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How do you get a blackout curtain clean?

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slalomsuki Mon 24-Aug-09 18:50:43

I have a large black out curtain that covers patio doors. The white backing which is the plastic/rubber coating to stop the light go through has got grubby as the kids have run in and out with garden dirt on their hands. I have tried sponging it clean but it makes only a minimal impact on the marks.

Previously I have tried to wash them in the machine but the backing has stuck together and I have had to scrp the curtains.

Do I dry clean them? Or do I wask them in the bath? Suggestions please

Size6Feet Mon 24-Aug-09 22:14:08

Before you go to the effort of taking them down ask at the dry cleaners if they can clean them. I think they are able to do them.

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