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Weekend Fly - family time

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Wolfcub Sat 05-Sep-09 09:26:55

good morning all

Wolfcub Sat 05-Sep-09 09:28:40

simply it's good to see you, I know what you mean about the dm.

hope all have a good day

Tortoise Sat 05-Sep-09 09:35:19

Simply I know what you mean about the DM too.

More sorting out to do today. Also have a couple of Ebay bits ending later so am keeping fingers crossed for bids!

Grey and cold here this morning so i don't know if any washing will dry. Need to wash school uniform.

TeaMonster Sat 05-Sep-09 10:22:42

I agree on the DM, but you guys keep me sane. I rarly post on much else these days.

Starbear Sat 05-Sep-09 10:26:09

Morning all Wolf & Tortise*
DM saga might help me with my MN addiction. Might only keep to the fly thread as it helps me organise my house.
So on with the show
Shopping (for some school stuff as well)
swimming with Ds
Laundry of course
Pasta with Broccoli & sausages tonight
Roast Pork for Dinner tomorrow. Not very ofey with Roast Pork due to my background but the boys want it so I'll give it a go and my sis apparently has a fab recipe!
Have a good weekend everyone

grouchyoscar Sat 05-Sep-09 10:27:58

Morning FLYfriends one and all

Thanks for the thread Wolf*

Cold, grey and murky here too.

I'm going to have to investigate this DM thing? Is there not enough real news in the world anymore?

GrouchyJr had a great session at Rugby last night, he seems so grown up in attitude all of a sudden. I've signed him up to the team now so he'll be going all the time now, rather than as an when he/I am up for it at the end of the week.

2 days back at school and the perpetual plague of parasites have already made their prescence apparent. Lotions and combing a plenty for GOJr and me (yep, again! sad) Ho Hum

Out tonight (yay!) so the FLYing is on hold til tomorrow (says she who has already cleaned worktops, hob, loaded and run DW, emptied WM and hung out and vacced the front room hmm)

grouchyoscar Sat 05-Sep-09 12:08:32

What a mistake to makeshock Why would the DM be interested in real news? That's for newspapers isn't it?

Just had a power cut. Are the fossil fuels running out already? GOJr said 'I know what to do, I know from Peppa Pig hmm

Suppose I better FLY incase we become WM/DW/Vac less tomorrow/forever Then I'll see what the going rate for a wind turbine is on eBay

scattyspice Sat 05-Sep-09 12:51:04

Morning smile.

Who's DM?

grouchy Love to know what Eds Peppa Pig solution is lol.

Am envy of all those at weddings, I love a chance to dress up grin.

Off to another party with dd today. Thats 2 of her little friends who turn 5 before starting school!

tort You've gone and done it now. I have just bought a Xmas crafts book from Oxfam and even found a box of Xmas cards in my hand!(quickly put them back).

To do

Tortoise Sat 05-Sep-09 13:05:10

Scatty LOL at buying Xmas craft book. grin
DM is Daily Mail.

I am getting no where today. Popped to the shop on my bike, DD2 came with me and cycled all the way there and back. She did really well. smile

Anyone want a nosey at my Ebay stuff? grin

grouchyoscar Sat 05-Sep-09 18:42:34

Hello again

The persistant parasites have been pulverised.

Been down to the next town and got GrouchyJr's Beavers Uniform. £30 and that was with a discount shock and he still needs the necker. Ah well, I suppose most activities have an initial outlay hmm

Also got some Stardrops and Zoflora so I'll make the house shiney and smell nice.

MIL is looking after GOJr tonight so I better get him fed. Have good evenings ladies

Wolfcub Sat 05-Sep-09 19:23:19


been to get our wedding rings and check that they fit (both had to be ordered in as I have fat fingers and dp's was a special purchase from a German company). Both lovely, mine much nicer than I expected as I didn't love the sample but have to have specific ring because of shape of engagement ring. I have fully paid for dps and he has part paid for mine but we have left them with the shops to keep so that they will be safe until the wedding.

supermarket shop done

homemade pizza made for ds
same for us but later on
extra dough now in oven in mini-frenchstick shape

have put another couple of layers on my homemade moneypot, just waiting for it to dry and then dp will spraypaint it for me.

TeaMonster Sat 05-Sep-09 22:19:22

Wow Wolf you have been busy with the wedding prep.

I have been sewing I am so chuffed

Wolfcub Sat 05-Sep-09 22:54:24

tea the book-stores look fab

Wolfcub Sun 06-Sep-09 07:30:18

morning all

done, dw loaded and on
quick tidy round the kitchen

Starbear Sun 06-Sep-09 10:52:09

Morning all Wolf You got an engagement ring! Wish I had one. To be fair to DH, he didn't get me one is because I think I asked him! So apparently I should have got him a 'Tag' watch!
grouchy Well I think the Beaver's uniform is an investment in lovely childhood memories.
Planning on becoming a helper at Beavers when when little StarBear comes of age. Not sure if to join Sea scouts or normal scouts. We live by the river so its a shame not to use it.
TM Love the boys room. I must take a before photo of Ds's room & in the coming months sort it out blush
Must go to Ikea and get some sensible storage.
Anyone planning to go to London Zoo, don't, unless you've got vouchers £18.50 for adults £15.50 for kids and no big animals anymore except giraffes. I know its better for the animals but the place is going into decline.
Back in a mo

Starbear Sun 06-Sep-09 11:28:32

Right done so far
Washed dressed & had breakfast
beds made
Red cabbage & apples in oven for its 2 hour cook.
Tidy kitchen
To do
Pop to boot sale and see what the going rate is for things
hang out washing
Take ds up town while DH does school work
Back at 4.30pm to start cooking roast pork (not on my regular menu but I'm going to have a go!)
labels on Ds uniform. Unlikely to get a call now to start at 1st choice school!
make my serious plans for this coming week not to waste anytime!

wendyhappysmile Sun 06-Sep-09 11:51:49

Morning all
We're home from Newcastle, just having a minute before we get ready for the christening (phew - social whirlwind weekend!)
Wedding reception was nice, had a good time and slept well without children in our travel lodge place!
Deep breath now and off to get dressed up again - I've got 20 minutes now to get ready!
DH has bought me an iPod and docking station so I'm very happy grin I'm a Material girl smile
wolf wedding plans going well! Have I missed when the date of when it is? Very exciting.

Wolfcub Sun 06-Sep-09 11:54:42

star yes, have had the engagement ring on finger for 2 years and in dp's sock drawer for another year on top of that (ds was a bit of a surprise interruption to our wedding plans)!!! It's taken us ages to get around to actually thinking about tying the knot though. I am also looking forward to sending ds to beavers when he is old enough too


dw unloaded and reloaded
dry washing up put away
more washing up done
kitchen surfaces cleaned

Wolfcub Sun 06-Sep-09 11:56:11

x-post wendy good morning. Enjoy the christening. Wedding is in May, no fixed date yet as we need to get through some Italian bureaucracy first

scattyspice Sun 06-Sep-09 13:31:23

wolf Italian?
wendy sounds like a great weekend (very glam smile).
star we had massive culture shock at London Zoo in July. Had no idea how expensive it would be shock. Lovely gorrillas though smile
tea boys room is lovely smile.

Have been blowing our cobwebs out on the pier this morning. DC now watching ninja turtles. Dh is clattering about in the loft and I am about to dismantle a book case. Fireplace coming tomorrow smile.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend smile.

grouchyoscar Sun 06-Sep-09 14:52:45

Wolf Italian yes? Had a wonderful pre GOjr week there with DH, fell in love with fiat 500s and, well just everything.

Tea The boys' rooms are beautiful and the book storage idea will be nicked by me for GOjr's high rise bedroom. I have the same problem with sewing (mum who could but had no patience to show me and MIL who is a semstress etc) and I think I will visit Valerie for inspiration.

I've been a bit daft today I have

Remade GOjr's bed and rearrange cuddlies
Tidied His room
Loaded and run DW
Loaded and run WM
Have breakfast
Take GOjr berry picking - Here's where the daft thing started

I was wearing crocs, Nort a good idea and I didn't take my stick and I'd forgotten to take my meds shock and I ended up about a KM up the bridlepath. I'm too ambitious really.

Well, I stagger a lot, stumble into hedges, get scratched, fall over brambles, grass, post and barbed wire fences, oh and GOjr and the berry bucket. We'd missed the best berries by a week or so, they'd fruited early so the foraging was a tad tricky and we went further than usual, up hill too. hmm I'm covered in mud, berry juice and sticky buds when I have to stop, sit on the grass and GOjr calls DH to come and meet us and help me blush. I'm helped home, bath run and then

Empty WSM and reload with brambling clothes and run
Sort washing for drying
Hang up to dry
Take down dry stuff and put away
Get GOjr's school uniform ready
Have bath
Clean loo
Clean bathroom
Wash bathroom floor (well I was having trouble stnding up and, well, while I was down there hmm)
Stop and sit down, MN time

I am covered in scratches and brusies and look like I've been attacked by a gang of delinquent moggies. We got enough berries for a good crumble or two so I suppose it was worthwhile really.

GOjr needs to do some handwriting practice, Lunches need making, bags need packing for morning and I suppose I should get a grip and get moving. TTFN and BBL

Meds taken so I'll get back to my idea of normal.

Wolfcub Sun 06-Sep-09 16:36:15

grouchy take it easy woman or I may have to come and give you a stern talking too (at least take your meds woman)

scatty grouchy yes we are getting married in sorrento in a bid to save money and try and have the relaxed unfussy wedding we want


been to 3 different b&qs none of whom had what we wanted
went to mamas and papas factory shop to see if they had another £10 stroller to replace the one that we have - no joy
been to the park
just made pastry to make quiche for tea
just looking for a biscuit recipe that I don't need to soften butter for first.

grouchyoscar Sun 06-Sep-09 16:44:08

This is bad

I've collapsed on the kitchen floor while vaccing it before moppingf it. I can't stand up or walk. This is terrifying

There's tons to do and I can't help. DH has an awful cold and GOjr needs to do some study. I'm a sodding liability

Sorry, I needed to spew

TeaMonster Sun 06-Sep-09 16:56:23

I have mo m key - I meed Dyls - how did she swop a key for amother ome

Groucy - you meed to slow dowm or I will semd wolf - bbl whem key sorted

Tortoise Sun 06-Sep-09 17:02:32

GO You need to stop now and do no more. Nothing is essential and can't wait a day or two. Having a cold doesn't mean DH can't do a little to help and GOjr study can wait!
<<< Tort puts on her stern voice!>>

TM Lol at your typing! Hope you sort the keyboard.

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