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Wednesday Fly - anti procrastination day or just do it

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TeaMonster Wed 09-Sep-09 08:12:59

Morning all


Busy day

School drop off
Friend for coffee and little ones to play
Wash Swimmimg things
Keyboard back to PC world
Whats for dimmer
School collection

Hope replacemet keyboard comes soom - I cam mot cope

dylsmum1998 Wed 09-Sep-09 08:52:07

morning all, I'm back again. must get on top of house work again now its back to school, only got a couple of weeks til back to uni so need to get good routines in place ready

TM do you have a broken n now? totaly frustrating isnt it, hope the keyboard comes soon

to do;

wash up
load washer done
iron done
s&S bathroom
whats for dinner?
menu plan
collect books form uni library
breakfast done
dress dd
take dd to library to change her books
unload washer
make beds done
buy washing powder

dd wants to get the snails out so i better go

Starbear Wed 09-Sep-09 09:22:30

Morning all Morning TM & Dyls
Well this school lark is a bit of aggro isn't it!!! Received various forms and bits of info yesterday and in the evening looked through it and made out a chq for an event tick, various dates in diary & calendar tick, filled in medical form Tick, Parents details & emergency numbers tick wellies,trainers & water bottle tick. Packed Ds book bag with forms tick, Then this morning walking half way to school remembered that I forgot the book bag on the chair blush
TG! DH had cycled to work and we could use the car otherwise we would have been very late! The scrum at the classroom door was a bit much too! Kids crying some didn't have various things. I'm sure it will all calm down next week!smile
Back in a mo!

dylsmum1998 Wed 09-Sep-09 09:25:27

star is it your lo's first year at schol? it does settle down i promise smile

leothelioness Wed 09-Sep-09 09:27:58

morning tea dyls and star
have had a horrendous morning dropping off ds2 who screamed the place down ad says he does not want to go am hoping today is better otherwise mayspend tomorrow in class trying to see if that works.

Washing maching loaded and clothes hung out done
school drop off done t'was painful but done
sower and get dressed done
load dishwasher

scattyspice Wed 09-Sep-09 09:50:17


leo sympathies, ds was like this through all of nursery and 1st yr at school sad. He said he liked nursery/school, just hated saying goodbye to me sad. Hope it gets better.
star now you know why you need your calender lol.
*galen and dyl* glad you're back smile
ruby glad your ruby again smile

sort and find homes for contents of bookcase
possibly clear out shed hmm
multiple school runs
ds to try beavers
cobble together PE kit for ds


Starbear Wed 09-Sep-09 09:54:38

Thank you dyls leo jump into the same boat lots of room grin
W/M unloaded on line & re-loaded Done
D/W on Done
Our bed stripped done and in above machine.
Phone Doc and find out if Ds's vaccinations are up to date. (remind by school form)
Write letter re Dad's estate.
Phone friend re God-daughter's Birthday (present)
Phone Gymnastics
Shopping water bottle and sticky name labels
Fold clothes
Make our bed
Tidy Ds's room
Wash Food recycle bin
What's for Tea? Fish! Maybe
Go to meeting with neighbours re HGV's coming down our road (we live in very old houses and they are shaking our foundations on the road humps!
I know there is more but if I add them now I'll be disappointed if they don't get done

ActingNormal Wed 09-Sep-09 10:01:05

LeoLioness, I sympathise about your DS2 as my DD screamed nearly every morning when she first started school, for just over a year! They said she was happy once she got in and I wasn't there but she found it hard to do that moment of separation. The teacher used to sometimes pull her off me and take her in! She is very happy to go in now and luckily DS who has just started half days this week is very happy and proud to go to school! Different children are just born with different personalities!

StarBear, I know what you mean, sometimes when school have sent letters/forms home I've just thought "Oh thank you so much, that's more work for me to do/more money for me to spend." Then it is very annoying when you've prepared it all but forget to take it in the morning rush! I know what you mean about the scrum going into school as well, my DD used to find this quite intimidating which annoyed me if it set her off screaming again on a day when she was being calm and not crying yet!

DylsMum, You've got pet snails? How cool!

TeaMonster, My keboard is getting annoying too as some keys I have to smack really hard to make them work. I think I've got bits of junk food stuck down them! I've read the mission and it makes me feel a bit ashamed of my slovenly ways which I recognise from what she says. DH thinks that if he and the kids weren't living here I would live like people off "Life of Grime" that used to be on TV and to get into the house I would have to make a tunnel through a load of, what he calls, "tut", as I don't like throwing things away. I also make a real mess looking for things and then leave it like that, or chuck things into piles in corners and put off sorting it out.

I wrote a timetable for my week for this phase of my life with both children at school but I can't stick to all the tasks/activities on there yet while DS is only doing half days, yet I still feel slightly guilty for not sticking to it! Today I should, according to the timetable, be doing:

- One hour of housework

- One hour of flute practice

- One hour of painting

- Learning how to produce some kind of baked product for DH and the kids (instead of just buying Mr Kipling's)

- Collect children

- "Mothers' Meeting"/playdate and tea for all kids (at my house today)

- Flute Choir

But I haven't even had a shower yet!

I think I will just do the essential housework - dishwasher, one load of laundry, iron DH a shirt for tomorrow, then do a bit of flute practice before collecting DS, then see if I can get some bits and bobs done at the same time as talking to DS and acting stupid to make him laugh.

RubysReturn Wed 09-Sep-09 10:28:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShannaraTiger Wed 09-Sep-09 10:33:11

Morning all

Have just finished last nights and this mornings washing up. blush I was soo tired last night but am really annoyed with myself now as with ds at playschool was going to get loads of yucky bleaching done that is almost impossible with the dc's wanting to 'help'. I did start on new epilepsy medication saturday though and the transition alwasy makes me abit more zombifed than usual.
tm typing makes interestign reading, hope thge new keyboard comes soon though would drive me nuts.
dylysmum snails sound like more unusual pets, bet their not much work either.
Starbear I'm getting confused now I have ds's playschool bags to hold as well, had got used to only 1 book bag! We were told by the teachers to make the dc's remember abd carry their own stuff so they learnt responsibility !!grin grin
Leo dd has just gone into yr1 and although she doesn't cry she did say yesterday "Mummy I do miss you when you leave me."

Anyway, hope everyone has a good day I have now drunk my tea and now need to go and bleach the mould off the walls as ds's asthma is getting worse again - the glamorous life of a SAHM! grin


ISimplyCantPostFreelyAnyMore Wed 09-Sep-09 11:03:40

Hello to all. smile

RR Would the socks be too big for your dd? Looking at the 4 pairs, I think they haven't been worn at all. I'd guess they are around a size 3. They're plain white with a ribbed top. It took me a while to work out DLP refers to a place of interest to fun loving kids in France. We took ds and dd when they were 3 and 2 and dd complains that she can't remember anything of the trip!

Starbear Oh, yes, the forms and stuff. It was ok for me if they were bi-lingual but the Welsh only ones meant that we had to try translating it ourselves, wait for dh to come home or ring someone who was bi-lingual! Life is so much easier in that regard now that they are bi-lingual teenagers!

For bags and things to remember, is there space in the hallway for a shelf or a peg for each child? something like this maybe? Perhaps a home made version?

~ washed, dressed and breakfasted
~ car MOT'd
~ d/w unloaded and reloaded
~ letter and b/d card written for friend (whilst waiting for car to be MOT'd)
~ load of washing put on
~ e-mail to work written (something I couldn't be sure if I'd done before I left)

To do:-
~ go back to pay for MOT (as I'd left my handbag at home and had just taken my shopping bag with card and writing pad! Luckily they know me!)
~ go food shopping
~ e-mail the list of things on car to be rectified to dh so he can tell me what to do

RR this is the dress in purple

these are the shoes in baton rouge

So what I need to know is what tights should I buy and what handbag type should I use? I'll be wearing the same outfit in Dec so I chose colours that I thought would work well in Autumn and Winter.

See you later!

RubysReturn Wed 09-Sep-09 11:23:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ISimplyCantPostFreelyAnyMore Wed 09-Sep-09 11:58:40

Thanks for the advice RR. I'm glad you like them. Invisible tights for this Sat it is then. The only slight problem I have is the lack of shops around here. We do have a Dorothy Perkins, a New Look and a Matalan. I'll look in those when I'm in town tomorrow. This Sat is an evening event. I think the Dec one is a Christmas lunch. I'll be younger than most people at that one (bar dh) by about 20 years! I'm a 36B or C (can't remember - doh!) I have almost no jewellery bar my engagement and wedding rings and I don't have my ears pierced. I'm not making it easy for you, am I? smile I do have a niceish Racing Green (ancient but only used for evenings out so still in good nick) shoulder back and a black clutch bag. Would either be suitable? No problem about the socks.

Does anyone else need plain white girls' socks in about a size 3? I have 4 pairs free to a good home.

Back later!

ActingNormal Wed 09-Sep-09 12:05:30

Ha ha Ruby I get it now! I only pretend to be normal because it is my ambition to be normal! I don't always feel normal.

Ah Shanara, re bleaching walls, that reminds me I need to bleach the shower wall as the blackness has grown more than usual the last few weeks. I feel guilty spraying bleach about (guilty about the environment) but surely me being grumpy about a black and brown (with filth) looking house would also be bad for the environment! Eco friendly stuff just doesn't work does it?! A friend was determined to only put vinegar and lemon juice down her loo but when her inlaws came to visit she cracked and put bleach in to get rid of the brown because she just couldn't find an ecofriendly solution that worked.

Simply, your shelf and hanger for each child idea has got me thinking. I wonder if I got DH's suit cover hanger thingies down and hung one up for each DC, if I could hang their uniform in it and chuck all their other school bits and pieces and forms to go back etc in the bottom bit, wonder where I could put it and if it would just look scruffy, or whether it could be a good idea!


- shower - done

- dishwasher - done

- one load of laundry - done

- collect DS from school - done

Oh no! That is a pathetically small list of what I've achieved so far! Why am I so slow today? I feel like I've been busy but I haven't achieved anything!

grouchyoscar Wed 09-Sep-09 12:36:03

Good Morning everybody, Old and new alike

Last night didn't happen sad I was really upfer it but the band cancelled sad TBH I'm not really, truly in a fit state to be going to gigs so I suppose it worked out for the best. Still sad tho.


Up, washed and meds
GOjr up and washed
Down for breakfast with pots
Tidy away
Help GOjr with his socks hmm
Empty DW and reload
Bags togethder
School drop
Breakfast with mums
Home, peg out wet washing
Take down dry washing, fold for putting away

I'm sure there is something that needs doing here. Can't stay glued to the lappy

dylsmum1998 Wed 09-Sep-09 12:55:05

quick update so i feel like i am getting somewhere

tidy done
hoover done
wash up done
load washer done
iron done
s&S bathroom done
mission done all 3 for this week
whats for dinner? chicken curry i think
menu plan
collect books form uni library done
breakfast done
dress dd done
take dd to library to change her books
unload washer done
make beds done
buy washing powder done + stuff not really needed hmm

am going to clear up the lunch things, hoover again then take dd to library next

Leo and Star hope the school drop off gets easier soon. dd cried yesterday when i took her to nursery (she hasnt been for 6 weeks) had to hand her over crying, she was fine within mins of me leaving and plying happily when i phoned to check, and when i collected her

shanna and acting we have had the snails for a week now and they are great. loads of people pull faces and go euwww. but the children love them and they are soo easy its great. they are after a wormery next hmm

just realised i havent put the shopping away yet, better get on

grouchyoscar Wed 09-Sep-09 13:01:23

Dyls Snails are great fun to keep, GOjr really loved his 8 but be careful, they do lay eggs and they poo a lot

wendyhappysmile Wed 09-Sep-09 13:14:50

I think our whole garden is a snail pet area tbh, the bloody things! As a veggie I don't kill animals but I have been known to throw a snail over the fence in disgust when I have picked the hundredth off the cauliflowers!
Been to Mini Movers - enjoyed by both of us. Followed by coffee at a friend's house. Had a very healthy lunch at home then spoiled it with a piece of cake.
DD playing upstairs. She is such an easy child! Only a couple of hours til school pick up - it soon goes to that time of day! Need to focus and make a list of jobs.

leothelioness Wed 09-Sep-09 13:32:51

thanks for the kind words everyone I couldn't concentrate on anything all day and just floated around the house thinking it looked empty instead of FLYing or studying but when I went for pick up he said he had a good time and the staff said he was uspet in the morning but calmed down half way through and was fine then smile

Washing maching loaded and clothes hung out done
school drop off done t'was painful but done
shower and get dressed done
load dishwasher done
lunch done
dinner no ideas as yet!
ironing about to start

swanriver Wed 09-Sep-09 13:51:00

A large black box has appeared in my screen so apologies for any typing mistakes under it.. As usual TM you have solved the problem for me - I am going to approach this term in an autumnal way rather than summer way. More harvesting and less gallivanting.

So far this morning I feel much more cheerful.

coffee with friends first thing - did a bit of closure on hols, all admitted feeling knocked out by responsibilities of term ahead
then lots of library work
Decided with librarian to do more brainstorming at work and not continue last year's slightly unsatisfactory set up
Took ds1 for a brisk walk, practised his singing on the way using silly phrases for scales instead of aah ooh mmm nahnah grin

Now to really tackle the house - laundry is the worst as we are not finding ANYTHING in the morning except by luck. Dh has 24 pairs of underpants, could not find more than one of them in the underwear drawer...

I am so jealous of your dog Galen, I know they are lots of work and wouldn't fit in with our hols, but just feel sure kids would get so much from having one.. On otherhand we are getting another kitten in a week or so - from next door - so that will be something.

Simply - love your dress though I do find these video of the models slightly creepy. Do they need to smirk so much? We have the Boden SHOP on our doorstep. They should sell tights shouldn't they.

Acting Normal, hope flute time materialises.

galen Wed 09-Sep-09 13:53:57

Afternoon all
It is great to be back amongst you all....though need to concentrate hard to keep up with all the name changes LOL

Hope all with new school littlies are doing OK today - they soon settle, but it can be so hard.

Not sure I've done much so far today...think a couple of lists might help!

Up at 6 am - me, dh and DS1
Breakfasted all in stages
Fed dog
Assembled Ds1 lunch.
Nagged DS1 about sate of his new uniform already hmm
dropped DH and DS1 to bus stop (still have only one car...sigh)
Cleared up breakfast
Rebooted laundry
Walked dog for 40 mins
School drop off for 3 out of remaining 5
Shopping on way home
Home, put shopping away, snack DD4 and DS2
Played in garden with Ds2, DD4 and Doggy!
Wrote in diary for Izzy (soft toy sent home in turns from nursery LOL)
Lunch for all
Nursery drop off for DD4
Home, DS2 for nap
laundry reboot
Found missing camera battery charger (phew!)
cleared rest of lunch stuff, DW on.
Cuddles with dog - who is now asleep on sofa next to me LOL
Cuppa and MN time!!

So not bad, but havent done:
Bathrooms S&S (oops!)
washing to put away
Need to do some major room rescuing on older girls room
email DS1 English teacher to request new excersise book, and grovel lots after exploding yoghurt in bag incident!!(DS1 is petrified he will get in trouble bless!)

Also want to take some piccies of new doggy when camera charged, as promised I'd email some to her old owner . Will add some to profile too.
simply not really much idea what mix of
breeds she could be - but I am not super knowledgable about dogs (learning fast though LOL) will put up some pics later and you may have an idea!

She is a great little dog - a very fast learner, and very obedient. In face she is considerably better trained than DS2 at the moment - he is in quite a wild and challenging phase LOL

Right best get on then,

BBL grin

swanriver Wed 09-Sep-09 13:56:07

Ah yes Starbear, just want to add one thing about school as in 39 Steps. "The Forms, The Forms" I think I need a special little formfillng booth inmy hall with a dedicated cashbox.

See you all tomorrow!

swanriver Wed 09-Sep-09 13:58:55

x-post Galen smile and farewell.

scattyspice Wed 09-Sep-09 14:01:40

Hi again.

DD at school now and been to shops.

sort and find homes for contents of bookcase done
possibly clear out shed *no chance

multiple school runsongoing
ds to try beavers*we'll see*
cobble together PE kit for ds*to do*
whats for tea *baked potatos*

Now I'm going to sit in the garden and read my book smile.

simply lovely dress (shoes link didn't work).
leo glad ds ok.
shanna go easy with the bleach
swan harvesting - good.

galen Wed 09-Sep-09 14:04:16

RR glad you all had a good time. Yes, really ridiculously £££ I agree. We also didn't do a few things due to ludicrously long ques.... still had a great time though grin
actingNormal there seems a LOT in your list. I would find it hard to fit all that in to an average school day every day. Maybe you could trim some of it down to put less pressure on yourself to start with? I always find it best to make shorter more realistic To Do lists , than the longer ones i used to make - less demoralising that way!
wendy our garden is full of slugs and snails too. Did for a couple of my lovely corgettes the brutes. I have also been known to toss them over the back fence when enough is enough LOL

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