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Labels, labels, labels, ...... what's best?

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toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Thu 20-Aug-09 00:30:32

i am about to join the ranks of the playgroup mums! ds is 3 and off to group soon. So.... what are the best labels to get to cover everything he owns just in case!

i'm a bit of a lazy one so was thinking iron-on rather than sewing type, but will bow to superior mumsnet knowledge of this difficult and troubling new area of parenting! wink

tickfeckingtock Thu 20-Aug-09 00:38:06

Sharpie permenent marker.

Works on fabric Write on clothes wash labels.
Gym shoes, just write on the inside.
Lunch Boxes
Drink bottle etc.

GiddyGrandma Thu 20-Aug-09 00:45:42

My children are all grown up now so not sure about todays stickiness (they used to wash off and curl). Therefore I sewed them on. But the best tip is to just have the 'surname' printed as they do for each child then. I've still got them in my sewing box and very recently sewed one into my sons dinner jacket as he lost the last 2!!! (He's 29)!!!! Once you've got them you've got them!

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Thu 27-Aug-09 00:06:38

oh bless your heart sewing a label on for a 29 year old!! maybe they are right, boys never grow up... wink

any other suggestions? tho am liking the pen idea, even i could manage that.

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