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Anyone know where I can get a non-shedding rug?

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dorisbonkers Sun 16-Aug-09 09:53:05

I've bought two rugs in the past year and both of them (one cheap, one fairly pricey) have shed like crazy. It doesn't help I play with my baby on them and the cats like to sharpen their claws on them, but they look like shit after about 10 mins of wear. I could hoover these mofos about 3 times a day (I don't, but I could) for them to look ok.

I knew there were some rugs which didn't shed when I lived in Asia, but can't remember the brand name or what I should look for.

I bought these rugs from Mighty pissed off that they are not fit for purpose.

fishflange Sun 16-Aug-09 14:50:30

we got an 'art silk' (pretending silk) one from local carpet shop. It looks expensive but wasn't and the pile is very flat, short and silky. Best rug we've had and I've had a few. You can bung it in the washer even though it's big, and is easy to wipe baby spills off.

maize Sun 16-Aug-09 14:58:16

We have this:

Had it ages and ages, no shedding and looks pretty good still even though it is cream.

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