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Monday Fly - bless this house!

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wendyhappysmile Mon 07-Sep-09 09:05:29

Morning all
No home blessing for me today, it's my last day with DS before he starts school sad
Just about to go and get dressed, heading off somewhere to have a good time.
see you later

TeaMonster Mon 07-Sep-09 09:08:03

I will bless once I have stopped Sobbing - I managed to hold it together until I got home!!!!

I am going to make the most of the month with just DS2 before he is off to Preschool.

I am on DH's PC, as I need a new keyboard for the laptop N key not working!

We are in the Kitchen this week


wendyhappysmile Mon 07-Sep-09 09:23:37

I will be like that tomorrow, Tea
Luckily I have another term or two (not sure yet!) til DD starts at nursery pre school.
Kitchen! Mine needs it

grouchyoscar Mon 07-Sep-09 09:38:31

Morning wendy and Tea

Glad DS got to school OK and you held it together

I have

Up, washed and dressed
Make porridge
Empty DW
Put away
Make beds
Tidy away
Help GOjr dress
Bags and off to school

DH is off sick, manflu I think. I've got to go to the sports shop to get GOJr a scrum cap for rugby. I'm working this lunchtime so I will have to take it steady

Starbear Mon 07-Sep-09 09:39:38

Morning all Grouchy take care of yourself today.
TM & Wendy Ds's first real, whole day tomorrow. I'm going ensure I have tissues in my bag!smile
Veryenvy Wolf wedding in Italy. I got married in Bath which was nice too.

On with the show smile
Breakfast Done
Wash, Dress
10. 30 Hairdressers with discount voucher Better get a move on then!
Hoover upstairs
load W/M
clothes left outside done as it started raining.
Change our bed linen
Clean bath
Iron on name tags on Ds uniform before we go to school today
empty Dishwasher done & reloaded
Phone Gymnastics and find out about new term
Phone desired school and find out where we are on the waiting list
Pasta for Ds Tea
Lots of leftovers as DB didn’t, in the end, come over!
I have put red cabbage & apple in the Freezer (Hope it works) Going to make casserole with left over pork!

swanriver Mon 07-Sep-09 10:03:50

TM, Will you get to see him at lunchtime for first week or two? It helps it a bit, as it still feels nicely pre-schoolish timewise...

I felt very bleugh when they went back to school this time, but then I remembered I was actually going to see ds2 at lunchtime for a little run (due to wrist/no exercise at school)and cheered up (in fact felt slightly cross that had lunchtime interruption blush)
I suppose its just that feeling that they are in someone else's jurisdiction all day which is weird. BUT can have its advantages -headspace wise...

Felt terribly sad in second week that twins went, although quite phegmatic about ds1 1 have to admit. I used to keep stealing back ds2 throughout reception and picking him up at lunchtime - very annoying for teachers I'm sure.

Anyway, enough warbling,

Wedding emotional whirlwind, but great fun too, dancing till 3.00 am on the Downs in a tent. And entirely vegetarian - which caused trouble because my brother is a great [fusspot]cook and thought roasted veg weren't done properly and too much thyme in something so was getting stressed instead of enjoying the sitdown dinner. But 120 family and friends bound to be stressful really! Kids were so charming, really enjoying running around in their smart outfits and joining in bestman's speech with Narnia lightsabre! And then a big family picnic next day on the leftovers.

Still feel slightly drunk possibly.

Loads of stuff to do today, painter away till tomorrow, so can sort things out smile

TheProfiteroleThief Mon 07-Sep-09 10:46:31

Hi all
back to school for us today and dd3 starts tomorrow. Very strange feeling, but I am looking at college courses. My babies are growing up! whimper

And my fridge is busted - so any suggestions for food that does not require refrigeration welcome!

Comforting hugs for all those missing thier little ones.

grouchyoscar Mon 07-Sep-09 11:09:59

Just been to get GOjr's rugby essentials, scrum cap, body armour and gum shields. More initial outlay therehmm

Taking it steady until I have to go to work. The blessing will wait

TeaMonster Mon 07-Sep-09 11:24:44

Swan He stars full time strsight away and I had to leave him at the door, for one of the nursery staff (who have no children this week) to take him to show him where his peg etc is.

That way the children all settle without any of the parents getting upset or anything.

He was fine

DS2 keeps asking when we are going to collect DS1, but is having great fun playing with his big brothers lego starwars whcih is off limites really!!

GO Doesnt sound like you are taking things easy to me

Starbear Mon 07-Sep-09 12:25:33

TM Mine starts full day from tomorrow too.
Just popped to catch-up. Swan What a fab weekend. We went to the town carnival yesterday very laid-back and fun! Going to drop them an e-mail to say thank you!
Prof glad you enjoyed Paris. I'm looking at college courses as well, mainly computing blush and on how to help your kid learn.
MUST go now and do those bloody labels. I had too much wine yesterday to be bothered blushagain
grouchy Your being watched smile

leothelioness Mon 07-Sep-09 12:47:37

mine strated today sob!
it a mixed feeling between yay and sobbing uncontrolably.

have not done much today as I have just got home after doing some errands

Load dishwasher
washing machine load
vaccuum the living room

swanriver Mon 07-Sep-09 13:06:11

Taken ds1 for his powerwalk in lunchbreak
otherwise seem to be powerless to do anything - just keep bursting into tears -
must do something bracing and normal - off to do playroom and a load of laundry. Not even going to look at the hotspots for now.

TeaMonster Mon 07-Sep-09 13:15:22

Swan Must be something in the air!

Star Well done on the e-mail

Leo It is very odd. DS2 is not a happy chap either

We have

Blown bubbles
Hung out second load of washing
Got stung by nettles when weeding - will finnish that when I locate my gloves
Home blessed upstairs
Made plans for a week on Friday - Birthday, must sort card
Washed up lunch things
brought one load of washing in
27 fling boogied the car (otherwise know as the skip)

Now having a cuppa and then will start ironing and downstairs

ShannaraTiger Mon 07-Sep-09 13:27:34

Ds started playschool today as well. Dd was as worried about me leaving him as I was, luckily he just walked straight in and started playing with his friends. I held it together until I got outside when i shed a tear and then spent the morning round my friends as i couldn't face going home to an empty flat! blush He loved it, came home and fell straight asleep on the sofa!

I now need to update the control journal to the new routines.
wendy enjoy your last day.
Tea it's so hard isn't it handing over responsibility to someone else.
leo relax and enjoy the peace.

Hello to everyone else I need to go and do something

Jas Mon 07-Sep-09 14:40:06

Had to pop in and tell you....I got my first FLy-Lady Christmas countdown emails todayshock

scattyspice Mon 07-Sep-09 18:17:19

Oh no jas surely not shock.

Just popping on as whole back to school thing has got me in a spin too! It wasn't helped by workman arriving to fit fireplace at 8.15 this morning. Took ds back to school, roamed the streets with DD all morning (to stay out of workman's way). Quick lunch then 1st day (well 1/2 day) at school for dd. I was bursting with pride walking up to school with her in her (huge) school uniform and a bit lost walking home without her. Anyway, both dc had a great time at school and we have a lovely fireplace.

BB tomorrow.

Wolfcub Mon 07-Sep-09 19:02:03

evening all

full of lurgy!

grouchy it does not sound to me like you are taking it easy Mrs.


wm unloaded, reloaded and on
washing hung up
ds taken to granny's
made appt with docs to discuss test results
ds collected from granny's
ds's dinner made

wendyhappysmile Mon 07-Sep-09 20:06:14

hi all*
- test results? hope all well and lurgy goes soon
grouchy you better be taking it easy or else!
swan I think you were still drunk. Your normally excellent grammar and punctuation was drunk grin
Tea and all others with dc at school for the first time - how did they enjoy it?
My DS is SO excited! DH is going in late tomorrow to savour the movement.
Just finished watering the greenhouse, two more cucumbers today and some tomatoes - makes all the hard work worthwhile. Courgettes are on their way out now, though, picked 6 tonight but the rest are tiny and the plants looking a bit ill.
Right, not sure what to do tonight. Been to yoga at 5pm (fab!) and just eaten tea, so can't think about bed for a couple of hours - tidy up and slob on sofa?!
see you all tomorrow

Starbear Mon 07-Sep-09 20:12:25

Evening all
New chapter for a lot of children this week smile Might a post photo of Ds on profile tomorrow would love to see the other kids.
Hairdressers Why Oh! Why do I never get the style I really like! Even with a photo!
Hoover upstairs *carry over*
load W/M *carry over*
Change our bed linen *carry over*
Clean bath *carry over*
Iron on name tags on Ds uniform before we go to school today Ha! done
empty Dishwasher done & reloaded *done
Lunch Done
Phone Gymnastics done
Phone desired school and find out where we are on the waiting list 2nd done
Stir fry with left over pork for Tea as DH came with us to school we had dinner together
Too little meat to make casserole can I freeze cooked left over What should I do with it now!
Also have a lot of apple sauce left?!!!!hmm
Kitchen now tidy going to Phone brother in Canada then settle down for a cuddle with DH.

TeaMonster Mon 07-Sep-09 20:50:37

Evening all

Right - Dones

Home blessed downstairs
Park with the mini's
Spoke to mum - used how to talk with her, as it is truly like having a third child
Ironing and put away
Clothes out for tomorrow
Boys bathed, PJ'd and Bed
ordered replacement keyboard for laptop (am on DH's computer)
Mailed groucy!!
Cleaned all the kitchen tops
washed inside of kitchen window
Cloths all in washer

wendy I wasnt ignoring you the otherday about albums, but we havnt really had any new ones for a while. I am currently enjoying

Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum
Eels - Hombre Lobo (songs for lovers - great fun)
The Duckworth Lewis Method - The Duckworth Lewis Method, colaberation with Neil Hanlon (divine comady)
Placebo - Battle for the Sun

I have Muse on my wishlist - must order.

DS had a wonderful first day see here, he wants to go back tomorrow, so thats a good start

Swan Your weekend sopunds wonderful - full of joy and family

Star 2nd on the school list - will you move DS school if you get a place?

Wolf Hope you are feeling better soon

jas I dont get the American e-mails only the UK ones and they havnt gone all Christmas on me yet or should that be all "Holidays"

I am now off for a drink and cuddle with DH and an early night - I need it

Wolfcub Mon 07-Sep-09 21:54:37

wendy it was suspected gallstones but radiographer woman didn't see any on scan so off to docs to discuss

tea love the Eels and Muse.

off to bad now absolutely knackered.

swanriver Mon 07-Sep-09 21:59:37

He looks so handsome in his red jumper TM!
Glad your dd's day was alright too, Scatty.

We had a calm afternoon, with violin practise and homework miraculously done when I asked smile
Dh is totally exhausted, so tired he didn't even want supper.
I have tidied playroom, kitchen, recycling and done two loads of washing. But am also feeling tres unmotivated. Work starts tomorrow again, so then I will be complaining about that no doubt hmm

Starbear - hairstyles bah - given up on them now and go to the hairdresser for the pleasure of a head massageblush although they will insist on cutting my hair as well.
I'm sure you will look very glam at school gate.
Wendy yes my punctuation is flagging. I had an aunt who did an entire thesis on the use of the hyphen in the English Language. She is now in local politics.

scattyspice Tue 08-Sep-09 07:50:10


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