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yuk what are these silver wiggly worm things??

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SilverSixpence Wed 26-Aug-09 23:31:27

Hi all, I seem to be harbouring a crop of little silver worm-like creatures in my house - so far i've seen about 4 of them on the kitchen or bathroom floor, only at night. My husband has seen a few too. They are fairly tiny and very fast wiggly things. Never seen anything like them before. can anyone shed any light on the matter, and more importantly, how to get rid of them! thanks

Tidey Wed 26-Aug-09 23:35:14

Silverfish? Weird things that live in carpets.

QOD Wed 26-Aug-09 23:37:17


We get them running round the bath - they come up the plug hole

all the hairs on my arms are standing on end now LOL

navyeyelasH Wed 26-Aug-09 23:38:38

silverfish perhaps?

SilverSixpence Wed 26-Aug-09 23:39:30

ick! yes they are silverfish, those wikipedia pictures are vile! apparently they can survive for a year without food! how the hell do i get rid of them??

Tidey Wed 26-Aug-09 23:42:05

Try here

deleting Wed 26-Aug-09 23:43:46

they like the damp conditions of bathrooms.

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