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Friday Fly - Date night, so fly me to the moon and let me play upon the stars

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TeaMonster Fri 04-Sep-09 08:26:23

Morning all

I am wondering what to do with the last day of no school on a wet day!!


I have lots to do and finish, but also want to do something with the mini's


Dryer on
Washer on
DW emptied
Boys fed

DH is having a lie in

To Do's

Get sofa bed to MIL
Sewing - book things
sort loft
whats for lunch and dinner
shopping - cubpoards are bear and mum is still not answering the phone "I am not responsible for my mothers happiness"


leothelioness Fri 04-Sep-09 08:31:52

Morning Tea you have a 'bear' in your cupboard lol

to do list
get dressed/ shower
unload/load dishwasher
load washing machine
make beds
wipe down kitchen counters

scattyspice Fri 04-Sep-09 08:45:32

Morning tea and leo smile.

Pouring here sad. We are meeting an old friend in the park (arranged ages ago). Kags and Brollys I think hmm (but nice lunch in the cafe to warm up smile). This aft another friend is having all the school kids and mums round to get us back in the mood for school smile. Looking forward to seeing all my playground friends again.

Starbear Fri 04-Sep-09 08:47:15

Morning All*,*Tea & Leo
We are off to the Zoo, Sis has some Tesco vouchers so I think we only have to pay £5.00 @.
Made beds
Dressed & washed
Ds is tidying his room
To do
Make Picnic
Pack rain wear!
phone sis
Dinner for tonight made yesterday.
We are really going to just see small animals as the elephants & bears have been moved. Maybe to Tea's cupboard!
Tea the park is always a hit with little Bear.
Have a good day everyone!

wendyhappysmile Fri 04-Sep-09 10:03:10

Morning all star tea leo scatty
Feeling shattered today, but it's ok as off to friend's house for the day, and dc love it there, they just disappear and play all day!
Made a concession and am dropping of dc at MIL's for tea. I am angry and hurt at her as she, SIL, Aunt IL and Cousin IL (that's their whole female family, except me) went off to Paris on hols for two nights, didn't ask me and in fact kept it secret from me until the day before when it was only mentioned in passing to DH. I just feel excluded from the family and they have done it before, and DH told his mum it wasn't good, that I was upset. So the fact that they have done it again suggests strongly that they don't like me and don't want me to go sad
I have done lots of soul searching about it. I know that I am a strong sometimes ferociously so, person with strong opinions that I don't always keep in check. Perhaps they really don't like me sad
Sorry guys, been harbourng that for a while. I think I just need a bit of space from them for a few weeks, til I calm down, and don't say something I regret. The silly thing is that I don't like the Aunt IL or cousin IL very much at all and certainly would have passed on the trip! It's the secrecy of it, and the principle, I think, which has hurt and angered me.
Anyway, I know I should be thinking that life is too short.
See you all later on.

Starbear Fri 04-Sep-09 10:08:58

Hi Wendy & Scatty
Wendy just an idea why not arrange a girl's w/e or with your Dh and get the outlaws to look after the children. Is it possible? It would make me feel better and I'm having fun with people I like as opposed to people that happen to be in my family. What do you think?
Must dash Sis going to met us in Clapham Junction!

scattyspice Fri 04-Sep-09 10:17:51

hmm wendy I would probably have a weekend away (Paris? I wish lol) with my mum and sis and not invite my SIL, not because I don't like her but because it would be a very different weekend. I would not mind my mil and sil getting together without me either. I'm sure it isn't personal.

wendyhappysmile Fri 04-Sep-09 10:22:31

Yes scatty but I don't have a sister and our family is very small - that's basically it! Also I have been in the famiiy since I was 17 - 18 years! So I sort of feel as though I should be considered part of their family. I see what you're saying but I don't have any other family! I thik it's the secrecy that's got to me more than anything. If I had a party I think my MIL would be offended if I invited my friends and not her.
star me and dh are off to a wedding in Newcastle tomorrow and my parents are looking after dc, so that's good, only thing is we have to rush home Sunday for a christening.

TeaMonster Fri 04-Sep-09 10:45:57

Wendy I would feel the same as you TBH, although my MIL doesn't do thing with my SIL, she takes their child all the time and my two miss out on loads of stuff.

It is heartbreaking, its the inequality that is the hardest to take. Why will she look after H when she wont my two, why does she buy her things, especially as BIL and SIL have more than we have.

The way I have resolved this in my head is that they may be more materially better off, but they sped very little time with their child ad I don't!!

EHM Fri 04-Sep-09 10:54:55

bookmarking for later- having more phone calls with solicitors about exchange 2 further issue with buyers house so this is delaying our exchange!!!!!!!!!! OMG I have such a sore head, throat is so dry & horse. I've not shouted at anybody yet, especially not our lovely estate agents who have been fab!

Right to get a drink, hang out some washing & continue packing for our week in Dorset.

Will try & catch up later.xxxxxx

EHM Fri 04-Sep-09 13:09:31

wendy you poor thing-sod the lot of them thats what I say. You can pick your friends thankfully-but not your family. I wouldn't want to go on holiday with my MIL(would rather chew own foot off) or with my FIL's 2nd wife.
Although it would have been nice if they had asked you? Would you have gone? Anyway forgot them its not you ITS THEM-Enjoy the wedding with dh

crap phoning is ringing againnnnn!

leothelioness Fri 04-Sep-09 13:24:46

star have fun at the zoo
wendy ILs can be so mean sometimes it almost as it they don't think we have feelings.

EHM good luck with the house.

ok now must get off MN I am trying to book a 2 day break at alton towers. Have any of you been there any must sees???

wendyhappysmile Fri 04-Sep-09 17:33:35

Hi guys
thanks for the support and advice, as usual, you're all wonderful. I had a chat with my mum last night, who, although agreed with me it was hurtful, told me perhaps they didn't like me because I am too blunt and forthright - which is true, btw - I bite my tongue all the time, but I do tend to say things which should stay in my head! The way that I know I have a good friend is if they aren't offended by things I say, so perhaps mum is right and my ILs don't like that about me.
Anyway, took dc round there today and left them there and made conversation with MIL, so the first step is over and I am getting over it now.
We're none of us perfect are we!
Been at my friend's house, even her dd didn't entertain my two today, usually they don't want to leave, today they were just as loud and badly behaved as they have been at home! Friend thinks it's because they are fed up of seeing home and need to go back to school - don't think I have done enough this hols with dc visit wise, but it's flown over!
Am making brownies for christening on Sunday, but have run out of cocoa and dh is bringing some in a minute. Recipe needed 12 tablespoons and I am making two batches shock which is a lot of cocoa hadn't realised!
see you later ladies.

Tortoise Fri 04-Sep-09 18:22:41

Not read thread.
Thought some FLYers might be interested in the Mirrors free lego offer starting tomorrow smile.

Busy, busy here with sorting house and listing as much as possible on Ebay. smile

scattyspice Fri 04-Sep-09 19:12:23

wendy glad you're feeling better. Mine and dh family are all spread out so rarely get together except Xmas and birthdays anyway. Friends are the new family smile.

Had a good day. Tired now. BB tomorrow.

Wolfcub Fri 04-Sep-09 20:11:11

evening all*

hope you are feeling better, it sounds like a very thoughless and hurtful thing that your in-laws did, i am not surprised that you were upset by it.


bed made
wm unloaded reloaded and on
dry washing folded, wet washing hung up
quick tidy living room
shirt each ironed for me and dp
ds taken to nursery

not too bad a day at work and met friend for coffee at lunch


ds picked up from nursery
rubbish out
dw unloaded reloaded and on
dry washing up put away
washing up done
kitchen cleaned
ds fed
milk bottles washed and out

sure I've done more but brain is now mush

just organised going to wedding show with my chief bridesmaid.

wendyhappysmile Fri 04-Sep-09 20:14:31

thanks wolf sounds like you are feeling positive today?
scatty think that's the problem, we all live within a mile of each other so organising get togethers isn't difficult!
off round to a friend to take all the cakes and puds
see you tomorrow, perhaps - off to a wedding in Newcastle and staying in a Travel lodge place - shame we have to set off at 9 am on Sunday to get back for christening!

Wolfcub Fri 04-Sep-09 20:19:56

wendy much more positive today thank you, very much helped by the fact that it's friday

swanriver Fri 04-Sep-09 22:27:44

Just a quick check-in,
Brother's wedding tomorrow, looking forward to everything except dreaded outfit. Dh has suddenly suggested my "grand" jacket looks middleaged and wants me to wear something short and frothy instead. dd keeps saying frothy outfit looks "lame" hmm and votes for majestic maxi dress.
Have made two pale green sashes as instructed for page and bridesmaid (rather quickly)
off on train tomorrow.

Wendy,feel for you.
Scatty, hope meetup made school seem more inviting - I've missed seeing all the playground folks
TM this HAS been a very tiring week, think must be something in the air pressure wind rain and autumnal restlessness. Went to bed at 8.00 yest.

wendyhappysmile Fri 04-Sep-09 22:37:55

swan enjoy the wedding - I haven't tried my outfit on yet but then it isn't my brother's wedding so I'm not so fussed! Hoping it will fit, I have lost 6 lbs in the last three weeks so am feeling better!
Night all

ISimplyCantPostFreelyAnyMore Fri 04-Sep-09 23:11:08

Hello to all. I have barely skim read the thread but wanted to bookmark it ready for tomorrow. I hope you're all okay.

I'm not sure if much has been said on the FLY threads about the DM saga as I've been really busy in work recently so I've not been on here much. I'm very tempted to leave MN for one reason and my new nickname explains it all. If I do that, though, I'd lose you lot so I think I'm going to keep changing my name a bit but with a common word in the name so that you get used to spotting me (if anyone cares and wishes to that is!) and stick to the GH topic for posting and lurk only elsewhere. Sorry to be a pain but I think ooopsagainandagain is talking sense on the MN/DM thread which is a sticky at the top of the active list. I've even altered my details on my registration page to be more anonymous. Well, that's all I wanted to say so...see you on the w/e.

Wolfcub Sat 05-Sep-09 09:27:32


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