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Tuesday Fly - still washing!

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scattyspice Tue 25-Aug-09 07:50:48

Morning get those washers loaded! smile.

littleboyblue Tue 25-Aug-09 08:02:59

Washing mahine has just finished today's load.

Not doing much today.
15 min de-clutter in bedroom
15 min zone detail
Weeks menu plan

Getting a new ironing board today which means I'll have to do that later.

Must dash

dylsmum1998 Tue 25-Aug-09 08:10:02

morning all.
not been on here much but still flying, well fluttering! grin

thanks for thread Scatty
morning LBB

car passed mot last week <phew>

today to do
letter t ds school done
one set of childcare forms done
phone nursery re other set of forms
load washer
wash up
s&s bathroom
take nan shopping
collect cousin
try and catch up with posts on here

TeaMonster Tue 25-Aug-09 08:44:49

Morning all

Scatty I have the duvet in as the sun is shinning I am hoping to get it dry today. Tell me how you got the audio book please

Long night and I thought the boys were getting better - silly me!!!

*Morning a fluttering Dyls and phew on the MOT

We are still stuck at home, so will try and encourage the boys to get a little active outside in the sun once they are dressed

Whats for lunch
menu plan
clear fridge
Get MILK - v v important
15 mins in each room
zone clean

boys at war - BBL

leothelioness Tue 25-Aug-09 08:55:33

hi can I join too.

today I need to

unload dishwasher
load dishwasher
get load of washing done
sort out lunch
go to the supermarket
take kids to the park
sort out the toy cupboard
make dinner

and of course shower and get dressed grin

Sagacious Tue 25-Aug-09 09:06:20

Morning all

I fear a crisis clean is looming....

Need to:

Sort out ironing pile (leaning precariously in kitchen corner)
Clean out GP's hutch
Load d/w with last nights stuff blush
Recieve (ooo get me I'm the Queen!) and put away Sainsburys delivery
Shower and get dressed properly (have slung on old tres and top as Sainsbos due any second)
Dig out ds's cricket stuff for this afternoon
Arrange taxi (if dh stuck at work)and take ds to cricket training
Phone friend to arrange tommorrows day out
Sweep living room
Clean tv
Wash kitchen floor
Clean kitchen worktops
Clean loo's (x3)
Help ds tidy his bedroom
Cull magazines
Clear living room mantlepiece (seems to be latest hotspot)

Well that little lot should keep me busy !

Sagacious Tue 25-Aug-09 09:49:51

Well so far I have:

Realised I don't have a delivery today its on Thursday... so I now have no milk.

Made and half eaten a fried egg sandwich
Laughed at dc's hula hooping on the wii fit.

And erm contemplated loading the dw

Thats Not Very Good

TheProfiteroleThief Tue 25-Aug-09 10:24:45

Hi all
we have guests today and no food! So clearing up, bit of packing and shopping for food.

leothelioness Tue 25-Aug-09 10:40:33

Well I have manages to get some of these done and alsoadd another half dozen items to the list, it never ending
unload dishwasher done
load dishwasher done
get load of washing done done
sort out lunch *in the process of*
go to the supermarket
take kids to the park
sort out the toy cupboard
make dinner

and of course shower and get dressed done

and added
hoover the house
clean kitchen done
take suit to drycleaners
change bedding in guest room done

galen Tue 25-Aug-09 10:57:25

Morning all!

Washing is the theme for today here too LOL

other than that trying to do some room rescues and get routines going again...

Also waiting for heating engineer to sort hot water...(dismal cold shower yesterday LOL)

Feeling a bit low today....I seem to have a sink after stressful times , was the same when we got back from Ireland.... seem to go on autopilot to cope in the midst of it, then sink afterwards. Also worrying about cost of car and lack of money LOL ..... contemplating going back to work , which is also stressing me out...
....still will try to keep busy and motivate myself as that normally helps pull me round....

Right will go crack on BBL grin

TeaMonster Tue 25-Aug-09 11:12:15

Hello again all

galen Money is a real issue here too, sorry you are feeling low

Welcome Leo*

I bet you are all excited

Sag pmsl over delivery. A kind friend got some milk for me

DS2 is curled up on the soda in the living room asleep - ah

Boys beds are stripped and bedding in washer. I need some cheep blue or white jersey or flannel fitted single sheets, as dont have enough now DS2 is in a big bed.

DS1 is being parented by the Wii!!!!

I am having a cup of tea before cracking on again

leothelioness Tue 25-Aug-09 11:35:40

Hiya TeaMonster thanks for the welcome
you just reminded me I need some tea too (time for a cuppa, passes teamonster a biscuit)

Sagacious Tue 25-Aug-09 11:59:08

Welcome leo

My done list:

Washed and dressed
Dishwasher filter cleaned then loaded and running
Off to village shop for missing milk
Back home for much needed cup of tea
Spoke to friend re taxi for this evening (in the sticks so very scarce her dh is a taxi driver)

Um thats it

Thats not really good for a morning work..

erm.. dc's have been practicing their writing

[clutches straws]

scattyspice Tue 25-Aug-09 12:30:21

Hi again. Lunchtime smile.

Somehow I started a new thread and then posted on the old one hmm. Here is list:
email holiday pictures to various people
declutter bedroom

tea I will attempt to link to audiobook. I have now finished it - feeling very tranquil smile.

galen I am also prone to a touch of post traumatic stress after a crisis. I have developed a fear of driving long distances alone with DC after my spectacular breakdown in Birminham in Feb (DH also has a fear as he had to come and rescue us). I do think you have had more than your fair share of upheavals this summer though, you need a period of stability to get your breath back. Don't contemplate work yet if you can possibly help it.

leo hi - well done with the list

saga LOL at the non delivery

BBL after work.

TheProfiteroleThief Tue 25-Aug-09 12:31:36

yoo hoo
packing excitedly
welcome Leo grin

scattyspice Tue 25-Aug-09 12:35:51

grin prof!

tea here is the book

Sagacious Tue 25-Aug-09 13:47:11

Additional done list

Cleaned out Guinea Pig cage (dd helped so very educational)
Mantelpiece cleared

Planning on cleaning kitchen next

Sagacious Tue 25-Aug-09 14:35:44

Lunch cleared
D/w unloaded and reloaded
Cricket practice with ds done
Taxi booked for this evening
Cup of tea made
Dry clothes off washing line

House still looks a mess though

Sagacious Tue 25-Aug-09 14:39:14

scatty Am very interested in that book, its the one religion that sort of makes sense to me (iykwim)

TeaMonster Tue 25-Aug-09 15:33:05

Afternoon all

Scatty looks goof, will have to see if we have any spare cash

I have

Washed the childrens bedding, hung out
changed the boys bed
Put another wash on DS2 had an accident
rang GP's - waiting for a call back as I think DS2 has a chest infection
Rang MIL
arranged for DH to come home so I can take DS1 to swimming lesson
some ironing
made homemade lasagne for dinner (I need more mustard powder)
Sorted garlic butter for dinner too

Just having a break. I am shattered

scattyspice Tue 25-Aug-09 15:45:15

tea don't overdo it.

sag and tea I didn't know the first thing about Buddhism (I only bought the book because I subscribe to Audible for DS Famous Five audio books and I get free credits so clicked on that one). But it is lovely. Part anger management part anxiety management and part child rearing with a little bit of spirituality thrown in smile.

Done - nothing.

grouchyoscar Tue 25-Aug-09 15:45:55

Hello All and welcome tro Leo

Been busy here and out all day. I took Ed to buy some new school jumpers and got waylaid by Wilkinson's and the new Poundland blush Also got Ed's huge mane cropped and my hair cut too.

Ed was so very good today I let him have a happy meal lunch. He was so very happy with that blush. Also got him some Playmobil people (he's gone mad for those ATM) and some replacement (easier for mum to manage) poster paints. Now he's fussing with his rocks he got on holiday (Eek shock)

DH at the football tonight so at least the house won't get messed up hmm

grouchyoscar Tue 25-Aug-09 16:22:12

and Hello to MakingChanges Hope you stick around. It's great here and we'd love to see you again

leothelioness Tue 25-Aug-09 16:32:20

unload dishwasher done
load dishwasher done
get load of washing done done
sort out lunch done
go to the supermarket done
take kids to the park done
sort out the toy cupboard done
make dinner done

and of course shower and get dressed done

and added
hoover the house
clean kitchen done
take suit to drycleaners done
change bedding in guest room done
have not quite managed to get the hoovering and ironing done but may need to leave it until tomorrow.

grouchyoscar Tue 25-Aug-09 16:38:24

By heck Leo That's a lot you've got done! Take it easy and well done

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