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Oh my goodness I think I need a tabard!

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fruitstick Thu 03-Sep-09 22:22:32

Where can I buy an apron that also covers my shoulders. Is this called a housecoat?

I envisaging Hilda Ogden.

Anyway, DS2 has just started solids and it's impossible to pick the bugger up without covering myself in mashed potato.

nancy75 Thu 03-Sep-09 22:24:52

i thought a house coat was a dressing gown?
i do know what you mean, my nan used to wear them, there must be a nan shop somewhere that sells them!

fruitstick Thu 03-Sep-09 22:26:45

I think there was a thread on here a while back about who calls a dressing gown a house coat .... I'm not wading into that again.

yes - it's definitely nan wear I'm after!

LauraIngallsWilder Thu 03-Sep-09 22:27:28

My town has just such a shop

Sells a huge range of house coats and tabards

And HUGE knickers - all laid out neatly on shelves

And Dutch aprons

Plus an assistant who hovers near you whilst you admire the stock hmm

They do sell marvellous stuff as well though (but the section the hovering lady runs is beyond belief!)

cheesesarnie Thu 03-Sep-09 22:31:35

sorry but haha!grinmy nan used to wear one too-blue checked-fantastic!

nancy75 Thu 03-Sep-09 22:32:17

look at this one, would have been abit flash for my nan!

Mousey84 Thu 03-Sep-09 22:38:53

If you dont need sleeves, fold an old towel in half (so the two short ends meet) and then cut a semicircle at the fold for your head...

Or, just buy one of those massively oversized cardigans that are fashionable (or at least, were fashionable) - they almost touch your knees and with it, a ponytail and sunglasses. I always thought of it as hangover look, but actually, it goes quite well with weaning babies, right down to the eye protection.

fruitstick Thu 03-Sep-09 22:40:31

nancy that is EXACTLY what I want. Am gutted it's sold ... the pretty horses!

ja9 Thu 03-Sep-09 22:42:15

oh please.... you just can't!

nancy75 Thu 03-Sep-09 22:45:01

you just have to know what to look for - its called a pinny (how could i have forgotten thatgrin) men_s_Vintage_Clothing?hash=item3355384f4e&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 _s_Vintage_Clothing?hash=item3ca537d558&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 _s_Vintage_Clothing?hash=item4a9a7bd64e&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

good thing this is not in style and beauty - these little lovlies have neither grin

MrsSeanBean Thu 03-Sep-09 22:45:03

I bet tabards would sell like hotcakes if Boden introduced a hotchpotch / 'fun' / vintage 50s print version (or possibly a combination of all three).

nancy75 Thu 03-Sep-09 22:47:41

a royal one

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