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If my washing machine sounds like it's full of marbles

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BlueKangerooWonders Fri 28-Aug-09 10:19:39

just how bad is it?

armbow Fri 28-Aug-09 15:58:30

Have you checked your filter?

I have this once and it was one of DH's plastic bone things from his work shirt's collar.

It was flicking each time the drum went round and was a making a racket.

FluffySaysTheDailyMailsShite Fri 28-Aug-09 16:07:57

I got something stuck around the side of the inside seal that did this, it's best to check. If not, it could be the bearings inside the machine, they are used to hold the barrel inplace and allow it to spin, you may need to get someone out to service it.

NorbertDentressangle Fri 28-Aug-09 16:11:02

We had a similar problem but in our case it sounded more like pool/snooker balls than marbles and the machine was knackered (although I can't remember what it was that had gone -possibly the bearings??)

belleymum Sat 29-Aug-09 09:40:50

We had the same.
Turned out the bearings had gone. It cost more to repair (about £300 - ha, ha)than buy a cheap,new one.
Get a quote though.

BlueKangerooWonders Sat 29-Aug-09 14:49:32

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Repair man will come on Thurs so it looks like I'll have a week's worth of washing and a huge bill too.

scroobiuspirate Sat 29-Aug-09 14:59:08

the bearings have gone. imo

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sat 29-Aug-09 15:01:18

Get insurance.

We pay £10 a month and it covers 3 kitchen appliances.

We have had a new dishwasher and a new washer out of it.

And yes, it is knackered.

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