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Come Fly with me let's fly,fly away and come back and do Laundry

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Starbear Mon 24-Aug-09 10:10:01

I'm going to give this a go

Starbear Mon 24-Aug-09 10:12:16

this way I knew I would balls it up!

Starbear Mon 24-Aug-09 10:19:37

Morning All How could I balls it up so many times!!!
Anyway need to get cracking today. DH at the gym and Ds at Playball until 1pm.
Washing already in the machine
I'm dressed but not washed
Pack lunch made for ds and he is sorted.

So here goes!
make beds
clean bathroom
tidy Ds' bed room
hoover upstairs
tidy kitchen
Put washing out
refill W/M
empty D/W
refill D/W
Tidy, dust and hoover front room
tidy dining room.
Recycle stuff out.
collect stuff for charity to put out.
Ironing sad
Hope the sun is shining, have a great day

Starbear Mon 24-Aug-09 10:24:49

Ops1 I will wash today promise and put clean clothes on and maybe some make-up!

littleboyblue Mon 24-Aug-09 10:28:48

Morning star
My to do list looks simislar to yours. I'm rushing around trying to do most of it now so we can go park later.
Flat looks like a complete s*^t-pit. Why? Because I have done sweet FA all weekend. Not even routines blush

My ironing board broke, so getting a new one tomorrow. The pile is huge!

grouchyoscar Mon 24-Aug-09 10:57:38

Good Morning All

Getting back into the groove of FLYing again. Might as well start the week properly

Ed made breakfast this morning shock a bowl of rice krispies in bed. Bless his heart
but so far my lists are


Up and meds
S&S bathroom
S&S Loo
Down with crockery
Empty DW
Put away
Load DW
Get bins ready for putting out
Make cuppa for window cleaner
Get service engineer round for the washer
Pay credit card for DH
Cancel hospital appointment

Washer man is here so byeeeeeeeeeeeee

galen Mon 24-Aug-09 11:06:44

morning all

slow start here today - all totally exhausted still LOL
DS1 and DD1 still in bed LOL

Need to crack on with enourminous washing pile.....

have rung boiler service people re boiler....waiting for them to call back with appoitment time... I REALLY need hot water, sigh...

Still not dressed, contemplating if I can face a cold shower or not...

Also need to begin ringing garages about the car, fear it may be passed help - very stressful, need a car for school runs etc...

anyway...must crack on,
good luck with all those lists - all looking very motivated today!

BBL grin

TeaMonster Mon 24-Aug-09 11:18:12

Morning all

Not a great start here TBH. DH did not put the lid on DS1's cup of milk correctly, cue a full beaker of milk all over me nad my bed at 6.30 this morning.

I have a load of bedding in the washer, but have the duvet to wash and the towels.

SO we have been up since then, both boys are fractious. I have a headache, due to lack of sleep. DS1 had earache most of the night.

I feel like crying, but I am not going to. I am going to pull myself together and deal.

Also I bust the sewing machine last night - arggggggggggggggggg

grouchyoscar Mon 24-Aug-09 11:31:59

The washer is fixed! YAY! I can do the washing! Repair cost much less than a new machine.

Grouchy goes to collect the washing together with a big grin on face

Starbear Mon 24-Aug-09 11:48:07

Hi tea break 15mins promise!
make beds 1
clean bathroom done Deep clean!
tidy Ds' bed room
hoover upstairs
tidy kitchen done
Put washing out done
refill W/M done
empty D/W done
refill D/W done
Tidy, dust and hoover front room
tidy dining room.
Recycle stuff out.
collect stuff for charity to put out.

Wolfcub Mon 24-Aug-09 11:53:43

ds is in a vile, violent and destructive mood. Does anyone know how to get ingrained ink out of a pine coffee table

played with ds and attempted to read to him
just packing book up to post

need to try and get ds to sleep but the last attempt resulted in me being smacked in the face and kicked in the stomach.

Off to buy ds his first pillow and let him choose a new cover for his duvet this afternoon

Starbear Mon 24-Aug-09 11:58:34

Wolfcub shock I'll look in my readers digest book.
Do you do corner? How old is he again?
Ops! here I go spend to much time on MN Good luck see ya later. Hope Ds's mood changes.

TeaMonster Mon 24-Aug-09 12:20:03

I am back - needc the boys to eat, not sure what they will.

I have another load in the washer
Groucy Yeh on the washer

Wolf If it awful when they are like that isnt it.

Get some of those special sponges from the pound ship they shift anything, alternativly white bread grin

I am having a mediterain moment blush

Boys alternating between cling on to my legs and punching each other shock

I have bust the sewing machine - arg

DS1 left his leasper 2 out in the rain angry

scattyspice Mon 24-Aug-09 12:50:01

Morning smile

tea sounds like one of those days, i hope it improves.

Wolf My ds was impossible to put down for a nap, had to be pushed round the block in the buggy (then sprint home when he fell asleep!)Good luck.

star good luck with that list

grouchy I need to restart flying too.

Galen sorry crossed posts yesterday. Glad you had a good holiday, I bet the kids loved it. What a nightmare re the car though, hope garage can help and I hope you get some hot water soon.

At work until 3, dc in holiday club (ds keen, dd less so).

To do:
house bleugh
laundry reboot
arrange friends to play
call dentist to rearrange appt

grouchyoscar Mon 24-Aug-09 13:24:03

Hello again <<Grouchy Waves>>

Done a load, pegged it out, another one is in

Dragged the last suitcase upstairs, emptied it, put it away

Had a quick lunch
Taken down washing from the clothes horse
Folded and put away

Ed is staying in his jimjams so I'm in the house all day. No worries as there is a fair bbit to do

Tea Hope the boys are feeling better

Wolf Bring DS round here for a cuppa etc

Starbear Mon 24-Aug-09 14:15:58

Shame to have a shower now that I've cleaned the bathroom!
Tidy, dust and hoover front room Done
tidy dining room.Done
Cleaned cooker done Not on original list
2nd load on lineDone
Bathmats in W/M
Recycle stuff out.Done
collect stuff for charity to put out.Done
Ds had a fab time at Playball but didn't eat all his lunch there. He was quietly eating the rest in the garden & reading (looking at) Beano when a nasty wasp got him. My poor little love. Lots of tears! Now watching Walking with Dinosaurs with DH.
Off now to buy school schools cross fingers that there are shoes his size in the shops!

Starbear Mon 24-Aug-09 14:16:29

I mean school shoes!

scattyspice Mon 24-Aug-09 15:56:48

To do:
house bleugh
laundry reboot done
arrange friends to playdone
call dentist to rearrange appt done

Good luck with the school shoes star.

grouchyoscar Mon 24-Aug-09 16:29:48

Typical! I Catch up with 4 loads of washing and.....It's bally peeing it down here hmm Bah [sulky emo]

Also made a late lunch, tidied away, made Ed's bed and hung up what wet washing I can. 2 big baskets full now

Ed scarpered to play in his room telling me he might take '50 hours'so I suppose I should do some mopping and sweeping

scattyspice Mon 24-Aug-09 19:16:07

Pouring here too grouchy.
house bleugh done

watching Merlin with dc.

TeaMonster Mon 24-Aug-09 19:31:02

Raining here too, so I havnt washed the duvet, need a dry day to get it dry!!!

But I have done

3 loads of washing and drying
Painting with the mini's - will update blog
mopped the flour
home blessed
cleaned the inside conservatory windows
boogied the car aka the skip
done a drink chart with the boys
spoke to brother
Dw is on
boys are in bed

Now for a relaxing evening with DH, who is still not well, but at work as needs must

scattyspice Tue 25-Aug-09 07:51:39


scattyspice Tue 25-Aug-09 07:55:45


Hope the weather holds out for all that laundry hmm.

email holiday pictures to various people
declutter bedroom

Off to work/holiday club now. BBL

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