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roll up for mondays FLY

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dylsmum1998 Mon 17-Aug-09 07:15:51

morning all back in a mo with links lists etc

dylsmum1998 Mon 17-Aug-09 07:21:47

guess what i fixed my W last night so i can type properly again, however i was getting used to my german accent! grin

i have to take the car to get new tyres today, am hoping that i only need to replace the back ones <wishful emo>

to do;
dust (still not done it)
s&S bathroom
sort dry washing done
load washer
make mister maker pot with dd

littleboyblue Mon 17-Aug-09 07:32:52

Morning dyls
My dp's on nights again which makes housework hard.

Turn on washing machine done
Put dry washing away done
hang wet washing done
wash up done
breakfast done
dress boys
s&s bathroom
sweep and mop bathroom and hallway
collect prescription from chemist
change beds
clean nappy wrapper
wipe bathroom shelves
clean sofas
mirrors and windows
cobwebs in bathroom and boys room
decide on dinner
evening routine

Wow. Better get cracking! Hope everyone's ok

ShannaraTiger Mon 17-Aug-09 07:52:04

Morning all

Dyls thanks for thread. Fingers crossed about the tyres.
littleboyblue dp being on nights must be a nihtmae trying to keep everything quiet.

Dp is back at work so now need to catch up on all the housework I haven't done whilst he's been at home for a week. The flat is in such a mess I don't know where to start! sad
Me and the dc's are off on holiday with my family on Friday, I'm abandning dp for a whole week to fend for himself. He can't even use the washing machine or cook for himself, he just wuldn't have survived a whole week with all my family though. I wasn't going to go as I feel guilty about abadonig dp but I would then feel guilty about denying the dc's a holiday with all their cousins etc. and I haven't seen my brother and family since christmas either way major guilt trip from me - permenant emotion atm!!

Anyway I'll be back later with a to do list.
Hope evryone has a good day with nice weather.

littleboyblue Mon 17-Aug-09 07:56:56

Shannara Don't feel guilty about leaving dp for a week. He is a grown man who is more than capable of looking after himself grin he may suprise you.

My downstairs neighbour has asked if ds1 can go down to her flat o play/watch a dvd with her ds. I've said yes, but am a bit nervous as I don't really know her. I see her all the time and we always stop for a little chat. She is a school teacher. The family is quite religious (JW) and I know ds1 will be fine. It'll mean I get some time with ds alone.
If I don't let ds1 go, I'll never let him visit anyone elses house wil I? And he is only downstairs...........I just can't help thinking maybe she should have invited me down aswell for the first time? Or AIBU?

EHM Mon 17-Aug-09 08:31:43

Morning all

lovely & sunny here this morningsmile

washing on line & buggy scrubbed & out in the sun.

aww dyls I will miss the vvsmile thanks for the thread. good luck with tyres.
lbl good luck with your list-it must be hard when dp is sleeping day time.
shann I sure dp will be fine-he will probably enjoy the time to him self. I know my dh does when we go away to parents without him.

right have to finished shopping for holiday bits & bobs today.
phone solicitors
iron clothes washed today once dried
get suitcases out of loft-wait until dh is home
make lamb curry for tonight

have a lovely day ladies.x

Starbear Mon 17-Aug-09 09:04:57

Lbl Don't worry, maybe she's flying as well and her Ds having your Ds over will help her get on with things. I use to do this with my neighbours boys. So sad they moved (still keep in touch)
shann I bet he doesn't even think about going near the washing machine. My DH says I've de-skilled him over the years ha! ha!
Back with a list

Starbear Mon 17-Aug-09 09:13:21

While looking at the photos in the past 5 years, I'm going to make a promise that I wear make-up at the weekend and on days out. When I've got a little concealer around the eyes, mascara & lippy I look Soooo much better and I would be happier about putting the photo in the album.
So here goes.
Dress and wash
Wash windows (didn’t do it yesterday)
Make beds
Outside the house:-
Millets return batteries angry they gave me the wrong ones even with the item in my hand!
Radio to repair shop
Film to Jessop to put on disc
Photo albums
No lunch or dinner to make for others Yippe!
Have a good day smile

littleboyblue Mon 17-Aug-09 09:21:51

Star That's true........maybe. grin

Turn on washing machine done
Put dry washing away done
hang wet washing done
wash up done
breakfast done
dress boys done
shower done
s&s bathroom done
sweep and mop bathroom and hallway done
collect prescription from chemist
change beds
clean nappy wrapper
wipe bathroom shelves
clean sofas
mirrors and windows
cobwebs in bathroom and boys room
decide on dinner done frozen pizza. Nice and easy after a busy day! Tomorrow is menu plan day, so........
evening routine

TeaMonster Mon 17-Aug-09 09:23:27

Morning all

Plan today is to get on top of the housework with the boys and bake.


Dress boys
allocate them their chores
15 mins in each room
Change beds
Sort Boys toys and rearrange
Sort out some storage
Whats for dinner
tidy the garden
Plans for the week
collect script from GP's
start on lables for uniforms

DS2 is wingey this morning, I think he could be coming down with something - see you all later

Sagacious Mon 17-Aug-09 09:26:40

Hi all

Sorry for continuing absence, have been away and computer has picked up some sort of virus (grr)

Hope everyone is well

Things to do today

Coffee with friend
Cuddle new guinea pigs (finally gave in to dd's demands request)
DD to dentist (two fillings... NOT GOOD am dreading it)
Tesco's for cucumber/green stuff for GP's
Sweep floor
Ironing (mountain from holiday)

I have no clue what week we're on .. will be flying properly when dc's back at school (or maybe just stroking GP's as the house falls to wrack and ruin around my head blush

dylsmum1998 Mon 17-Aug-09 11:02:40

quick update

breakfast done
dust done
s&S bathroom done
sort dry washing done
iron done
load washer
make mister maker pot with dd

have taken car to garage and it needed all 4 replacing. the front ones were just legal so thought it safer to replace them all. so have now nearly wiped my overdraft and i have an MOT to pay for on fri hmm

Shan I'm sure dp will be fine. enjoy your time away grin

TM hope ds2 cheers up soon

TheProfiteroleThief Mon 17-Aug-09 11:51:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TeaMonster Mon 17-Aug-09 12:34:11

Afternoon all

Just doing lunch for the boys - saus and special mash (pot, carrots and swede or nipes)- as requested by poorley DS2

Me and DS1 have:

Hoovered upstairs
changed my bed
polished upstairs - DS1
30 mins in each of their rooms - so we can now toy cull
S&S 2 bathrooms
S&S conservatory
Hung washing out
Put washer on

Shanna Tis time DH learned to look after himself - enjoy the break
Shanna GPigs - where will it end wink
Dyls We had MOT and 4 new tires on Fri for DH car.
Prof DS1's lessons start again tomorrow PM
LBB Hope you manage OK with the DH on nights and I wouldnt worry about DS with the JW - they are lovley familes in my humble opinion
Star Well done on the photos, job and Make up habbitt

Well - I have to admit that I crashed the car on Sat sad I was going down the sea front and it just failed to stop - I was braking, but there was sand under my wheels - pants, pants, pants - I went into the back of a taxi. We are all fine, but car isnt.

Also someone took my side trim off and handle in Ikea yesterday. I am a bit fed up, espeically as they left no details and it needs to be an insurance job. I am plucking up the courage to ring them.

They are going to think I am the mad woman I am.

littleboyblue Mon 17-Aug-09 13:32:21

TM Glad everyone was ok after your accident. Could have been really nasty.

Ds1 has been to neighbours. When I got back from Tesco, the boy came out and asked if ds1 could go in, so I said yes while I unpacked shopping and fed ds2. I left him there for an hour and the mum said he was fine and seemed to enjoy himself and that she'd have him down there anytime! Yay!!!! I told her she could have him all the time grin

Well, meant to be going to the park to meet some friends. Time was 1pm, but ds1 is just finishing lunch and they both look like they need to sleep, so now deciding whether or not to bother. Dp is up as he got in at 2am, but we could all go for a nap......or go to the park......hmm

TheProfiteroleThief Mon 17-Aug-09 13:36:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Starbear Mon 17-Aug-09 16:54:37

Lbb Glad Ds's Visit to the neighbours worked out. smile
Prof Just think it's a useful skill, what more can I say I hate myself in a swimsuit too blobby sad
TM That would upset me and you now have another lot of chores related to it!
Windows Done
Bank Done
Millets Done
Radio to repair shop Done
Film to Jessop to put on disc Done
Photo albums Done
and a trip to Rymans as per mission I've got pens,files and paper!
M&S Done Took a swimsuit back I'll save the money and get a smaller size next year Ha!
Also made a hairdressers appointment for Sept(with 15% discount)at the same time asked them to trim my fringe. smile
Boots Done For lippy, concealer & eyeshadow to replace stuff thrown out.
have a lovely afternoon I hope the sun is shining where you are.

littleboyblue Mon 17-Aug-09 18:12:22


Turn on washing machine done
Put dry washing away done
hang wet washing done
wash up done
breakfast done
dress boys done
shower done
s&s bathroom done
sweep and mop bathroom and hallway done
tesco done
collect prescription from chemist tomorrow
change beds done
hoover done
polish done
clean nappy wrapper done
wipe bathroom shelves done
clean sofas done
mirrors and windows
cobwebs in bathroom and boys room done
decide on dinner done
evening routine JUST ABOUT TO START

When I go shopping in the mornings, I always forget that by the time the boys are in bed, I'll need a big drink! blush Oh well

scattyspice Mon 17-Aug-09 19:01:05

Hi all. Just popping in. We've been away to pils for weekend (Golden Wedding celebrations), really good weekend with dh family smile and amazingly dc no trouble at all shock. I am working 3 days this week so not much flying. Dc been to holiday club at work and seemed to enjoy it (phew). I'll try to catch up tomorrow.

TeaMonster Tue 18-Aug-09 09:57:29

overhere peeps

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