is not good either! Ds is about to be 5 yrs. sad Might buy him an extra blanket and see how we do.
I went to the Zoo last week and saw the cockroaches yukky. Dust is fine, moths are fine, but real dirt that attracts flies and cockroaches must be banished
I also have clean laundry on the office floor where I hide it from my Mum yesterday blush Cockroaches don't dress so its okay! Ironing is totally unnecessary evil IMO grin
Ok must hit the oven:-
Laundry in W/M Hot mainly To clean W/M
D/W on
Tidy Ds's room Might make a list of little things that I can get the room to inspire me to clean it!
Recycle bin soaking finish cleaning
Look at OU forms & college courses
Order sticky labels
Should I clean the oven? I should really!!
See ya at tea break time. grin

littleboyblue Thu 10-Sep-09 10:07:15

Oh.......I've been doing the hallway this week. Have I lost a week somewhere? I thought it was zone 1 week. Oh well. I was looking forward to the kitchen too.

Don't know what I'm doing today as m to do list is written in my diary which I left at play group yesterday. It has my shopping list in there too so just waiting for the croupy baby to wake up so I can go and get it.

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Thu 10-Sep-09 10:38:17

Bore da pawb. Good morning all. smileJust a quickie.

RR I think you're right to cut yourself a bit of slack until you feel more able to deal with things as you normally do. Sometimes things come at us all in one go and it's rather overwhelming. I tend to go a bit quiet and think things over until I've slept on it enough to feel better. I'm sending a virtual hug vibe your way. smile

Starbear Thanks for the thread and for the quirky thread title!

~ put a load of washing on and out on line
~ showered and dressed
~ gathered all the towels in the house for washing
~ emptied some bins

I made a list of stuff I need to do before I went to bed last night as it was all fresh in my mind. What a list! It'll keep me going for a few days.

To do today:-
~ Empty the washing basket
~ Take dd to optician
~ E-mail work
~ Post stuff back to Boden
~ Do the washing up
~ Walk the dog

See you later and have a good day all!

Makingchanges Thu 10-Sep-09 10:46:30

Morning all

DD has a lightweight quilt on - she went through a stage of pushing it off and saying she was cold but now we just go and put it back on (DH will not under any circumstances allow DD in bed before morning hmm

Today list

Make fresh bread - DD keeps asking for toast for breakfast and I keep having to say no.
Make chilli for tea
wash bedding
breakfast - done
DD to nursery (going to try to get her to walk inspired by thread but will probably end up driving as usual)
Ring school re volunteering placement
3 mile walk around local lake (feel motivated by bad weigh in yesterday - I need to get moving)
mop floors
sort through paperwork mountain

catch up later

scattyspice Thu 10-Sep-09 10:57:46

ruby its a funny week, this week - all highs and lows. simply speaks sense smile.

Good luck with those lists girls! We have been making scones (and mess).

RubysReturn Thu 10-Sep-09 11:26:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dylsmum1998 Thu 10-Sep-09 11:45:53

star dd has a lightweight quilt on her bed, but she rarely keeps it on. sometimes she'll say is to hot and take a fleece blanket instead, i usually cover her over when i go to bed and when i get up for a wee in the night.

ruby hope you are feeling brighter soon, good idea to just do little things for now

done so far today
make ds lunch
ds to school
dd to nursery
wash up
sort dry washing
unload washer
make beds
go to infants school to meet teachers and arrange this years placement
sort through crap paperwork in kitchen drawer
started to shred said paperwork and i think i have broken the shredder- its now making a very funny noise and no longer shredding hmm

to do
try amd shred rest of paper
check emails
whats for tea?
collect dd
start reading etc for uni
s&s bathroom


Makingchanges Thu 10-Sep-09 11:55:12

Dylsmum - I'm sure you've checked but is it full - Ours was full (over the line on the side not overflowing) and making a wierd noise but I didn't realise until DH pointed it out through laughter.

Starbear Thu 10-Sep-09 12:17:36

Tea break
ActingNormal While clean the oven I thought my comments were a bit harsh blushPls forgive me. I find cleaning the counter tops a breeze as I don't have a large American kitchen and no paperwork allowed to stay in there (unless pinned on notice board) Saying that I do have a silly bachelor sink, little round, good for nothing, sink that makes oven clean a horrible chore sadI rinsed the racks in the garden with a hose!
I tempted to discuss my kitchen woes & dreams but, I might really bore you all. Back in a Mo someone at the door!

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Thu 10-Sep-09 12:18:50

Dylsmum I am a bit of an expert on jamming the shredder. blush I let it get too full before emptying it. I press reverse and then it all gets jammed up. I then have to switch it off and unplug it and use one of my small kitchen vegetable knives to tease out the trapped paper. Good luck!

RR I just went on You Tube to see if I could find you my favourite song and I did but 1. It's all in Welsh and 2. It's a religious hymn and 3. My kids say I have a very weird taste in music so it's unlikely to be to your taste. A work colleague who had to suffer me leading the singing on a long bus trip once called my knowledge of music 'eclectic'. wink I cannot carry a tune in a bucket!

Right. Am waffling so will go. Back later.

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Thu 10-Sep-09 12:36:25

The meaning of my last post was that I can't sing, I like everything from religious stuff to rude/silly/kids songs and I'm probably a bit too loud, too. blush What's the betting that if there is ever a FLY meet-up, it'll be arranged secretly and I won't be invited? wink smile

Starbear Thu 10-Sep-09 12:45:57

Back... Scatty I'm looking forward to taking Ds to Beavers, I also want to help out!So I really hopes he likes it.
RR Hope you've been able to do something to cheer you up.
Makingchanges How does your DH enforce that? A bomb has to go off before my DH will get out of bed to do anything even if its irritating himhmm
dyls Wow! What a list.
Beds made Done
Recycle bin done
See ya later must get on.

grouchyoscar Thu 10-Sep-09 13:16:58

Hello ALL

I've been busy all morning so I've had no time to catch up and the head wants to see me at 2

Done all my chores and returned GOjr's Scout Trousers as they were too small and I plumped for size 9-10 years (He is 6.1 shock) Also got a brownie pan, lunch box supplies and a lined pad with big gaps to give him confidence with writing.

Beavers tonight so I hope these trousers are wearable!

scattyspice Thu 10-Sep-09 13:29:37

Grouchy The head wants to see you? I hope you haven't been making water bombs in the toilets wink.

star Clean the oven - now that is a job I HATE (and should probably be doing hmm.

I think our beavers could do with some helpers (one of the leaders is 76 shock). I might volunteer Dh hmm.

Right - dd is at school, I have until 3pm. I would like to sit in the garden and read. I should be ironing. I am going to apply the 15min rule (15min ironing then 75min sitting in the garden wink).

TeaMonster Thu 10-Sep-09 14:07:14

Afternoon all

You lot really make me smile and turn even the crapiest day into a smile sometimes.

DS1 wet the bed last night, so came in with us, but was up from 5am hmm

Took him to school
Went shopping and yes I took my bloody mother - she makes everything take forvever and a one point promised to look after DS2 and then proceeded to let him wander off on his own - I found him outside the shop angry

She then decided she wanted M&S and lunch!!!!

other dones

2 loads of washing - bedding (hung on line)
1 other load in
Shopping packed away
Fridge cleared
DS2 played with and silly hat made like DS1 did at school

I am now having a cuppa and he is on the clickstart next to the PC.

It is an inset day tomorrow, so we are off to Flamingoland thanks to Mr Tesco.

I also purchased BBQ coals in the hope of more fine weather - so if it rains blame me.

Groucy I loved the e-mail - can I use it on the blog????

Ruby Making any changes is really hard and often unsettling for the family as a whole - or that is what I am finding.

I need to do a todo list so will be back!!!

dylsmum1998 Thu 10-Sep-09 14:45:51

making changes and simply thanks for your thoughts re shredder, i had emptied it although i leave it til its completely full and lid is busting off til i do blush
have tried sticking knife in to free whatever is in there and it helped a little. i know shred paper by shredding some reverse a little shred a little more, and repeat ( kinda 2 steps forward one step back IYSWIM)
so paper is now shredded, just about. looks like new shredder is being added to me wish list hmm
have also, had lunch, done the misssion and some reading around my dissertation. i think i know what i am going to do for it now. just need to get on with it hmm

going to tidy the books away for now and go and collect dd

scatty am loving your 15 min rule i may adopt that one! grin

TM please can you link your blog again, i enjoyed reading it before and have lost the link

scattyspice Thu 10-Sep-09 16:11:51

Back again.

mad you need a surestart lady to look after your mum for you (help the aged? hmm)

dyl 15min rule worked a treat (got lots of reading done smile).

ds to school done
laundry reboot
dd to schooldone
kitchen missions oops forgot
loaf aboutdone
collect bothremembered
whats for tea??chicken curry

DDs teacher said she fell asleep at school today blush.

TeaMonster Thu 10-Sep-09 16:46:47

Oh I need more than a sure start lady to look after my mum - no one will have her

we have had first week of school meltdown here this afternoon.

I took both boys to the park after school, DS1 was terribly naughty. He took off his socks and shoes and went on the skateboard ramp after he was told not to take them off. He then made me chase him to get him to the car - he is faster than me.

Every time I strapped him in he undid it, so 30 mins to get car seat on him. I even tried the 5 strap of DS2's seat, but the little monster can undo it.

I am seething angry I have a mind to cancel flamingo land, but then that would be cutting my nose of to spite my face. I have told him no park on Monday and told DH is is taking over parenting when he gets in as I am going in the bath and locking the door.

I have had to split them up at home as they are just far too tectchy and argumentative.

Dyls this here please become a follower, anyone please become a follower. I NEED your love!!

You will all like this one as it is about Flying - sisters you keep me sane

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Thu 10-Sep-09 17:09:11

Hello again to all. Just a quickie.

Revised done list:-
~ Take dd to optician
~ E-mail work
~ Do the washing up

To do today:-
~ Empty the washing basket
~ Post stuff back to Boden
~ Walk the dog

TM Poor you. I guess that's the last time your Mum is asked to look after one of your children? My children were badly looked after by someone about 12 years ago and I've not asked that person ever again. I know someone (trying not to land myself in it here but it's someone from RL who I'm sure would never come on MN and he reads the Telegraph not the DM!) who behaves similarly how you say your Mum behaves. He makes everything take forever and can't be trusted to do what he says he will. I think there must be something wrong and he can't help it sometimes and won't help it othertimes. (His adult dd1 now does the same so I don't know if it's genetic or copied behaviour.) I deal with it by keeping myself separate so that his foul ups don't affect me and mine. It sounds harsh but some people bring down themselves and those around them and don't seem to care! I remember ds escaping from his Booster seat. It's very scary when they do that and it must be frustrating if you want to start the journey and they unstrap themselves the moment they are strapped in. My sympathies.

Right. I'm going to put more washing on and cut the lawn. My dog chases the mower so she will be out of puff in 45 mins time!

TeaMonster Thu 10-Sep-09 17:10:36

oh the humiliation

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