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help me plan my spring clean - not sure where to start!!

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tostaky Fri 21-Aug-09 09:07:48

Might be (very) early nesting symptoms but I REALLY WANT to spring clean my flat (2 beds, 1 office, no outdoor space, one huge staircase).

Ive booked a cleaner twice for 3.5 hours in the same week and DS will be at nursery.

Problem is i dont know where to start first. And how to manage the cleaner. And do i give her small jobs (so if she doesnt do it well its ok) or do i pester her until it is sparkling clean (but then she might take her time and .

Basically i want to clean cupboards/behind furniture/squirting boards/doors/ grout in bathroom/ all the stuff i never do + normal cleaning

Advice needed!! thank you smile

MamaKaty Fri 21-Aug-09 18:43:40

I would divide it into two lots - one for each day. Perhaps one day do bathrooms, hall way, etc and on the second day clean bedrooms? Tell her you'd like it done as thoroughly as she can inside the given time frame, then stand back and let her at it!
If you're standing over her giving her small jobs at a time then she may feel patronised. Most people work better when they feel that they're trusted to do their job well.

Hope it goes well

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