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HELP Rigby&Pellar have stopped selling their bra wash- what do I use now?

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pugsandseals Tue 25-Aug-09 17:30:32

Rigby & Pellar used to do a lovely smelling special hand washing liquid for lingerie but they have stopped doing it sad

Anyone got any ideas if any other shops sell something similar? It worked so well before and when you're spending £70 on a bra you want to make it last don't you?

TheProfiteroleThief Tue 25-Aug-09 17:33:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

themoon66 Tue 25-Aug-09 17:35:56

Persil Wool and Silk is very gentle. Don't let any conditioner near your bras because it breaks down the lycra and rots it.

I'd be wary about using shampoo in case it had any silicone type conditioner in it which would also rot the lycra.

pugsandseals Tue 25-Aug-09 17:38:41

I'm a 38G so it's one of the only places I can find bras with enough support!
My favourite brand is prima donna..

No conditioner- will look out for that one!

pugsandseals Tue 25-Aug-09 17:38:59

Any other ideas?

MmmEggs Tue 25-Aug-09 17:39:18

Baby shampoo

fatjac Tue 25-Aug-09 18:45:57

I use L'Occitaine liquid soap. TK Maxx sometimes have big bottles of french liquid soap which can also be used for handwashing.

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